Colorado State Chess Association


Denver Open 2018

PLEASE NOTE: The tables below take TIE BREAKS into account. The USCF crosstables do not. The tables below are much more accurate.


#NameRating Rd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5 Total Est. Post Prize
1LIOR LAPID2305D11 (w)W12 (b)W8 (w)D6 (b)W4 (b) 742310$233.33 : OPEN: 1st
Combined OPEN: 2nd
Combined OPEN: 3rd
2BRIAN WALL2245L17 (w)W13 (b)W18 (w)W10 (b)W5 (w) 2742248$233.33 : OPEN: 1st
Combined OPEN: 2nd
Combined OPEN: 3rd
3AKSHAT JAIN2149W13 (w)W18 (b)L5 (w)W15 (b)W6 (w) 242163$233.33 : OPEN: 1st
Combined OPEN: 2nd
Combined OPEN: 3rd
4GUNNAR ANDERSEN2312W9 (w)W17 (b)W10 (w)D5 (b)L1 (w)2312 
5RICHARD SHTIVELBAND2272W16 (b)W21 (w)W3 (b)D4 (w) 20L2 (b)2276 
6KEVIN SEIDLER2151D22 (b)W26 (w)W11 (b)D1 (w) 77L3 (b)32149 
7DANIEL HERMAN2093L18 (w)L19 (b)W27 (b)W26 (w)W16 (b)32069 
8EAMON MONTGOMERY2085W19 (b)D15 (w)L1 (b)W17 (w)D10 (b) 14.532089 
9MARC A JIMENEZ2029L4 (b)H---W22 (w)D19 (w)W17 (b)32034 
10RHETT LANGSETH2114W28 (b)W14 (w)L4 (b)L2 (w)D8 (w)2113 
11WILLIAM J MURRAY2025D1 (b) 140W22 (w)L6 (w)L12 (b)W19 (b)2023 
12EARLE WIKLE1993H---L1 (w)W26 (b)W11 (w) 32---1986$25.00 : U2000
13CALVIN DEJONG1832L3 (b)L2 (w)H---W18 (b)W22 (w) 841852$25.00 : U2000
14SULLIVAN MCCONNELL2035W20 (w) 327L10 (b)H---D16 (w)---22022 
15GRIFFIN MCCONNELL2028W23 (w) 279D8 (b) 28.5H---L3 (w)---22042 
16NEIL BHAVIKATTI2018L5 (w)W25 (b)D20 (w) 172D14 (b) 8.5L7 (w)22015 
17SARA HERMAN1986W2 (b) 259L4 (w)W23 (w) 321L8 (b)L9 (w)22004 
18VEDANTH SAMPATH1680W7 (b) 413L3 (w)L2 (b)L13 (w)W25 (b)21705 
19TEAH WILLIAMS1614L8 (w)W7 (w) 479D21 (b) 211D9 (b) 207.5L11 (w)21694 
20JOSH BLOOMER2362L14 (b)W27 (w)D16 (b)------2313 
21DEAN CLOW2036W25 (w)L5 (b)D19 (w)------2022 
22JOSHUA SAMUEL1916D6 (w) 117.5L11 (b)L9 (b)W28 (w)L13 (b)1899 
23NIKHILESH KUNCHE2307L15 (b)W28 (w)L17 (b)------12280 
24JACK WOEHR1874------------W28 (b)11887 
25CHRISTOPHER MOTLEY1494L21 (b)L16 (w)W28 (b) 314---L18 (w)11475 
26SAM BRIDLE1875H---L6 (b)L12 (w)L7 (b)---½1824 
27RICHARD PUGH III1727H---L20 (b)L7 (w)------½1722 
28EDWARD Y YASUTAKE1808L10 (w)L23 (b)L25 (w)L22 (b)L24 (w)01755 


#NameRating Rd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5 Total Est. Post Prize
1SULLEIMAN OMAR1704W14 (b)W15 (w)W25 (b)W16 (w)W5 (w) 1251761$325.00 : U1800: 1st
2STEVE ROBE KOVACH1775W27 (b)D20 (w)D6 (b)W9 (w)W13 (b)41784$91.67 : U1800: 2nd
Combined U1800: 3rd
3RYAN SNODGRASS1753W28 (w)D26 (b)H---W14 (w)W16 (b)41760$91.67 : U1800: 2nd
Combined U1800: 3rd
4HAROUN MUELLER-OMAR1722W12 (b)D21 (w)D20 (b)W26 (w)W18 (w)41729$91.67 : U1800: 2nd
Combined U1800: 3rd
5DAVIN YIN1716W31 (b)W29 (w)H---W8 (w) 42L1 (b)1732 
6PERRY J. GORE1707D13 (w)W35 (b)D2 (w) 34D17 (b)W21 (w)1698 
7DANIEL RUVINS1777L21 (b)W31 (w)D15 (b)W30 (w)D9 (b)31745 
8JOSE LLACZA MAGNO1758H---W11 (b)W21 (w)L5 (b)D15 (w)31744 
9JAMES MACNEIL1600W39 (b)W18 (w)H---L2 (b)D7 (w) 88.531608 
10DANIEL COLE1578D35 (w)D13 (b)L17 (b)W39 (w)W28 (b)31547$5.56 : U1600
11NORBERT MARTINEZ1558D22 (b) 109L8 (w)H---W34 (b)W25 (w) 8231587$5.56 : U1600
12JESSE WILLIAMS1525L4 (w)W32 (b)L18 (b)W33 (w) 156W26 (b) 6231539$5.56 : U1600
13GEORGE PESCHKE1471D6 (b) 118D10 (w) 53.5W29 (b) 39W25 (w) 169L2 (w)31559$5.56 : U1600
14DEAN BROWN1425L1 (w)W36 (w) 294W24 (b) 242L3 (b)W27 (w) 13031551$5.56 : U1600
15WILLIAM WOLF1418W33 (b) 263L1 (b)D7 (w) 179.5W24 (w) 249D8 (b) 17031561$5.56 : U1600
16TIMOTHY J MENDOZA1378W24 (b) 289W23 (b) 291W22 (w) 398L1 (b)L3 (w)31535$5.56 : U1600
17DEREK ISABELLE1324W19 (b) 290L25 (b)W10 (w) 254D6 (w) 191.5D20 (b) 13731478$5.56 : U1600
18HARSH VISHAL MALI1239B---L9 (b)W12 (w) 286W20 (w) 359L4 (b)31353$5.56 : U1600
19JOHN KRUE1614L17 (w)D38 (b)H---D29 (b)W35 (w)1567 
20ROBERT CARLSON1598W32 (w)D2 (b) 88.5D4 (w) 62L18 (b)D17 (w)1574 
21MUKUND GURUMURTHI1562W7 (w) 215D4 (b) 80L8 (b)W23 (w) 107L6 (b)1608 
22ALEXANDER REIS1776D11 (w)W30 (b)L16 (b)D27 (w)---21705 
23ROGER REDMOND1669W37 (b)L16 (w)H---L21 (b)D29 (w)21616 
24VIBI VARGHESE1667L16 (w)W37 (b)L14 (w)L15 (b)W38 (w)21597 
25BILL O'NEIL1640W38 (b)W17 (w)L1 (w)L13 (b)L11 (b)21591 
26KARTHIK SELVA1587W34 (b)D3 (w) 83H---L4 (b)L12 (w)21566 
27MICHAEL CRILL1555L2 (w)D39 (b)W38 (w)D22 (b) 110.5L14 (b)21530 
28MEINT OLTHOF1533L3 (b)D34 (w)H---W32 (b)L10 (w)21500 
29ADITYA KRISHNA1510W36 (b) 209L5 (b)L13 (w)D19 (w) 52D23 (b) 79.521522 
30JAMES LAMORGESE III1502H---L22 (w)W35 (b)L7 (b)D33 (w) 89.521498 
31ROBERT CERNICH II1475L5 (w)L7 (b)L32 (w)B---W39 (b)21440 
32NOLAN CHRI OTTELE1252L20 (b)L12 (w)W31 (b) 223L28 (w)W37 (w) 13821308 
33ANDREW STARR1681L15 (w)H---H---L12 (b)D30 (b)1618 
34SCOTT WILLIAMS1189L26 (w)D28 (b) 172H---L11 (w)D36 (w) 2651221 
35ROBERT CORBOYUD10 (b)L6 (w)L30 (w)W36 (b)L19 (b)1464 
36JAKE NGUYEN1719L29 (w)L14 (b)D39 (w)L35 (w)D34 (b)11609 
37PRANAV MADDALI1390L23 (w)L24 (w)H---D38 (b)L32 (b)11345 
38SELAH WILLIAMS1350L25 (w)D19 (w) 132L27 (b)D37 (w) 20L24 (b)11344 
39VEDANT PR MARGALE1285L9 (w)D27 (w) 135D36 (b) 217L10 (b)L31 (w)11294 


#NameRating Rd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5 Total Est. Post Prize
1RUBY KREBSUW21 (w)W7 (b)W2 (b)D8 (w)W6 (w)1598$100.00 : U1400: 1st (Unrated)
2TIANYI EVANS GU1350W11 (w)W12 (b)L1 (w)W10 (b)W8 (w)41351$175.00 : U1400: 2nd
3DANIEL T KLOEPFER1374D10 (b)W16 (w)D8 (b)D9 (w)W13 (b)1355$41.67 : U1400: 3rd
4NICOLAS TORRES1284L13 (w)W11 (b)D12 (w)W15 (b)W9 (w)1272$41.67 : U1400: 3rd
5SHIVEN SAXENA1269W19 (w)D13 (b)L10 (w)W18 (b)W14 (w)1232$41.67 : U1400: 3rd
6MARK FISCHER1301L12 (b)W14 (w)W17 (b)W16 (w)L1 (b)31231 
7NEIL HENDREN1264W17 (b)L1 (w)L16 (b)B---W10 (w)31193 
8KIRK TUESBURG1219W22 (w)W18 (b)D3 (w) 77.5D1 (b)L2 (b)31192 
9RITHVIK IJJU1263L18 (w)W22 (b)W13 (w)D3 (b) 55.5L4 (b)1215 
10AYUSH VISPUTE1179D3 (w) 97.5W15 (b)W5 (b) 90L2 (w)L7 (b)1189 
11ROBERT GARLAND1134L2 (b)L4 (w)H---W17 (w)W16 (b)1113 
12SHIRLEY HERMAN1111W6 (w) 190L2 (w)D4 (b) 86.5L13 (b)W19 (b)1121 
13ANDREW ESKENAZI1017W4 (b) 267D5 (w) 126L9 (b)W12 (w) 94L3 (w)1126 
14LEO HOFFMAN-BUSCH759H---L6 (b)X22 (w)W19 (w)L5 (b)775 
15KELSEY HOFFMANUH---L10 (w)W19 (b)L4 (w)W18 (w)779 
16SHREY ROHILLA702W20 (w) 578L3 (b)W7 (w) 562L6 (b)L11 (w)2866 
17ALAYNE P WILINSKYUL7 (w)W21 (b)L6 (w)L11 (b)B---21039 
18JOHN LESSARDUW9 (b)L8 (w)H---L5 (w)L15 (b)737 
19LUC LESSARD656L5 (b)B---L15 (w)L14 (b)L12 (w)1571 
20DANIEL JO RENAUER1280L16 (b)------------01228 
21JORDAN DORCHUCK1259L1 (b)L17 (w)---------01157 
22JOHN MARTINSUL8 (b)L9 (w)F14 (b)------0841