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Update: Griffin McConnell - Colorado Chess on TV and newspaper this week…

Update: Griffin and Colorado Chess will be featured this Thursday evening on Fox TV channel 31 KDVR.  This will be following the Thursday night Broncos-Browns game in a prime time news spot.

Also, the Denver Post will feature a similar story in their weekend newspaper edition either this coming Friday, Saturday or Sunday edition.

Congratulations Griffin... we are proud of you!

We continue to build our Colorado Chess relationships with mainstream media. A nice turnout of 58 players at the Denver Chess Club Fall Classic today. We had KDVR Channel 31 and the Denver Post here focusing on the amazing adventures of Griffin McConnell playing here today at the Embassy Suites. Watch for television and newspaper coverage of Griffin and Colorado Chess this week in Denver news.

Congratulations 2021 Colorado Open Prize Winners -

Congratulations 2021 Colorado Open Prize Winners - Final Results -- Checks to be mailed --We have your mailing addresses all good!

----- Over $5,100 in prizes being paid out!

Thank you for your patience!




Placing Player Points Scored

1-2nd Lior Lipad 5

1-2nd Rhett Langseth 5

3rd Neil Bhavikatti 4.5

U2000-1900 Gary Warmerdam 4

U2000-1900 Andrew Starr 4

U2000-1900 Dr. Ted Doykos 4

U1700 Don Eugene Wisdom Jr. 4

U1700 Miles McGuire 4

Unrated No player scored


1st Jeffery Baffo 5

2nd Trevor Mills 4

3rd= Bennett OBrien 3.5

3rd= Paul Covington 3.5

3rd= Jose A Llacza 3.5

U1600 Eugin Pahk 3.5

U1500 Tyler Thieszen 3

Unrated No player scored


1-2nd Andre Menard 4.5

1-2nd William L Wolf 4.5

3= John Haring 4

3= Mark Zeringue 4

3= Kat Perlic 4

U1300 Derek Yin 4

Unrated Kaleb Ferguson 3


1st - Rated Laura Alsono 5

2-3rd - Rated Owen Vonne 4.5

2-3rd - Rated Rowen Oregel 4.5

1-2nd - Unrated Andrew Sheldon 4.5

1-2nd - Unrated Adam Gardell 4.5

3rd - Unrated Grant Tupper 4

Tuesday, October 12th Colorado Open - update

This is our updated version after all corrections.

US chess recommended we give until end of day this Thursday for any final corrections if any are needed.  

We will work off our completed list this Friday to pay prize winners.

If you see anything that is not right, send us an email by end of day this Thursday, October 14th

Thank you.

Brian Walker

Brad Lundstrom more
Colorado Informant - October

The October edition of the Colorado Informant is now available!

In this Issue:


  • A Fantastic Cook      
  • 2021 Colorado Class Championships
  • Colorado Open Extravaganza
  • Colorado Scholastic Champions
  • Colorado Masters & Experts Invitational

and more!

Download the October Edition

October 6th, Wednesday pm... Colorado Open Update

I just completed a three hour plus zoom call with our TD Brian Walker and the top ranking director at US Chess Ratings, Korey Kormick. We have spent an enormous amount of time correcting the Colorado Open rounds and final standings. I personally covered every single email you sent us with Korey and Brian. Korey still will have some final work to do tomorrow at US Chess before all the changes show up. We are shooting for this Friday morning for all the corrections to show and the data to be final. However, even though the data will be updated, the rating re-calculations won't show until next Tuesday.

Our plan is to use the final complete report to pay out prizes next Wednesday. I know it has been a very long amount of time you have waited and especially long for the prize winners. Every effort has been made to get this all done correctly and it will be a great day sending the over $5,000 in prizes out.

You probably know that we have designated two committees of some of the brightest and most knowledgeable Colorado chess leaders dedicated to advise and help ensure our tournaments are nothing short of excellent going forward. Thanks for your patience, encouragement and kindness... we are almost there.


Colorado Open Update on Final Standings and Prizes

Today was our cut-off date for completing all corrections and sending our final copy to US Chess Ratings. However if we receive more, we will submit them to make things right.

We are sending electronically to US Chess and they will have our report Monday morning.

Their rating team will review it and when the final posting is up then we can determine our prize winners and pay out prizes. 

It will take them a day or more to update everything on what you will see on the US Chess rating site. The results should show as corrected but the ratings will not be adjusted immediately as there will be a time lag for those rating recalculations.

Along with sending to the TD Brian, I asked everyone to copy me on all the corrections requested. With the final requests coming in today, I printed out every single correction I received and drove up to Cheyenne, where our our Tournamrnt Director, Brian Walker resides. We spent several hours going through every email request and making calls to clarify as needed. We submitted all the corrections we received. Our priority is everythng is right. I do feel we can be confident in paying out correct prizes to our winners later this week. 

The TD is handling things but I follow up with US Chess and I will keep you posted as I learn more.

Thank you.


2021 Colorado Open ratings report link... Congratulations 2021 Colorado State Co-Champions Lior Lapid and Rhett Langseth


COLORADO OPEN 2021 Rated on 2021-09-27

Here is the link for all sections final results in the 2021 Colorado Open.

Please note there is currently an error in the Open section round 5 game Lior Lapid - Eamon Montgomery, as Lior won that game and won the state championship along with Rhett Langseth.

We will be making corrections as we receive communication and will review and correct them over the next five days.

If you see anything that needs to be corrected contact us by end of day this Saturday, October 2nd.

We will do everything we can in working with the US Chess rating team to make sure things are accurate. We will confirm final corrections with them next Monday, October 4th.

We expect to pay out all the Colorado Open prizes as early as possible next week. If there are issues our priority is always that things are accurate above all else.

If you need to report any errors you find send your email to these two locations:

Tournament Director - Brian Walker at

CSCA President - Brad Lundstrom at 


Update on the Colorado Open being completed and rated from Brad...

I have been in close contact today with the US Chess National Ratings Manager, Korey Kormick and they are working diligently on his side to make corrections they see are needed and are making good progress.

When the Colorado Open is finally rated and posted for everyone to see, we will allow 5 days for members to contact us if they see any errors. We will make corrections for our final results.

After that we will at long last get all the prizes paid out to the winners. 

So sorry for the long delays and we are committed to doing our best to get things done as accurately as possible. I will keep you posted.


Here is an update I just received from US Chess --  9/21    5:10pm

The Organizers and Directors of the Colorado Open 2021 have been working very closely and diligently with US Chess staff in order to complete the rating report for this event. There have been some difficulties with the data from this tournament, but once all membership and result issues have been resolved, the ratings will be posted. We thank you for your patience and understanding, and we anticipate our process should be complete within the next few days.

~ Korey Kormick, US Chess, Ratings & Technical Manager

Letter from the CSCA President to CSCA members and our many new tournament players...

As I’ve talked about elsewhere, we completed the Colorado Open Championship on Labor Day weekend, but had to respond to diverse problems, with variable success. We also elected a new board at the membership meeting, with each board member elected by unanimous vote of the members in attendance. The new board went straight to work to complete the work on the Colorado Open and to make improvements for the future. I called for a special meeting of the board on September 13 to identify and address all the open items from the tournament. All the officers were in attendance, as were the acting Colorado Open tournament directors, some former CSCA board members, and our new at-large representative. Everyone worked cooperatively to make future CSCA tournaments be the well-run and enjoyable successes players and organizers should rightfully expect. The tournament directors reported on the results of the games played. The board voted to submit these results for USCF ratings and to publish the results to you. Barring corrections from players, the results will be used to send out the remaining tournament prizes next week. Please check your results on the CSCA website and let me know if you have comments. I also assigned a number of committees and individuals to take specific actions to ensure that tournaments are adequately staffed, directors have and use the best tournament direction tools available, problems are identified and corrected in time to pair rounds correctly, and everyone -- organizers and players alike -- knows their rights and responsibilities. I will report on these efforts as they are completed. I know they will help make our future tournaments the best they can be, and the successes we’ve come to expect from CSCA tournaments. Watch this space, and thank you all for your hard-fought chess games and feedback. Brad

Calling all chess players that played in the Colorado Open

Hello Colorado Open chess participants. Despite the unique challenges we saw in this years state championship, many hard battles and interesting games were played in every section. If you had a game you'd like to share and have published in our quarterly Colorado Chess Informant online magazine then send it to me by September 20th. Your game submission can be the moves only PGN or your notes are welcome. If you can send to my email, I will approve and submit for publication in our October issue. If you have any questions about this or anything about Colorado chess you are welcome to call me at 970-415-3855.

Need these games by September 21st for our October Informant. 

Send your games to me at

I'm looking forward to seeing your best games!

Brad Lundstrom

CSCA President

Colorado State Chess Association - Special Board Meeting

Colorado State Chess Association 

Special Board Meeting 

A special board meeting was called by CSCA President Brad Lundstrom, and held online 13 September 2021. The meeting began at 7 PM MDT with Brad Lundstrom, CSCA President, presiding and Scott Lett, Secretary reporting minutes. 

1. In attendance: 

Voting Board Members: 

a. Brad Lundstrom, President 

b. Jesse Cohen, Vice-President 

c. Scott Lett, Secretary 

d. Josh Samuel, Treasurer 

e. Andrew Starr, At-large Representative 

Non-Voting Attendees: 

f. Paul Covington - President Emeritus

g. Earle Wilke

h. Shirley Herman

i. Rhett Langseth 

j. DuWayne Langseth 

k. Richard Shtivelband 

l. Tom Nelson 

m. Brian Walker 

2. Purpose of meeting 

The purpose of the special meeting was 

a. to report to the board on problems encountered at the 2021 Colorado Open Chess Championship, to receive from Brian and Earle the tabulated results of games played, to vote on specific actions, to provide an opportunity for feedback from other attendees, and to assign other actions deemed appropriate by the President. These aims were accomplished, as summarized here. 

3. Summary 

Brad provided a summary of the 2021 Colorado Open and special problems encountered. 

The tournament enjoyed an unexpectedly large turnout with many unrated players, which created a burden on data entry. The tournament director suffered a medical crisis, and was ultimately unable to continue as TD. Brian Walker (Open) and Earle Wickle (Blitz) stepped in, with lots of help from DuWayne Langseth, Shirley Herman and others, but data entry problems resulted in errors in results and pairings. Brad stepped in to

make and broker changes to the overall running of the tournaments, ultimately shortening both the blitz and classical open tournaments due to delays and other problems. 

4. Actions taken: 

a. Board Votes 

The CSCA Board voted to take the following actions. 

i. Based upon the level of confidence expressed by the TDs, accept the results for Colorado Open Blitz (Earle) and Colorado Open (Brian). 

Publish results on CSCA site and submit for ratings. Submit corrections to USCF if any players bring corrections to CSCA attention. Delay sending out of as-yet unpaid prizes until the players have a chance to appeal the results. (votes: 5 for and 0 against) 

ii. Accept the onsite decision to eschew the standard tiebreaks and award Colorado Co-championship to Rhett Langeth and Lior Lapid. (votes: 4 for and 1 against(Jesse)) 

b. Discussions, Followup Assignments from the President: 

i. State Championship Title 

Todd advocated for following the USCF rules of chess, which give explicit rules and recommendations for tiebreaks, and appealed to the 70-year history of awarding a single Colorado Champion title. Shirley and Andy also provided some clarifications of the USCF rules. DuWayne argued that the “decision was made,” despite the fact that a board vote was to be taken and had yet to be cast. 

Brad described the special conditions of the 2021 tournament, including force majeure of Buck’s medical crisis and the problems encountered by the replacement tournament directors and volunteers, the cancellation of one round of the tournament, resulting in two perfect scores at the end of 

the remaining rounds. Based upon agreement between Lior, Rhett, Brad, DuWayne and others, it was decided at the tournament to award 

co-champion titles to Rhett and Lior. The second board vote decided 

4-to-1 to ratify Brad’s onsite decision. 

After the vote, Scott echoed the preference expressed by Jesse and Todd to follow the sporting rules of chess and use tiebreaks or a playoff to 

select a single champion, rather than an ad hoc agreement between 

players and organizers, but ultimately decided not to overrule promises made onsite. Scott recommended establishing and publicizing policies for such force majeure events (e.g. tornadoes, earthquakes, medical 

emergencies, active shooters), but no action is taken at this time.

ii. Decorum at the Tournament 

Josh expressed considerable frustration that the tournament conditions were chaotic and noisy, and not up to standards he expects of the Colorado Open championship, that the tournament directors did not enforce quiet conditions, and that some senior players and board members were part of the problem. He pointed to the Colorado Chess By-laws to illustrate the importance of providing conditions conducive to good play. 

Scott pointed to Chapter 5 of the USCF rules of chess, which give rights of players to expect conditions to be conducive of good chess and the exceptions to standard rules, tiebreaks, etc, be announced and posted in advance. Brad appointed a committee of Tom, Josh and Scott to form a committee to make recommendations for future events. 

Jesse pointed out that this was an extreme exception to how Colorado Chess tournaments are run, that we should apologize and explain this to the unrated participants, lest they think this is how we run events. Brad pointed to the letter he posted on the CSCA website that he asserted should suffice for an apology. DuWayne recommended refunding fees to all unrateds. Richard suggested CSCA reach out to DCC tournament directors for advice and assistance. No specific board action was taken on these ideas. 

iii. Financial Reporting, Prizes and Expenses 

Josh requested that a more organized and transparent approach be taken to making requests of the treasurer to send out prize and other payments. Brad agreed to send a summary to Josh to help him organize these requests. 

Earle pointed out that the financial report generated by CaissaChess is automated and more than suffices for treasurer records. Andy also highly recommended standardizing on CaissaChess to avoid onsite problems with data entry errors, publishing pairings and results, and calculating tiebreaks. No specific board action was taken on these recommendations. 

iv. Updating CSCA Membership Roster, Tournament Director List Josh will update the USCF affiliate director list, in particular adding Brian Walker to the list of Colorado tournament directors. Scott will follow up with Brad to gain access to the source data for the official membership list.

Colorado Open Prizes — need your corrections by September 24th for final prize payout…

During our CSCA Board meeting this evening it was agreed we would send both the Blitz and Colorado Open tournament final results in for ratings at US Chess tomorrow. Within three days the results should be viewable online at US Chess. Considering the number of adjustments made in the pairings there may be some errors. Let me know if you see anything that doesn't look right and with your feedback, we hope to see the tournament at full accuracy. We will extend now until Friday, September 24th  then we will finally pay out the Colorado Open prizes. We had hoped to do it earlier but decided the importance of accuracy was most important even with the added delay... sorry. We selected two new special committees: tournament player conduct and tournament planning that will assist us in immediate improvement in how we handle tournaments with a large number of new players going forward. It's going to be a great year in Colorado Chess that we all look forward to!

Brad Lundstrom 

CSCA President

Press Release for the Denver Post -- Griffin McConnell wins state 2021 Colorado Chess Open Blitz Chess Championship

Griffin McConnell wins state 2021 Colorado Chess Open Blitz Chess Championship

Press Release for the Denver Post

Earlier this year, Fox News, Channel 31 KDVR gave us some coverage and focused on the amazing story of Griffin McConnell who despite several recent brain surgeries played in the Colorado Chess State Scholastics and placed well.

Since then, Griffin has had another very serious and risky brain surgery. It went fantastic and Griffin is recovering well!

Over Labor Day weekend, we held the 2021 Colorado Chess Championship and the state Blitz Championship (fast chess five minutes each for the entire game) at the Embassy Suites North.

Griffin scored an astonishing 6-0 in the state blitz championship! He finished clear first  and is our new Blitz state champion!  And this despite several of Colorado's top adult masters playing in the tournament. In the final round he defeated his brother Sullivan who is a National Master and current Colorado Closed Invitational Champion. This marked the first time Griffin has beaten his brother in a state competition.

I am copying Griffin's father and his personal chess coach, Lior Lapid who is a major support system for Griffin and part of this unbelievable event. They have traveled and competed together internationally.

Feel free to call me as well.

Brad Lundstrom

Colorado Chess Association President


CSCA Board Meeting: Monday, September 13th at 7pm

There will be a special CSCA Board Meeting on Monday, September 13th at 7pm.

We will be discussing aol aspects of our recent Colorado Open and what we can take away to improve our tournaments going forward.

This meeting is open to all CSCA members.

Zoom link:

2021 Colorado Open News and Update

Congratulations to our new Colorado State Co-Champions: Lior Lapid and Rhett Langseth!

And to our Colorado Blitz Champion: Griffin McConnell!

More news on our many prize winners soon. Over $5,000 will be paid out for the Open.

This was a record setting type event with over 155 players in the Open and 67 new Unrated players. The Blitz had 53 players.

The final results of the Blitz and Colorado Open Chess Tournaments are being reviewed and all the players communications to us are being taken care of before we submit to US Chess for rating, 

Any of the Blitz tournament prizes still not received will be sent out tomorrow, Tuesday, Setember 7th.

The final detail for the Open and the check payout should be completed on next Monday, September 13th. 

This tournament was a once in a lifetime chess mess with huge delays in round times Friday and Saturday. I know everyone is at a loss to understand how we could have had such a tough Blitz and Open tournaments this year,

The explanation is it was on me and my fault. I followed the same plan used for the last Colorado Open 2019 and it seemed to go very well then. We knew we had more unrated players coming in this time and then many more came in last minute. 67 new players was phenomenal and like a national event. Setting them up and explaining takes time and I should have had much more support there than regular for sure. If our registration is all accurate then after first round corrections it should be easy and smooth the rest of the way. Under huge pressure early mistakes compounded the later round issues. We worked in the tournament room until 1:30am Saturday night to get things in order enough to have close to a regular day Sunday. I must thank Buck Buchanan, Brian Walker, Shirley Herman, Paul Covington and DuWayne Langseth for stepping up to save a difficult situation. We learned a lot and rather that get discouraged and quit, I am going to redouble my efforts and utilize our excellent team to ensure we are on track starting next tournament. You elected me yesterday to do a job and I will do it much better going forward. I will not make the mistake of assuming things are the same ever again. This is a new year and a new chess enviroment and it's time to understand how to take advantage of the huge new upswing and interest in chess. I am here to make Colorado Chess great and I will not rest well until that happens, I can promise you that.

All of your feedback and advice is always respected and appreciated.

Brad Lundstrom

CSCA President 

CSCA Annual Membership Meeting - September 5, 2021 - Meeting and Election Results


CSCA Annual Membership Meeting Agenda and Election Results

September 5, 2021

CSCA Presidents summary for 2021 and a look ahead this year by Brad Lundstrom

Treasurer’s report by Josh Samuel

Elected Officers for the next year --
-President:  Brad Lundstrom
-Vice President:  Jesse Cohen
-Secretary:  Scott Lett
-Treasurer:  Josh Samuel
-Member at Large:  Andrew Starr
-Junior Representative:  Andrew Roerty

Paul Covington - US Open delegate report presented. We now need  a new Colorado delegate to attend the US Open and represent next year - let us know if you are interested.

Membership questions and suggestions

Look for a new Toothless section (for players rated under 1000) at the 2022 Colorado Open next year. More details to follow...

Our new CSCA Board is excited to work with all our Colorado chess partners and see many enjoyable chess tournaments this year.  The dates for this years state championship tournaments should be determined and announced within the next few weeks.

Pre - Colorado Open chess events this weekend…

Well...  our long awaited 2021 Colorado Open is finally here!  Embassy Suites North September 4-5th.
Hope you can attend our prior Friday, September 3rd.  Colorado Chess Hall of Fame 2nd Induction! In this class four legendary Colorado chess heros will be honored. IM Michael Mulyar, Life Master Brian Wall, National Master and author Todd Bardwick and John Harris a leader in Colorado Chess Club n the 1960s and 70s that was part of bring Bobby Fischer to Denver in a 1971 world semi-final championship match. Hope to see you there! 
We will then complete registrations for our Friday evening event. The Colorado Blitz State Championship. Five minute games and nine rounds. All the info for both tournaments is on the CSCA website upcoming tournaments.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Minutes CSCA Board Meeting - August 11th at 7pm

Minutes from CSCA Board Meeting - August 11th at 7pm

Attending this meeting:

Brad Lundstrom – President

Jesse Cohen – Vice President

Alayne Wilinsky – Member at Large

Tom Nelson - Scholastic Director

Paul Covington - President Emeritus 

CSCA members: arrived towards the end of the meeting: Earle Wikle and William Wolf.

Missing: Josh Samuel – Treasurer, Alexander Freeman - Secretary, Andrew Roerty – Junior Representative and Gracie Salazar – resigned prior to the meeting.

Brad opened the meeting and covered the CSCA year summary and provided these minutes is the secretaries absence.

This meeting was a quick year summary and look at next year. This is designed to ensure all CSCA board members are in sync as we close out our current terms. The annual CSCA membership meeting this September 5, 2021 will give members the opportunity to re-elect officers if they are still available or nominate and elect new officers.

Old business planning has been completed for this year and this will be a bridge to next year’s CSCA board team.
--Year review—
Since the last CSCA annual election September 2019 all elected officers resigned except: 

Tom Nelson - Scholastic Director 

--Board appointed current CSCA Team--

Brad Lundstrom - President

Jesse Cohen - Vice President

Josh Samuel - Treasurer

Alex Freeman - Secretary

Alayne Wilinsky - Member at Large

Andrew Roerty - Junior Representative

Paul Covington - President Emeritus (non-voting advisory member)

--Completed CSCA events --

Colorado closed

CSCA scholastic championship as an invitational⁃ CSCA sent elementary, middle school, high school, girls and senior representatives to the US Open Tournament of Champions

⁃ Received TV Fox News coverage at our scholastic event and featured special focus on the inspiring story of Griffin McConnell

Senior Open – 18 players - Manitou Springs

Class Championships - 63 players and 20 new unrated are now new CSCA members - Loveland

Colorado Salvation Army online fundraiser with $3,410 donated from CSCA

CSCA endorsed MVL - Denver Bar Association online chess tournament fundraiser totaled $1,570

Reorganized CSCA treasury – Josh Samuel unable to attend but will provide a recap at annual meeting

Paul Covington our board Member President Emeritus just returned for the US Open. He serves as the National US Chess Co-Chairman of senior Chess and is our state delegate. He provided a brief account of his work there and will be covering in more detail  at our upcoming annual membership meeting September 5th at the Colorado Open.

Congratulations to our Colorado Representatives!

 Final Standings – Tournament of State Champions – 2021 US Open 

Derek Yin  - Rockefeller - Elementary Championship - Placed #27 with 3.0 points

Davin Yin - Barber - Middle School Championship - Placed #23 with 3.0 points

Vedanath Sampath - Denker - High School Championship - Placed #34 with 2.5 points

Iris Lin - Haring - Girls Championship - Placed #21 with 3.0 points

Josh Samuel -  Irwin - Senior Championship - Placed #23 with 3.0 points

--Other noteable chess activities in Colorado--
Summit-Chessmates online scholastic tournament (included other states non-CSCA event) donated $600 to CSCA Scholastics
Denver Chess Club - active weekly online tournaments - TD Alayne Wilinsky gave us a summary
Denver Chess Club - return to normal tournaments
Colorado Springs- weekly online tournaments under the leadership of Paul Anderson
Chess camps
McConnell - Master/Expert tournament series 

Renaissance Festival  - Buck Buchanan

-- US Open 2021 national award nominations -- Chess Journalists Association

Best Online State Magazine - Fred Spell - Best Feature Article - Lior Lapid - Griffin McConnell & Team at 2021 online tournament for people with disabilities

Best Personal Narrative - Curt Carlson - US Open 1974

Best Instructional Article - Todd Bardwick - The Chess Detective Deflection

Colorado had two American Journalists national winners… congratulations!

1st -- Best Single Article of Local Interest - Richard Buchanan - Tribute to Philippovich Ponomarev

1st -- Best Chess Twitch Channel - Sara Herman

--Special recognition--
Paul Covington – Co-Chairman US Chess National Senior Committee and State Delegate
Lior Lapid - US Chess Outstanding Team Achievement Award
Fred Spell - editor Colorado Informant - US Best Online State Magazine – two time national recipient

--Scheduled this year--
Hall of Fame induction - September 3rd
Colorado Blitz Championship - September 3rd
Colorado Open - September 4-5 -- Guest of Honor: IM Michael Mulyar
Annual CSCA membership meeting - September 5th

Upcoming year
- required CSCA tournaments
Colorado Open
Colorado Closed

Colorado Scholastic Blitz Championship - February 11, 2022 (not required but popular)
Colorado Scholastic Championships - February 12-13, 2021
Class Championships
Senior Open

Hall of Fame second class induction - September 3rd, 2021

Congratulations to this legendary group!

Much more about each of them coming in the near future.
Michael Mulyar, Brian Wall, Todd Bardwick, John Harris

Denver scholastic chess league – Jesse will be meeting other scholastic chess leaders to access

FIDE Players with Disabilities tournament – on our list to explore next year

US Blind chess bid – on our list to explore

CSCA member questions or comments--

Earle Wilke suggested a slower time control should be used in early rounds at the Colorado Open at least for round two. This will be taken under consideration for next year’s tournament.

William Wolf had questions as to the Denver Chess Club mask policy. As CSCA is not running this club, Alayne gave advice on contacting that club directly.

Brad shared his direction on the mask policy as: we do not ask anyone if they have been vaccinated and we follow the current CDC guidelines at the county location of any CSCA tournament.

Hope to see you all at the Colorado Open and annual membership meeting September 5, 2001.

Sara Herman wins national award at US Open 2021 - Chess Journalists Association

Congratulations to Sara Herman for winning a national award at the US Open 2021 - Chess Journalists Association for Best Twitch Chess Channel!

Best Twitch Channel by Sara Herman 

About Sara Herman’s Twitch Channel

-        Sara has been streaming since 2018

-        Sara became a twitch partner without assistance

-        1000 subs


-        1,423 hours streamed

-        Sara’s Twitch Channel went from 1700 bullet to 2400 on stream in 2 years

Notable Players connected to Sara’s Twitch Channel

-        Danny Rensch played in lichess on Sara’s stream

-        Sara is followed by, botezlive, anna rudolf, chessbrah, Naroditsky, Eric Rosen, Nieman, Jobava, Hammer and more.

-        Sara defeated Andrea Botez in a match commentated by Levy Rozman 

-        Sara completed a sub battle with Ray Robson 

-        Sara’s channel was mentioned during a recent YouTube video by Hikaru Nakamura

About Sara Herman

-        Sara Herman is Colorado’s #1 rated Female player – USCF 2038

-        Sara placed 2nd in the 2019 U.S. Open – Women’s Tournament of Champions


Revised: Buck Buchanan and Sara Herman both win national awards at 2021 US Open Chess Journalists Association

Colorado had a wonderful talented group of chess writers nominated for the US Open 2021  -- Chess Journalists Association - national awards

Congratulations to this fine group for your outstanding work in 2021!

Best Online State Magazine - Fred Spell

Best Feature Article - Lior Lapid - Griffin McConnell & Team at 2021 online tournament for people with disabilities

Best Personal Narrative - Curt Carlson - US Open 1974

Best Instructional Article - Todd Bardwick - The Chess Detective Deflection

Revised :  We learned we had two national winners... congratulations to our own living chess legend Buck Buchanan and Sara Herman!

---Best Single Article of Local Interest - Richard Buchanan - Tribute to Philippovich Ponomarev

---Best Chess Twitch Channel - Sara Herman

Well done Buck and Sara  ...Congratulations!!

Brad Lundstrom

CSCA President

Final Results 2021 US Open Tournament of Champions - Colorado Representatives

Final Results 2021 US Open Tournament of State Champions 

Crown Plaza Philadelphia - Cherry Hill     July 31 - August 3     Six rounds


Congratulations to our Colorado Representatives!


Final Standings -


Rockerfeller - Elementary Championship

Derek Yin 

Placed #27 with 3.0 points


Barber - Middle School Championship

Davin Yin

Placed #23 with 3.0 points


Denker - High School Championship

Vedanath Sampath

Placed #34 with 2.5 points


Haring - Girls Championship

Iris Lin

Placed #21 with 3.0 points


Irwin - Senior Championship

Josh Samuel

Placed #23 with 3.0 points


Thank you for representing Colorado and we are very proud of you all!


Brad Lundstrom

CSCA President

Good Luck to Colorado Players at the US Open and Bio of our Colorado Girls Champion Iris Li

The US Tournament of Champions will be held alongside the US Open from July 31 - August 3, 2021 in Cherry Hills, New Jersey.

The events feature state champions from all fifty states

Representing Colorado:

Rockefeller - Elementary: Derek Yin

Middle School - Barber: Davin Yin

Denker - High school: Vednath Sampath

Haring - Girls: Iris Li

Spotlight on Colorado Girls Scholastic Champion - Iris Li

Li is 8 years old, a rising 4th grader in Stargate School. She won the Haring section (K-12 girls) of this year's Colorado Scholastic Championships. She is very excited to represent Colorado in the National Girls' Tournament of Champions this year. Iris started learning chess at the age of 6. She was immediately drawn to the game and spent 1-2 hours a day on chess. Iris has been to several national tournaments. After playing in the World Open in Pennsylvania this month, Iris is qualified to represent the United States for the World Cadet Championships 2022 (U10 Girls section). Her favorite chess player is Yifan Hou. She would like to become a doctor or scientist when she grows up. In addition to chess, Iris enjoys reading, solving math problem, playing piano, violin, basketball, and spending time with her two siblings.

Good Luck to Iris and all our Colorado Players at the US Open!

Also representing Colorado at the US State Delegates assembly is Paul Covington.

Master- Expert Invitational series in Denver -- August 7th -- openings for players 1900+

Master- Expert Invitational series in Denver

Tournament 3    (August 7th) 

Embassy Suite North            

5 rounds G/25+5   Game times: 9:00 AM, 10:30 AM, 1:30 PM,  3:00 PM and 4:30 PM

NM Richard Shtivelband                                                           

NM Sullivan McConnell

LM Brian Wall                                                                                

CM Daniel Herman

NM Dimitry Kishinevsky

CM Neil Bhavikatti

      Griffin McConnell                                          

 CM Brad Lundstrom  

       Anthony Whitt 

Not sure which ones but a few registered players have dropped out of this one.

Anyone 1900+ that wants to play?  Contact Kevin McConnell or myself.


Brad Lundstrom


Colorado Class Championships 2021 - Final Results

Our Colorado Class Championships held July 24-25 in Loveland were well attended with 63 players.

Included were 20 new-unrated players that joined US Chess and the CSCA!

We did not have a class D section due to lack of players at that rating.

The Master - Expert tournament was won by Daniel Herman with an impressive 4-0 score... congratulations!

Our state and state co-champions from each class are shown with the final results below -- congratulations to all!

An excellent job by our TD Tom Nelson... thank you sir! 

It was wonderful to get back to regular in person tournament chess!

See you at the Colorado Open!

Brad Lundstrom

CSCA President


Event Summary
Event   2021 COLORADO CLASS CHAMPIONSHIPS  (202107252382)
Location LOVELAND, CO  80538  
Event Date(s) 2021-07-24 thru 2021-07-25
Sponsoring Affiliate WE PLAY CHESS  (A6018487)
Chief  TD THOMAS NELSON  (12854867)
Processed Received: 2021-07-25   Entered: 2021-07-25   Rated: 2021-07-25
Stats 6 Section(s),  63 Players
The ratings shown on this page are not official published ratings and may change from time to time. Using them for pairing purposes in tournaments should only be done if this has been advertised in all advance publicity and is announced to all players at the tournament.
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Section 1   MASTEXP
Section 2   CLASSA
Section 3   CLASSB
Section 4   CLASSC
Section 5   CLASSE
Section 6   EXTRA GAMES


Section 1 - MASTEXP
Section Date(s)   2021-07-24 thru 2021-07-25
Processed   Received: 2021-07-25   Entered: 2021-07-25   Rated: 2021-07-25
Stats   4 Rounds,  6 Players;  K Factor: F  Rating Sys: R  Tnmt Type: S
Time Control: G/90;+30
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 Pair | Player Name                     |Total|Round|Round|Round|Round| 
 Num  | USCF ID / Rtg (Pre->Post)       | Pts |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  | 
    1 | DANIEL HERMAN                   |4.0  |W   6|W   2|W   4|W   5|
   CO | 14345456 / R: 2124   ->2150     |     |B    |W    |B    |W    |
    2 | MARCUS BLANN BLANN              |3.0  |W   5|L   1|W   3|W   4|
   CO | 13701628 / R: 1983   ->2019     |     |B    |B    |W    |W    |
    3 | BRAD LUNDSTROM                  |1.5  |D   4|L   5|L   2|W   6|
   CO | 10410347 / R: 2004   ->1989     |     |W    |B    |B    |W    |
    4 | MIRZA PELJTO                    |1.5  |D   3|W   6|L   1|L   2|
   CO | 12739939 / R: 1908   ->1910     |     |B    |W    |W    |B    |
    5 | RHETT LANGSETH                  |1.0  |L   2|W   3|L   6|L   1|
   CO | 13392987 / R: 2132   ->2099     |     |W    |W    |B    |B    |
    6 | MR. ANTHONY R WHITT             |1.0  |L   1|L   4|W   5|L   3|
   CO | 12877251 / R: 1919   ->1909     |     |W    |B    |W    |B    |
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Section 2 - CLASSA
Section Date(s)   2021-07-24 thru 2021-07-25
Processed   Received: 2021-07-25   Entered: 2021-07-25   Rated: 2021-07-25
Stats   4 Rounds,  12 Players;  K Factor: F  Rating Sys: R  Tnmt Type: S
Time Control: G/90;+30
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 * Click on a Pairing Number to see the Player's Opponents.
 * Click on a Player's Name for more information about the Player.
Crosstable data is shown in score group/rating order, which is not the same as the tiebreak order used at the event.
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Crosstable data is shown as reported to the USCF by the Tournament Director.  
Please contact the TD to report any crosstable errors.
Note:  The information below the "Total Pts" score shows the highest norm earned in this event.
For more information on norms, see The USCF Title System.
 Pair | Player Name                     |Total|Round|Round|Round|Round| 
 Num  | USCF ID / Rtg (Pre->Post)       | Pts |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  | 
    1 | DUWAYNE LANGSETH                |3.5  |W  10|W   6|D   2|W   4|
   CO | 11197175 / R: 1948   ->1966     |     |B    |W    |B    |W    |
    2 | MR. KEITH JAY OXMAN             |3.5  |X    |W   8|D   1|W   7|
   CO | 12459346 / R: 1904   ->1930     |     |     |B    |W    |B    |
    3 | LAURENCE ROBERT WUTT            |2.5  |L   8|B    |W  10|D   6|
   CO | 12745430 / R: 1916   ->1892     |     |W    |     |B    |W    |
    4 | TIMOTHY MICHAEL MARTINSON       |2.5  |W  11|D   9|W   5|L   1|
   NM | 12928698 / R: 1875   ->1869     |     |B    |W    |B    |B    |
    5 | ANDREW STARR                    |2.5  |D   7|W  11|L   4|W   9|
   CO | 15828028 / R: 1826   ->1826     |     |W    |B    |W    |B    |
    6 | DAVIN JUNZHE YIN                |2.5  |B    |L   1|W   8|D   3|
   CO | 15610124 / R: 1804   ->1811     |     |     |B    |W    |B    |
    7 | DOAK HEYSER                     |2.0  |D   5|W  10|D   9|L   2|
   CO | 11106293 / R: 1960   ->1933     |     |B    |W    |B    |W    |
    8 | BENNETT OBRIEN                  |2.0  |W   3|L   2|L   6|W  11|
   CO | 30153124 / R: Unrated->1740P4   |     |B    |W    |B    |W    |
    9 | SANDEEP MATHEW                  |2.0  |B    |D   4|D   7|L   5|
   CO | 15620507 / R: 1668   ->1678     |     |     |B    |W    |W    |
   10 | JOSEPH RASMUSSEN                |1.0  |L   1|L   7|L   3|B    |
   CO | 30235927 / R: Unrated->1017P3   |     |W    |B    |W    |     |
   11 | MR. CHATTIN SIMPSON             |1.0  |L   4|L   5|B    |L   8|
   CO | 30182738 / R: Unrated-> 802P3   |     |W    |W    |     |B    |
   12 | MATTHEW O'MALLEY                |0.0  |F    |U    |U    |U    |
   SC | 30170970 / R: 1881P5 ->1881P5   |     |     |     |     |     |
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Section 3 - CLASSB
Section Date(s)   2021-07-24 thru 2021-07-25
Processed   Received: 2021-07-25   Entered: 2021-07-25   Rated: 2021-07-25
Stats   4 Rounds,  10 Players;  K Factor: F  Rating Sys: R  Tnmt Type: S
Time Control: G/90;+30
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 * Click on a Player's Name for more information about the Player.
Crosstable data is shown in score group/rating order, which is not the same as the tiebreak order used at the event.
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Crosstable data is shown as reported to the USCF by the Tournament Director.  
Please contact the TD to report any crosstable errors.
Note:  The information below the "Total Pts" score shows the highest norm earned in this event.
For more information on norms, see The USCF Title System.
 Pair | Player Name                     |Total|Round|Round|Round|Round| 
 Num  | USCF ID / Rtg (Pre->Post)       | Pts |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  | 
    1 | MR. JEFFREY ALAN BAFFO          |2.5  |X    |W   8|D   4|U    |
   CO | 10340195 / R: 1758   ->1769     |     |     |W    |W    |     |
    2 | MR. DANIEL RUVINS               |2.5  |W   9|L   4|W   7|D   5|
   FL | 14470112 / R: 1740   ->1748     |     |W    |B    |W    |B    |
    3 | BARRY L HEPSLEY                 |2.5  |D  10|L   5|B    |W   4|
   CO | 10495857 / R: 1726   ->1724     |     |B    |W    |     |W    |
    4 | PHILLIP BROWN                   |2.5  |W   5|W   2|D   1|L   3|
   CO | 12693448 / R: 1674   ->1708     |     |W    |W    |B    |B    |
    5 | ALEX J STIGER                   |2.0  |L   4|W   3|D   8|D   2|
   CO | 13177970 / R: 1752   ->1746     |     |B    |B    |W    |W    |
    6 | ANDREW ROERTY                   |2.0  |F    |L   7|W  10|W   8|
   CO | 15280973 / R: 1720   ->1730     |     |     |B    |W    |B    |
    7 | IRIS LI                         |2.0  |L   8|W   6|L   2|B    |
   CO | 16934084 / R: 1638   ->1633     |     |B    |W    |B    |     |
    8 | KENNETH DOYKOS                  |1.5  |W   7|L   1|D   5|L   6|
   CO | 10358086 / R: 1700   ->1700     |     |W    |B    |B    |W    |
    9 | LAWRENCE M REIFURTH             |1.0  |L   2|D  10|H    |U    |
   CO | 12341360 / R: 1723   ->1704     |     |B    |W    |     |     |
   10 | GARY BAGSTAD                    |1.0  |D   3|D   9|L   6|U    |
   CO | 10924031 / R: 1700   ->1700     |     |W    |B    |B    |     |
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Section 4 - CLASSC
Section Date(s)   2021-07-24 thru 2021-07-25
Processed   Received: 2021-07-25   Entered: 2021-07-25   Rated: 2021-07-25
Stats   4 Rounds,  14 Players;  K Factor: F  Rating Sys: R  Tnmt Type: S
Time Control: G/90;+30
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 * Click on a Pairing Number to see the Player's Opponents.
 * Click on a Player's Name for more information about the Player.
Crosstable data is shown in score group/rating order, which is not the same as the tiebreak order used at the event.
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Crosstable data is shown as reported to the USCF by the Tournament Director.  
Please contact the TD to report any crosstable errors.
Note:  The information below the "Total Pts" score shows the highest norm earned in this event.
For more information on norms, see The USCF Title System.
 Pair | Player Name                     |Total|Round|Round|Round|Round| 
 Num  | USCF ID / Rtg (Pre->Post)       | Pts |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  | 
    1 | RYAN MANTEY                     |3.0  |W  14|W   9|W   8|L   2|
   CO | 30237774 / R: Unrated->1575P4   |     |W    |B    |W    |B    |
    2 | DEAN W BROWN                    |3.0  |D  13|D   7|W  12|W   1|
   CO | 10224098 / R: 1419   ->1485     |     |W    |B    |W    |W    |
    3 | DANIEL CHRISTIAN PFEIL          |3.0  |D   7|W  13|D   6|W   8|
   OH | 17117142 / R: 1364P12->1447P16  |     |W    |B    |W    |B    |
    4 | HARSH MALI                      |2.5  |W   5|L   8|D   9|W  10|
   CO | 16022473 / R: 1435   ->1420     |     |W    |B    |W    |B    |
    5 | DAMIAN YANEZ                    |2.5  |L   4|W  12|W  11|D   7|
   CO | 14892532 / R: 1118   ->1197     |     |B    |B    |W    |B    |
    6 | VISANT PRAJAN SANKARANARAYANAN  |2.5  |B    |W  11|D   3|U    |
   CO | 17214134 / R:  845   -> 918     |     |     |W    |B    |     |
    7 | AIDEN SIROTKINE                 |2.0  |D   3|D   2|D  10|D   5|
   CO | 15244587 / R: 1541   ->1506     |     |B    |W    |B    |W    |
    8 | DANIEL THEODORE SMITH           |2.0  |W  10|W   4|L   1|L   3|
   CO | 16820573 / R: 1506   ->1490     |     |B    |W    |B    |W    |
    9 | ABHIJAY BALAMURUGAN             |2.0  |B    |L   1|D   4|D  11|
   CO | 16913354 / R: 1026   ->1041     |     |     |W    |B    |B    |
   10 | DEREK YIN                       |1.5  |L   8|W  14|D   7|L   4|
   CO | 16493370 / R: 1180   ->1222     |     |W    |B    |W    |W    |
   11 | CLIFFORD BAILEY                 |1.5  |W  12|L   6|L   5|D   9|
   CO | 30235487 / R: Unrated-> 988P4   |     |W    |B    |B    |W    |
   12 | RANDY RICHTER                   |1.0  |L  11|L   5|L   2|B    |
   CO | 17158047 / R: 1264P11->1171P14  |     |B    |W    |B    |     |
   13 | MR. ROBERT CARLSON              |0.5  |D   2|L   3|U    |U    |
   CO | 14678120 / R: 1548   ->1518     |     |B    |W    |     |     |
   14 | JARED PERLIC                    |0.5  |L   1|L  10|H    |U    |
   CO | 15952858 / R: 1419   ->1372     |     |B    |W    |     |     |
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Section 5 - CLASSE
Section Date(s)   2021-07-24 thru 2021-07-25
Processed   Received: 2021-07-25   Entered: 2021-07-25   Rated: 2021-07-25
Stats   4 Rounds,  20 Players;  K Factor: F  Rating Sys: R  Tnmt Type: S
Time Control: G/90;+30
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 * Click on a Pairing Number to see the Player's Opponents.
 * Click on a Player's Name for more information about the Player.
Crosstable data is shown in score group/rating order, which is not the same as the tiebreak order used at the event.
Crosstables are not intended to show the distribution of trophies or prize monies.  (See Frequent Questions)
Crosstable data is shown as reported to the USCF by the Tournament Director.  
Please contact the TD to report any crosstable errors.
Note:  The information below the "Total Pts" score shows the highest norm earned in this event.
For more information on norms, see The USCF Title System.
 Pair | Player Name                     |Total|Round|Round|Round|Round| 
 Num  | USCF ID / Rtg (Pre->Post)       | Pts |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  | 
    1 | MR. MATTHEW ROBERT MILLER       |4.0  |W  12|W  14|W   9|W   3|
   CO | 30218424 / R: Unrated->1708P4   |     |B    |W    |W    |B    |
    2 | KAT PERLIC                      |3.0  |W   4|W  10|L   3|W   9|
   CO | 30198232 / R: Unrated->1357P4   |     |B    |W    |W    |B    |
    3 | JONATHAN REX JENKINS            |3.0  |X    |W   6|W   2|L   1|
   CO | 30086439 / R: Unrated->1317P13  |     |     |W    |B    |W    |
    4 | MR. DYLAN K WITTSTRUCK          |3.0  |L   2|W  16|W  11|W   5|
   CO | 30237799 / R: Unrated->1248P4   |     |W    |B    |W    |B    |
    5 | NATHAN KEITH MUENNICH           |3.0  |W   8|W   7|W  14|L   4|
   CO | 12645242 / R: 1168P22->1193     |     |B    |W    |B    |W    |
    6 | MR. DUNCAN PATRICK MCDONALD     |2.5  |W  15|L   3|W  10|D   7|
   CO | 30217179 / R: Unrated->1166P4   |     |W    |B    |B    |W    |
    7 | GEORGE JACOB ROBERTS            |2.5  |W  16|L   5|W  12|D   6|
   CO | 30233895 / R: Unrated->1114P4   |     |W    |B    |W    |B    |
    8 | MR. QUINN CONNAUGHT GALLAGHER   |2.5  |L   5|W  17|D  13|W  15|
   CO | 30222017 / R: Unrated-> 965P4   |     |W    |B    |W    |B    |
    9 | MR. KILWICH JARED ANDERSON      |2.0  |W  19|W  11|L   1|L   2|
   CO | 30236990 / R: Unrated->1076P4   |     |B    |W    |B    |W    |
   10 | MR. THOMAS ROBERT JONES         |2.0  |W  13|L   2|L   6|W  17|
   KY | 30226304 / R: Unrated-> 969P4   |     |W    |B    |W    |B    |
   11 | SAYDI SHARPETA                  |2.0  |W  17|L   9|L   4|W  16|
   CO | 30198768 / R: Unrated-> 931P4   |     |W    |B    |B    |W    |
   12 | CHARLES GIESER                  |2.0  |L   1|B    |L   7|W  19|
   CO | 30237781 / R: Unrated-> 868P3   |     |W    |     |B    |W    |
   13 | BENJAMIN CLAYTON HOLT           |2.0  |L  10|W  18|D   8|D  14|
   CO | 30214480 / R: Unrated-> 849P4   |     |B    |W    |B    |W    |
   14 | DANIEL J YANEZ                  |1.5  |W  18|L   1|L   5|D  13|
   CO | 14892526 / R:  868   -> 866     |     |W    |B    |W    |B    |
   15 | MR. TIMOTHY M. ZIMMERMAN        |1.5  |L   6|D  19|W  18|L   8|
   CO | 30233240 / R: Unrated-> 697P4   |     |B    |W    |B    |W    |
   16 | SHIRLEY HERMAN                  |1.0  |L   7|L   4|W  19|L  11|
   CO | 14812654 / R:  865   -> 834     |     |B    |W    |B    |B    |
   17 | MR. DAN M RUPAREL               |1.0  |L  11|L   8|B    |L  10|
   CO | 30064098 / R:  621P7 -> 605P10  |     |B    |W    |     |W    |
   18 | MS. BECKY  MARIE DARCEY         |1.0  |L  14|L  13|L  15|B    |
   CO | 30198864 / R: Unrated-> 400P3   |     |B    |B    |W    |     |
   19 | MR. JONAH A. ZIMMERMAN          |0.5  |L   9|D  15|L  16|L  12|
   CO | 30233259 / R: Unrated-> 573P4   |     |W    |B    |W    |B    |
   20 | ANDREW J STEPHENSON             |0.0  |F    |U    |U    |U    |
   CO | 12693461 / R: 1135   ->1135     |     |     |     |     |     |
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Section 6 - EXTRA GAMES
Section Date(s)   2021-07-24 thru 2021-07-25
Processed   Received: 2021-07-25   Entered: 2021-07-25   Rated: 2021-07-25
Stats   3 Rounds,  8 Players;  K Factor: F  Rating Sys: R  Tnmt Type: S
Time Control: G/90;+30
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 * Click on a Pairing Number to see the Player's Opponents.
 * Click on a Player's Name for more information about the Player.
Crosstable data is shown in score group/rating order, which is not the same as the tiebreak order used at the event.
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Crosstable data is shown as reported to the USCF by the Tournament Director.  
Please contact the TD to report any crosstable errors.
Note:  The information below the "Total Pts" score shows the highest norm earned in this event.
For more information on norms, see The USCF Title System.
 Pair | Player Name                     |Total|Round|Round|Round| 
 Num  | USCF ID / Rtg (Pre->Post)       | Pts |  1  |  2  |  3  | 
    1 | BARRY L HEPSLEY                 |1.0  |U    |W   7|U    |
   CO | 10495857 / R: 1724   ->1724     |     |     |W    |     |
    2 | THOMAS NELSON                   |1.0  |U    |U    |W   8|
   CO | 12854867 / R: 1386   ->1386     |     |     |     |B    |
    3 | JOSEPH RASMUSSEN                |1.0  |U    |U    |W   5|
   CO | 30235927 / R: 1017P3 ->1145P4   |     |     |     |B    |
    4 | VISANT PRAJAN SANKARANARAYANAN  |1.0  |W   6|U    |U    |
   CO | 17214134 / R:  918   -> 959     |     |B    |     |     |
    5 | RANDY RICHTER                   |0.0  |U    |U    |L   3|
   CO | 17158047 / R: 1171P14->1141P15  |     |     |     |W    |
    6 | ABHIJAY BALAMURUGAN             |0.0  |L   4|U    |U    |
   CO | 16913354 / R: 1041   ->1003     |     |W    |     |     |
    7 | MR. CHATTIN SIMPSON             |0.0  |U    |L   1|U    |
   CO | 30182738 / R:  802P3 -> 802P4   |     |     |B    |     |
    8 | MS. BECKY  MARIE DARCEY         |0.0  |U    |U    |L   2|
   CO | 30198864 / R:  400P3 -> 400P4   |     |     |     |W    |
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International Master Michael Mulyar -- Guest of Honor 2021 Colorado Open

Colorado’s #1 rated chess player, International Master Michael Mulyar, USCF (2485) will be our Guest of Honor at the 2021 Colorado Open.

Michael will also be recognized for his unanimous induction into our Colorado Chess Hall of Fame 2nd class on the evening before this year’s Colorado Open. That ceremony will be held at the same tournament site, Embassy Suites North in Denver on September 3rd at 5:45pm. 

The following morning, prior to round one on September 4th, Michael will be introduced as our state championship tournament guest of honor and say a few words to our tournament attendees.

Michael has agreed to play in this year’s Colorado Open!

This will be a very special back to normal chess tournament life memory and now we have added great prestige and honor with Michael joining our ranks…

Make plans now as this is a tournament you won’t want to miss!

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Michael A. Mulyar (born 1978), is an American chess International Master from Westminster, Colorado, and attended Yale University. Mulyar is a three-time Colorado State Champion (1992, 1993, 1995), and he has represented the U.S. in international competition.[1] He won the U.S. Open Chess Championship in 1999 and 2007.[2]

Michael A. Mulyar - Wikipedia

Colorado Class Championships 2021 -- July 24-25

Colorado Class Championships 2021

Direct Link:

4 Round Swiss Tournament

July 24 - 25, 2021

Time Control G90: +30s

SiteThe Ranch, Thomas M. McKee 4-H, Youth & Community Building 5280 Arena Circle, Loveland, Colorado 80538

Directions: I-25 to Loveland, East at exit 259, 1/2 mile on County Road 26, left onto Centerra Pkwy/N. Fairgrounds Ave to Arena Circle, turn left, McKee 4-H building is first building on the right


Players play in their rating class: Master/Expert, A, B, C, D, & E/Unrated State Championship tournament CSCA membership required – available online Class Championship winners earn the right to represent Colorado in our next annual team match versus New Mexico if it is scheduled.

Addition: July 17: Rated players may elect to play one section above their rated group.

Entry Fee $40 online; $50 at the door Checks accepted for pre-registration Josh Samuel c/o CSCA Treasurer

Online registration preferred here.

Prizes 70% of entries as prizes. Unrated players may play in top two sections or play in E section with a $50 prize cap.

Tournament Director: Tom Nelson Players play in their rating class: Master/Expert, A, B, C, D, & E/Unrated State Championship tournament CSCA membership required – available online Class Championship winners earn the right to represent Colorado in our next annual team match versus New Mexico if it is scheduled

Registration 8:30-9:40, arriving after 9:40, you'll have a 1/2 point bye for the first round.

Round Times10 AM & 3 PM Sat & Sun

Entries by mail: Josh Samuel c/o CSCA Treasurer P.O. Box 756 Dillon, CO 80435 Phone 970-415-3855 Brad Lundstrom

Bye Policy
Zero bye for last round, other byes 1/2 point if requested in writing before start of round 2. 

Current CDC guidelines will be followed at the time of this event in Larimer County

Register Online

Colorado Informant - July

The April edition of the Colorado Informant is now available!

In this Issue:


  • Lior Lapid wins U.S. Chess Award      
  • Paul Covington CSCA Award
  • Interview with Davin and Derek Yin
  • The 1975 U.S. Open

and more!

Download the July Edition

FIDE Master Sunil Weeramantry - Chess Olympian, former NY state champion and stepfather of Hikaru Nakamura is visiting Denver to meet our Colorado chess community!

I am happy to announce the Parker Chess club will reopen this Monday July 5. Our new weekly schedule will be each Monday from 6-8pm. These changes are due to availability of rooms and new library hours. A special guest, Sunil Weeramantry, will be visiting the Parker Chess club on Monday July 19 from 6-8pm for meeting and casual play. For those who closely follow chess, Sunil needs no introduction. His accolades in chess are too many to name here. As the Executive Director of the National Scholastic Chess Foundation for over 40 years, he has seen many teams and individuals go on to National titles in chess. A great honor to have him at our club. We will have a very large room reserved for his visit at the Parker library. All are welcome.


John Brezina

Parker Chess Club

Congratulations to Lior Lapid for being selected to receive the 2021 U.S. Chess Outstanding Team Achievement Award

Lior recently received some exciting news from the United States Chess Federation. He has been selected to receive this year's U.S. Chess Outstanding Team Achievement Award for his work with Team USA in the 2020 FIDE Olympiad for People with Disabilities.

Lior won the US Chess Outstanding Team Achievement award for coaching Team USA to a top ten finish in the first Online FIDE Olympiad for People with Disabilities. Kevin McConnell shared that Lior did this on a strictly volunteer basis and was a critical component of the team performing as well as they did. He also gave multiple free private lessons to any of the Team USA competitors that wanted to take advantage of this extra tutoring!  Sharing this wonderful letter on his national recognition below...

Congratulations Lior and thank you for being an amazing example as a chess coach and person!

Colorado Chess is very proud of you!!

Brad Lundstrom

CSCA President 


Dear Mr. Lapid,

Congratulations from the US Chess Federation (US Chess). You have been selected to receive the 2021 Outstanding Team Achievement Award as coach of the US Team participating in the FIDE Online Olympiad for People with Disabilities. The award is in recognition of your team’s exceptional performance in that event. We would love for you to attend our annual Awards Ceremony on Friday, August 6, 2021 at 4:00 PM in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. We will contact you with the specific room when that information becomes available. We are happy to announce that changing the format of the ceremony from a luncheon to a reception allows anyone to come and watch you receive your award. There is no need to purchase tickets. Please confirm your ability to attend, or the name of your designated representative, and the number of people you expect to accompany you by using this Google form ( or by contacting Jennifer Pearson at or (931) 787-3425 by July 19, 2021. If you are unable to attend or arrange for someone to receive your award at the reception, we are happy to mail it to you. Because the Awards Ceremony is held in conjunction with the 122 nd U.S. Open and annual meetings of US Chess, we recommend that you make your travel arrangements as soon as possible. Your many contributions to chess are greatly appreciated. I look forward to seeing you in Cherry Hill and celebrating this well-deserved award.

Sincerely, Carol Meyer Executive Director 

Jessica Lauer is a chess champion and she is blind...CNN

I'm sharing some wonderful communication here that I was copied on today.

Thanks to Ann Davies for this amazing and inspiring story and and Lior Lapid for another insight of his extraordinary adventures in the world of chess!



FYI....This article also mentions Lior and the chess competition for folks with disabilities that he was involved with.




Thank you for forwarding this article!  I hadn't seen it yet.  In my interview, I also spent a lot of time talking about the other players on the team, hoping that they would all be included or at least mentioned in the story, but it's still wonderful to see Jessica Lauser featured here.  She was living in poverty and struggling so much prior to the Olympiad, and the positive publicity she has received through the New York Times, CNN, and other media outlets has been truly life changing for her.Ann,



Josh Samuel featured in Dillon newspaper as our Colorado senior representative at the 2021 U.S. Open

Josh Samuel will be our Colorado Senior Representative at the U.S. Open this year - congratulations and good luck Josh!

A local newspaper story about Josh was great to see earlier this week.

Dillon local to represent state at national senior chess championship


Dillon local to represent state at national senior chess championship

Fans of the popular Netflix miniseries “The Queen’s Gambit” in recent months have been provided with a portal into the abstract world of the game of chess. It’s a world Josh Samuel of Dillon knows...

It is an interesting coincidence that the top three finishers; Brian, Brad and Josh shared three things, all are age 65, all graduated high school in 1973 and all have been playing rated tournament chess in Colorado well over fifty years. Here's wishing Josh good luck and safe travels!

Congratulations to Paul Covington selected Colorado Delegate for US Open

Paul Covington currently our President Emeritus CSCA Board member has been selected to represent Colorado as our state delegate at this year's US Open.

Paul continues a long process of being back and forth from Colorado to his new home in Oklahoma. Paul has filled this delegate position previously and will serve Colorado chess well again.

The annual Delegates’ Meeting, which is the final Saturday and Sunday of the US Open July 31 - August 1, 2021 in Cherry Hill, NJ.

Thank you Paul and safe travels!

2021 Colorado Senior Open Champion - Brian Wall

Congratulations to Life Master Brian Wall for his perfect 4-0 score and earning the title of 2021 Colorado Senior Open Champion.

Brad Lundstrom finished with 3.5 for second place and Josh Samuel came in at third on tiebreaks over Sam Bridle with 3 points. 

Our champion earns the right to represent Colorado at the US Open July 31 - August 3, 2021 in Cherry Hill, NJ at the tournament of champions featuring the top senior players from every state in the USA.

Both Brian and Brad declined the invitation so Josh Samuel accepted and will be our Colorado Senior Representative this year - congratulations and good luck Josh!

Our tournament was held at the Arts Center in Manitou Springs and was well directed by Buck Buchanan and Shirley Herman. Thank you to both!

Eighteen players attended this tournament and all were very happy to be playing over the board chess again!

Look for the tournament story, photos and games in our upcoming July issue of the Colorado Informant.

Hope to see you at the Class Championships in Loveland on July 24-25th!

Paul Covington appointed to be the next Chairman of the National Senior Committee for US Chess

Congratulations to Paul Covington who recently was appointed to be Chairman of the Senior Committee for US Chess.

As one of the top leaders in our CSCA history, Paul continues to serve and make us proud.

Congratulations to our esteemed colleague for earning a national chess position!

2021 Colorado Open

2021 Colorado Open

Direct Link:
5 Round Swiss Tournament
Date September 4 - 5, 2021
Time Control Rds 1-2 G/90, 5 seconds delay; Rds 3-5 G/90, 30 seconds increment
Site Embassy Suites Denver Tech Center North at 7525 E Hampden Ave, Denver, CO 80231 Discounted rates for chess players registering early. Deadline for chess discounted rates is August 20th. Booking Link: Group Name: Colorado Open 2021 Dates available : September 3-6, 2021

Championship (open)

Entry Fee $45 if received by 9/1, $50 at site
Prizes Cash prizes per entries. Championship 1st Prize at least $300
Registration 7:30 – 8:30am (Online preferred)
Round Times Saturday 9:00 AM, 2:00 PM, 7:00 PM; Rd 4 Sunday 9:00 AM (CSCA Membership Meeting 2:00 PM), Rd 5 3:30 PM unless delayed.
Entries Richard Buchanan
Address 1 Sutherland Rd, Manitou Springs CO 80829
Phone 719-685-1984
Bye Policy

Second day Byes must be requested before Round 1.

We will be following the Denver County CDC guidelines. 

Under current guidelines all players will be required to wear a mask in the building. 

Players completing Covid vaccinations prior to this tournament is strongly encourage

Register Online

For information and questions  (before tournament) go to or phone (719) 685-1984.
CSCA membership required of all Colorado players.

CSCA Delegate at US Open - July 31 - August 8, 2021

Our CSCA Board is accepting applications for our Colorado Delegate if you'd like to represent Colorado during the US Open national US Chess meetings. 

We currently have Paul Covington, our CSCA past president and President Emeritus a non-voting CSCA Board member. He is in a long process of being back and forth from Colorado to his new home in Oklahoma but has filled this position before and would be happy to do it again this year,

Although he is a great choice since he is ultimately leaving Colorado, we are opening it up to any other CSCA members that are planning on attending the US Open this summer.

If you are playing and a delegate it makes for a full day of delegate meetings then your US Open tournament game will be played in the evening.

If you are interested email, by June 15, 2021 to be considered.

Brad Lundstrom;

Jesse Cohen:


WHAT IS A DELEGATE? This is an introduction. It does not include complete details. For complete information please see Article 5 (pages 5-8) of the US Chess Bylaws. Where do delegates come from and where do they go? Delegates are named by state chapters to represent their state by voting in-person at the annual Delegates’ Meeting, which is traditionally the final Saturday and Sunday of US Open week. The US Open is usually the last week of July or the first week of August. The event is rotated around the country at different venues from year to year. See our National Events Page for where the next one will be held: How many delegates is each state allowed? Much like our US House of Representatives, each state is allotted a specific number of delegates based on how many US Chess members reside in that state. Each state is also asked to name an equal number of alternates so that if a delegate can’t attend, the alternate will take the delegate’s place. To see how many delegates your state is allotted, visit the Current Delegates List. The number of delegates allotted is listed after the state abbreviation. Who can be a delegate? In simple terms, you can name anyone who is a US Chess member in good standing (dues paid and no suspensions) from your state or a neighboring state. The person doesn’t need to be a rated chess player—or a chess player at all. Parents of young chess players who are US Chess members themselves can be delegates. There is no age restriction for delegates. People employed by US Chess cannot be delegates. What do delegates do? At the meeting, delegates vote on motions that affect the running of US Chess. Delegates also write the motions, whether ahead of time or at the Delegates’ Meeting. Delegate motions can be about any change a delegate, or the state they represent, would like to see in the way US Chess runs, including ethical conduct, rules, membership, etc. There is no limit to the number of motions a delegate can make. Do they have any real power? The body of delegates makes decisions regarding US Chess as an organization. According to Article V, Section 1, of the US Chess Bylaws, “Among other things, it shall have the authority to amend the Bylaws and the USCF Official Rules of Chess, approve the annual budget, approve the sale of real estate owned by the USCF, approve any borrowing secured by real estate owned by the USCF, establish, amend or revoke one or more trusts for the management of Life Member assets and appoint or remove one or more Trustees for the purpose of administering said trusts, and supervise the ethics compliance process of US Chess.” Motions can also be referred to a US Chess committee, or the Executive Board, for further evaluation.

Colorado Chess Hall of Fame – Class of 2021

Colorado Chess Hall of Fame – Class of 2021

This will be the second induction class to the Colorado Chess Hall of Fame.

The ceremony will be held on Friday, September 3rd at 5:45pm at the Embassy Suites North site of the 2021 Colorado Open scheduled later that weekend.

If you would like to make a nomination:

  • Send supporting information such as games, articles, photos, stories, etc. to help the committee with their selection process.
  • Send your nominations to Randy Canney and Brad Lundstrom



The cutoff for nominations this year is June 30th.

2021 Colorado Senior Open Championship
2021 Colorado Senior Open Championship
Date June 5-6, 2021
Time Control 4 Rounds all G/90 with 30 seconds increment
Site Art Center  515 Manitou Avenue   Manitou Springs

Open to players over age 50 at National tournament date July 31st. 

--This is a correction on eligibility date to match US chess guidelines.--

Winner earns the right to represent Colorado during the U.S. Open in the Senior Division of the Tournament of Champions.

July 31 - August 3, 2021 Crown-Plaza Philadelphia  - Cherry Hill, NJ

Entry Fee

$35 if rec'd by 6/4 (mail), $40 at site. Current CSCA membership required.

We are now set up to accept online entries to this tournament.

Register online here on link under the CSCA upcoming tournaments


Prizes Cash prizes per entries.
Registration 8:30 - 9:30 AM.
Round Times 10 AM, 3 PM Saturday; 10 AM, 3 PM Sunday
Entries Make checks payable to CSCA c/o Richard Buchanan
Address 1 Sutherland Rd., Manitou Springs CO 80829
Phone (719) 685 1984
Bye Policy

Second day Byes must be requested before Round 1.

We will be following the El Paso County CDC guidelines. 

Under current guidelines all players will be required to wear a mask in the building. 

Players completing Covid vaccinations prior to this tournament is strongly encouraged. 

Colorado State Chess Association Board Meeting Minutes Wednesday, April 14th

Colorado State Chess Association

Board Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, April 14th

CSCA Board Members included:

President -  Brad Lundstom - Present

Vice-President – Jessie Cohen -Present

Secretary - Alexander Freeman - Present

Treasurer - Josh Samuel - Present

Junior Representative - Andrew Roerty - Present

Member at Large - Gracie Salazar Mukayess - Absent

Member at Large - Alayne Wilinsky – Absent

Scholastic Director - Tom Nelson - Present

President Emeritus - Paul Covington

Other visitor included:

Shirley Herman

Meeting was held on Zoom and began with President Brad Lundsrom calling the meeting to order.

The purpose for this meeting was to get everyone together again and be on the same page as our last meeting was two months ago on February 15th.

Tom Nelson talked about the Colorado Scholastic Championships and our qualifiers for the Tournament of Champions to be held alongside the US Open from July 31 - August 3, 2021.

The events feature state champions for all fifty states representing Colorado.

Ours include:

Rockefeller - Elementary: Derek Yin

Middle School - Barber: Davin Yin

Denker - High school: Vednath Sampath

Haring - Girls: Iris Li

A motion for a stipend to these four scholastic players, who represent Colorado, with $700 each was also approved.

A motion to buy five chess clocks to not exceed $300 was approved by the CSCA Board of Directors. 

Jessie Cohen discussed the results of The 2021 Colorado Scholastic Online Championship.

This event donated $600 to the Colorado Scholastics.

Josh Samuel discussed a new ledger accounting system, reviewed the budget and fundraising donations.

Brad Lundsrom updated us on a probable upcoming Senior Open in June, possible Class Championships in July, the end of summer Colorado Open and our getting the 2022 Colorado State Scholastic site secured. We discussed beginning our upcoming plans for girls chess and Ann Davies' grant. Our next CSCA Board meeting will probably be scheduled for June.

A motion to end the meeting was seconded and agreed upon.

Alexander Freeman - CSCA Secretary

Colorado Informant - April

The April edition of the Colorado Informant is now available!

In this Issue:


  • CSCA News
  • Colorado Scholastic Online Championship
  • The 1974 US Open
  • The Chess Detective
  • Tactics Time!

and more!

Download the April Edition

Denver Chess Club -- Nearly Normal Tournament ** Saturday, June 19th, 2021

DCC Nearly Normal Tournament ** Saturday, June 19th, 2021

Register Online Now!

Notes: Please read carefully

** At the registration table, all players must submit proof of having received a complete COVID vaccination at least 2 weeks prior to the date of the tournament (6/5/2021)

Players are also required to sign a liability waiver at the registration table.  The waiver can be reviewed by clicking on this link:    

Date: Saturday, June 19, 2021 

Time Control: Game in 55 minutes + 5 second delay

Site: Embassy Suites Hotel on 7525 East Hampden Ave, Denver CO - 303-696-6644

Embassy Suites policy is that all players and guests must wear a mask while in the hotel. This policy may be relaxed by June, but the DCC will nevertheless  require wearing a mask in the playing room. 

Sections: Open - U1900 - U1500 (depending on entries, sections may be combined)

Entry Fees: DCC members $20 - All others $25 

Prizes:  Based on entries. 

RegistrationRestricted to 50 players. Online Only - No at the door registrations will be allowed

USCF membership required

Round Times: 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM -  3:00 PM

Bye Policy: Half-point bye - Rounds 1 and 2. Zero point bye - Round 3

DCC will not make sets and clocks available.  So bring your own set

Tournament Director:  Earle Wikle

Questions: Meint Olthof - 720-390-6984

Post tournament news... This event raised $1,600! Many thanks to Alayne Wilinsky for volunteering to direct this event and LM Brian Wall for personally donating then playing and winning the Advanced Section.

Chess Tournament Fundraiser Benefitting MVL


Endorsed by the Colorado State Chess Association


Saturday, April 10 from 9:00 a.m. to noon

Price: $20 minimum suggested donation


Featuring special guests: National Master Brian Wall and US Candidate Master Brad Lundstrom, and our tournament organizer Alayne Wilinsky!


Join us for an online chess tournament that is open to chess players of all skill levels! The event is hosted by the Denver Bar Association's Young Lawyers Division, and is open to all chess enthusiasts including members of the Colorado State Chess Association.


Metro Volunteer Lawyers (MVL) is a program of the Denver Bar Foundation and provides pro bono legal services throughout the Denver Metro Area. MVL's mission is to bridge the gap in access to justice by providing direct legal services to those in need. Due to the ongoing pandemic and financial strain being placed upon families through the Denver Metro Area, MVL has seen an influx in the need for its services. The DBA YLD is raising money through this tournament to meet those needs.


Donate now to MVL through the Denver Bar Foundation. All gifts are tax-deductible.



The top two players in each section will receive gift cards to a locally owned brewery or restaurant of their choosing in the following amounts:


Beginner: 1st:, $50 and 2nd, $15

Intermediate: 1st, $75 and 2nd, $15

Advanced: 1st, $100 and 2nd, $15


*Winners are welcome to donate their prize to MVL!*


Brackets and Rounds:

The tournament includes six rounds of online games for all participants at a ten-minute per player, per game time control.


Select one of the following brackets during registration:


Beginner: for beginner to intermediate players still fairly new to the game.

Intermediate: for intermediate players that are non-tournament players.

Advanced: for serious competitive tournament players or those that want to compete against them. Special guests National Master Brian Wall and US Candidate Master Brad Lundstrom will be featured in this bracket.


To Register:

Visit our fundraising page and select Register. Confirmation and setup instructions will be sent from no later than 48 business hours after sign-up.


Registration deadline: April 5, 2021


© 2021 Denver Bar Association. All Rights Reserved.


1290 Broadway, Ste 1700 | Denver, CO | DBA YLD Facebook | 303-860-1115


If you no longer wish to receive these emails, please unsubscribe.

2021 Colorado Scholastic Qualifier Championship - Slideshow

Slideshow fun from our tournament March 20, 2021.

Copy and paste to your browser.

KDVR Fox 31 News Television coverage for the 2021 Colorado Scholastic Chess Championships - Denver March 20th

Here is the link to the television news story that aired on channel 31 on March 20th at 9:30pm.

-- copy and paste this link on your browser,,,


2021 Colorado Scholastic Qualifier Championship - March 20 - Final Results

SwissSys Standings. USCF Qualifiers: Barber Qualifier 



Rd 1 

Rd 2 

Rd 3 


Rd 4 Total 






Davin Junzhe Yin 









Grayson Manuel 








Amitai Sebba 









Rowen Oregel 










Tyler Thieszen 








Christopher E Lee 









Cayden Hetzel 








Ananthajit P Parasuram 










Austin Hallock Evans 








SwissSys Standings. USCF Qualifiers: Denker Qualifier 



Rd 1 

Rd 2 

Rd 3 


Rd 4 Total 






Vedanth Sampath 








Neil Bhavikatti 









Sullivan Mac McConnell 











Griffin Thomas McConnell 











Jacob Findley 







Navneet Puthukode Ramkumar 








Sikander Baker-Nagar 








Luke Donofrio 








Mukund Gurumurthi 








Shiven Saxena 








SwissSys Standings. USCF Qualifiers: Haring Qualifier



Rd 1 

Rd 2 

Rd 3 


Rd 4 Total 






Iris Li 











Tanishka Tagare 











Kary Fang 








Kaavya, Ms Sakthisaravanan 








Sabrina L Shama 








Anna Hacker 









SwissSys Standings. USCF Qualifiers: Rockefeller Qualifier 



Rd 1 

Rd 2 

Rd 3 


Rd 4 Total 






Derek Yin 








Owen Arnold Vonne 








Vedant Pravin Margale 










Shubh Misra 









Evan Sun 







Shaurya Misra 









Graham Wallace 









Shankar N Parasuram 









Calvin Nimitz Vonne 










SwissSys Standings. USCF Qualifiers: Extra Games



Rd 1 

Rd 2 

Rd 3 


Rd 4 Total 






Austin Hallbock Evans 







Christopher E Lee 







Ananthajit P Parasuram 







Cayden Hetzel 







Elisha M Averett 










Saturday, March 20 see us on Fox News channel 31 at 9pm

Here is the link to watch the top board games live today... March 20th
Try this one first for game commentary.

or use direct to DGT boards
Press Release
The Colorado Chess Association is hosting the 2021 state scholastic chess championships at the Embassy Suites North in Denver on Saturday, March 20th from 9am to 7:30pm
The top ten Colorado scholastic rated chess players for each group who accepted the invitation, will play in one of four state title sections: elementary, middle school, high school and girls. 
The winner of each section wins a minimum $500 stipend to advance and play as the Colorado representative in the US Open Championship tournament of champions. The National tournaments are scheduled to be played in New Jersey at the end of summer. This event will feature an open national championship and side events with the fifty state champions of each section playing for their national title. 
Top rated master, Sullivan McConnell returns after winning the middle school championship two years ago now as the favorite to repeat as high school champion.
An amazing side story features Sullivan’s older brother Griffin, also a top contender in the high school division, playing after a recent brain surgery that followed several others prior in his life.
Here is a link to the Colorado Chess Informant magazine highlighting Griffin and his international trip and success in a world chess competition last year.
This  tournament features a one day, four round format with games scheduled to last up to two hours each. This Saturday’s rounds begin at 9am, noon, 2:30pm and 5:30pm. 
Our extremely diverse, bright and talented young group will meet over the board for the first time in over a year for most of the competitors. 
A strict compliance of the Denver County CDC rules will be in place ensuring the safety of our students safety.
Here’s wishing good play and success to our amazing young competitors!

Colorado Chess Association contacts:

President, Brad Lundstrom phone 970-415-3855 email chess 


Scholastic Director, Tom Nelson phone 303-880-4332 email

Letter of Thanks to Colorado's chessplayers

Members of the Board and all the CSCA members,

I have resigned as President of the CSCA. I felt led to move closer to
my family, so Nell, Shawn (our son) and I are moving to Oklahoma. Nell
and I have purchased a really nice home in Claremore, OK just 14 miles
from my brother and his family.

I will really miss the friendships developed over the last 13 years of
playing chess in Colorado. Reuniting with chessplayers my path has
crossed before my family moved to Colorado; Dean Brown, and Brad
Lundstrom. It has been nice serving on the Board with both of them. I am
proud that the Board selected Brad to replace me. We have known each
other since back in 1987. He is highly qualified and I know he will do a
great job for Colorado chess. I trust you will give him your full
support as he leads Colorado chess during these difficult times.

Playing and serving the Colorado chess community has been one of the
highlights of my life. It is amazing how quickly the years have rolled
by. I will try to write a summary of my chess experiences in Colorado
for the Colorado Chess Informant.

My sincerest thank you to Colorado chess for all the wonderful memories!
Paul Covington

New CSCA Board

Brad Lundstrom / President

Hello Colorado Chess Players,

After the recent surprising news of Paul Covington’s resignation as our CSCA President, as Vice President I was nominated, I accepted and the CSCA board voted me in as President. Following a man like Paul is a tall task! As a three-time President, Paul built tremendous connections, shared his experience and worked passionately to serve Colorado Chess. With appreciation and much respect, we thank you Paul!

As my first action, I appointed Paul to stay on the board as President Emeritus or as an advisor to attend meetings as a non-voting member. I have also reached out to Richard “Buck” Buchanan, a former many times CSCA President, officer, and senior tournament director, and will be seeking his ongoing wise counsel.

I have been a CSCA member since tenth grade when I played in the Denver Open summer of 1971. Back then, smoking was allowed, rooms were smoky, and the air conditioning broke down during 95 degree temps. I have always appreciated our non-smoking rule and air conditioning since then! My friend, the late James Hamblin, won the event by upsetting Colorado Hall of Famer and now IM John Watson. I went to that tournament with my mentor Tom Wayman and we stayed at Curt Carlson’s. Curt later became a two time Colorado Champion. Now fifty years later, the three of us still stay in contact. Chess has many wonderful rewards beyond our successes on the board with forever memories and lifelong friendships 

For me, chess is an important part of life! I have loved and stayed active in chess tournaments my whole life during college, through raising three children and an almost forty-year corporate career as a district manager at Safeway Stores Inc. I have been a part of Zachary Bekkedahl’s Chessmates team for the past nine years and have helped direct over seventy scholastic tournaments. I also manage a chess program at the Greeley Senior Center, two scholastic private clubs and provide group and private lessons. My efforts in CSCA duties, as with all our board members, are as a volunteer.

Internet chess is booming, with reporting over 35 million members on their site alone; and all around Colorado many players are playing tournaments online through both the Denver Chess Club ( and the Colorado Springs Chess Club ( We are thankful for online chess because of the current restrictions we face together, and we will continue to explore online chess options. Last June I led a CSCA challenge to all Colorado chess players to an online fundraiser tournament. Over 120 players and special guests including GM Alex Fishbein, IM Keaton Kierra, GM Timur Gareyev (who played blindfolded!) joined some of our top masters and many generous friends of chess to raise $3,400! All proceeds were donated to the Salvation Army food pantry on behalf of the CSCA.

Since last March over-the-board chess tournaments in Colorado have been almost non-existent with a notable exception of our recent Colorado Closed. We have an excellent returning Scholastic Director in Tom Nelson and he brings a wealth of experience and talent to us! Unfortunately, we will not be doing a regular Colorado Scholastics tournament this year, and with the issues of online cheating and the stringent USCF rules, will not be running an online CSCA Scholastic tournament either. However, since this annual scholastic tournament qualifies Colorado’s elementary, middle school, high school and girls’ champions to join our Senior Champion at the US Open (to be held in New Jersey in late July to early August), we have decided to make an exception and invite the top ten rated players (that do apply) for each section: Elementary, Middle School, High School, and Girls. We will follow all the CDC guidelines in conducting this smaller over-the-board Scholastic tournament on March 20th. There also will be a non-CSCA Colorado Online Scholastic Tournament on March 13th open to our scholastic players and neighboring states that will be a fun event! Regarding the 4th FIDE World Chess Championship for Players with Disabilities, that Kevin McConnell and Paul Covington opened the door to Denver this spring, we have just learned this has also been canceled for this year.

We are scheduled and hopeful for the Colorado Open, as always to be held over Labor Day weekend at the Embassy Suites at the Denver Tech Center, to be our return to over-the-board events. I understand active and well-run chess tournaments are the most important thing to most of our CSCA members. Once we get tournaments back into place, there’s a long list of additional ideas to build the CSCA, but first things first. 

A few other important items to highlight: We are extremely fortunate to have as our editor, Fred Spell, a nationally awarded online Chess State Magazine editor. Also, thanks primarily to Ann Davies, CSCA received a US Chess grant of $5,700 to promote scholastic girls’ chess in Denver. We look forward to CSCA board member, Gracie Salazar, leading our efforts in this area.

I love chess as an art, sport and science. But even more, it's brought many wonderful, brilliant people into my life, opened many doors and I am ready to give back. As a fifty-year tournament player, and following a wonderful but challenging corporate business career, I will do my best to provide leadership and pull a large number of wise and passionate chess leaders together. I am appreciative of anyone that serves chess. Because I well understand we all are imperfect, I count integrity and good intentions first.

I stand for unity, teamwork, and good will for all chess players.

I am excited about the CSCA team that I will be serving with and we cannot wait to get chess tournaments and activities going again. I will always be open to communicating with CSCA members and any chess player. Thank you for the honor of serving and I will give you my best!

Jesse Cohen / Vice President

National Master Jesse Cohen is stepping into the role of Vice President. I'm happy to join alongside Brad Lundstrom and the many other fine members serving. I have always wanted to see Colorado flourish for chess. I'm excited to serve. 


Alexander Freeman / Secretary

I am 28 years old and I have been involved with Colorado Chess for more than 12 years. I have many other hobbies other than chess like music, poker and always doing the unexpected. I am looking forward to working with the rest of the CSCA board to make this a great year for Colorado Chess.


Joshua Samuel / Treasurer

I am 65 years old and have been involved with the local chess community since 1973. Playing on the University of Colorado Chess team as team captain 1973 through 1976. Over the years I have consistently played in local and National chess tournaments. I share the goals with our chess community in bringing a National chess event to the state within the next few years. My commitment to the local chess community will extend to my involvement on the CSCA board. I look forward to my position as Treasurer and the challenges that I will face.


Gracie Salazar / Member at Large

Gracie was born and raised in Denver Colorado. She began coaching chess to elementary students in 2016 and continuously added more students throughout the years while working for PALS Chess Academy. She helped start the Colorado Women’s Chess & Wine Club. Still in its infancy, the turnout has been great and Gracie looks forward to seeing this continue to grow with aspirations of getting women and young ladies more involved in the chess community. When not playing chess, Gracie teaches Barre classes at the Bar Method in Cherry Creek North. She is also a member of The Denver Astronomical Society, has a collection of telescopes and enjoys stargazing. She is a devoted mother and wife and absolutely loves life. 


Alayne Wilinsky / Member at Large

Alayne is a software Product Manager by trade who also enjoys playing guitar and drums, as well as Muay Thai kickboxing when she is not playing chess. She is an active Denver Chess Club board member who manages their online presence since Covid-19. 


Andrew Roerty / Junior Representative

I am a sophomore currently attending Liberty Common High School. I hope to study engineering in college. I began playing chess at around the age of 7, and began playing in my first tournaments when I was about 9. I reached a peak USCF rating of 1726, and my current rating is 1720. My greatest achievement so far would be placing 4th in the K-8 Scholastic Championship in 2018. I have aspirations to achieve a rating of 2000 or higher at some point in my chess career. I hope to help grow chess in Colorado as the Junior Representative.


Tom Nelson / Scholastics Director

I've been involved with scholastic chess since my youngest son was in the 5th grade. Shortly after he started playing in tournaments I became a Tournament Director. A few years later I volunteered to be the CSCA Scholastic Coordinator and stayed in the role for 10 years. When the USCF hosted the National Elementary tournament in Denver I was invited to help them with their National Scholastic tournaments as their volunteer coordinator. I helped put together approximately 27 tournaments ranging from 500-5,000+ players. During this time I also acquired Senior TD status and FIDE Arbiter status.



US Chess National Invitational Scholastic Qualifiers
To all Colorado Scholastic Players,
Below is all the tournament information.
Note this is an over the board tournament.
We will follow all the Denver County CDC guidelines currently at stage yellow.
As in all other school activities, everyone plays at their own risk.
We will accept the top ten rated players for each section that contact us that you do want to play by end of day March 8, 2021.
If you do want to be considered and commit you will play, send us the following information:
Player's name
Parent/guardian name
Phone number
Current email address
US Chess Regular rating
Be sure to include all this information for your application to be accepted.
Tom Nelsons, Scholastic Director
cc email 
Brad Lundstrom, CSCA President

Name: US Chess National Invitational Scholastic Qualifiers

Date: March 20, 2021

Time Control: Game in 60 minutes + 5 second delay

City: Denver

Location: Embassy Suites at 7525 E Hampden Ave, Denver, CO 80231


High School: Denker - Grades 9-12

Middle School: Barber - Grades 6-8

Elementary: Rockefeller - Grades K-5

All Girls: Haring - Grades K-12


This is an invitation only tournament. Up to 10 players per Section. Invitations will be sent out via the CSCA.


Entry Fee: $20

Prizes: Trophies 1st - 3rd Place

Registration: Due on or before March 15, 2021

Round Times: 9:00 AM, 12 Noon, 2:30 PM and 5:30 PM

 Bye Policy

Zero-point byes may be requested for any round prior to the start of or during the tournament.


Tom Nelson



2021 Colorado Online Scholastic Championship
6 Round Swiss Tournament
Date March 13, 2021
Time Control Rounds 1 - 3 are G/24+5; Rounds 4-6 are G/54+5


Kindergarten - 3rd Grade

4th - 6th Grade

7th - 8th Grade

9th-12th Grade


Entry Fee $25 if received by 3/6/2021 $30 if received after 3/6/2021
Prizes There will be prizes for the top 10 finishers in each division. There will be 1st - 3rd place prizes for the top school teams in each division. We will give out gift cards for the Parent/Coach/Adult section based on the number of entrees.
Registration Anytime before the tournament begins at 9 AM. Late joins are also allowed.
Round Times 9:00 AM, 10:00 AM, 11:00 AM, 1:00 PM, 3:00 PM, 5:00 PM
Entries Jesse Cohen
Phone 7202431450
Bye Policy

A half-point bye may be requested for any round prior to the start of a tournament. After the tournament has begun a player may only request half-point byes for Rounds 1-3 and zero-point byes for Rounds 4 & 5.


Welcome to the 2021 Colorado Scholastic Online Championship!


You will need to create an account on Tornelo, register, and pay for the tournament directly on this website/lobby.

Playing in this tournament is VERY simple. In addition to the Zoom link you can find here in the lobby - we will also send an email prior to the tournament with Zoom details and additional instructions.

This tournament is a substitute for the normal Colorado Scholastic State Championship due to the ongoing COVID restrictions.

This event will be live-streamed with interviews and game review on

What you need for the tournament: 1) A room where only the participant will occupy 2) A webcam

Time Control: Rounds 1-3: G/24+5 Rounds 4-6: G/54+5

Schedule (All times listed are Denver/USA Time Zone) 6 rounds Morning Meeting: 8:30-9 AM Round 1: 9 - 10 AM Round 2: 10 - 11 AM Round 3: 11 - 12 PM Lunch 12-1 PM Round 4: 1-3 PM Round 5: 3-5 PM Round 6: 5-7 PM Awards @ 7 PM

Divisions: Kindergarten - 3rd Grade 4th - 6th Grade 7th - 8th Grade 9th-12th Grade Parent/Coach/Adult

Prizes: There will be prizes for the top 10 finishers in each division. There will be 1st - 3rd place prizes for the top school teams in each division We will give out gift cards for the Parent/Coach section based on the number of entrees.

School Team Rules: A school team is defined as at least four players from the same school in the same division.

Bye Policy: A half-point bye may be requested for any round prior to the start of a tournament. After the tournament has begun a player may only request half-point byes for Rounds 1-3 and zero-point byes for Rounds 4 & 5.

Cheat Detection/Prevention 1) All participants must be on Zoom with the video turned on at all times. This will allow us to ensure that each participant is actually playing as themselves and not receiving advice from other people. 2) The Tornelo website has an automatic cheating detection program built in that will scan every game played. We will review this information every tournament prior to the distribution of prizes. 3) The number one reason players cheat is anonymity. The wonderful thing about Tornelo is that all participants are listed by their actual names and not aliases. Furthermore, this is a tight nit community of players. We know each other.

Fair Play: No chess programs or engines (e.g. Chessmaster, Fritz, Komodo, Houdini, Stockfish, Chessbase with any active UCI engine, etc.) can be used to analyze positions in ongoing games at any time.
No outside assistance OF ANY KIND is permitted. Fixing game results by arranging games, playing with multiple accounts, or losing intentionally is also against the rules. Do not let anyone else play on your account! This is strictly against the rules!

CSCA Board Meeting Announcement

CSCA Board Meeting

Wednesday, February 17th at 7pm

Zoom link

Our agenda will include a new plan for a CSCA Scholastic Tournament from Tom Nelson.

Also a possible unrated non-CSCA online Scholastic Tournament from Jesse Cohen and CSCA updates from Brad Lundstrom, Gracie Salazar and Josh Samuels.

Hope to see you then.

Brad Lundstrom

4th FIDE World Junior Chess Championship for Players with Disabilities --Canceled due to COVID19

This is sad for CSCA as hosting this event would have been a hugh step for us. 

Maybe it will happen someday. 


Board Meeting Wednesday, February 03, 2021

This is a zoom meeting. Thank you to Jesse Cohen for hosting this meeting. 

Click on the link below to go to the meeting on February 3, 2021 at 8:00 PM.

Our Agenda will include a discussion on getting Over the Board chess going again, what the immediate Board actions should be, and assorted Board actions. 

Hope to see you then.

Paul Covington

Griffin's Chess Gambit did this story and video of Griffin McConnell's struggles to overcome obsticles to play championship chess. We are so proud of Griffin! He has shown us obsticles should not stop our quest to achieve our goals. I hope his story inspires everyone. Enjoy!

Paul Covington

Colorado Informant - January

The January edition of the Colorado Informant is now available!

In This Issue:


  • Griffin McConnell and Team USA
  • My favorite game from the Olympiad
  • 2020 Colorado Closed Report
  • The 1981 Boulder Open (& more)
  • The Chess Detective
  • Tactics Time!

and more!

Download the January Edition

Chess News Update

The following is what has been proposed to the CSCA Board for comments and ideas. This is open to all members to comment on.  Stay Safe, Paul Covington

We have not had many email exchanges. My apologies for not making that happen.

After sending out emails for input about the Scholastic Championship and not receiving a lot of feedback, the decision had to be made. The best possibility is to have an over the board event at the Arapahoe County Fair Grounds. The event is belayed to give the governor time to open up the state. I asked for late April to mid May but so far the latest date available is March  26, 27, and 28, 2021. It is possible to have a later date, but that is not likely. If this falls through, we need to set some plans and advertise what we will do so our Scholastic members and their parents know what to expect.
Here are some ideas:

  • Over the board, in person. Best
  • Four player play-off. Not the most attractive option.
  • Board would name the "Champion" based on rating. Least desirable.

The CSCA is responsible to provide representatives for the Tournament of State Champions in five areas.
Four are scholastic: Denker (Grades 9-12), Barber (Grades 6-8), Rockefeller (Grades K-5) and the Haring All Girls (K-12).
The fifth is the Senior (over 50) Champion.

These events are held each year during the first four days of the US Open Chess Championships (Pandemic permitting).. Players participating in these Invitational Events may then play in the US Open Chess Championship six day schedule or four day schedule for half price entry fee. They also receive a two year free membership to the Internet Chess Club online network. The scholastic representatives also receive a stipend ($600 to $800 dollars) to help defray some of the expenses to represent Colorado.

Other tasks for the CSCA are: Colorado Open Championship, scheduled September 3, 4 and 5 in Denver; Senior Championship not yet scheduled -- Colorado Springs this year; Class Championship, not scheduled -- Loveland, Greeley, or Ft Collins based on affordability. The Class and Senior flip each year to give each category of players equal opportunity to play. The have added several other tournaments over the years: blitz, quick, bughouse, and Girls Scholastic championships. I hope to have a couple of fun events at the Open this year: Colorado Chess Hall of Fame induction ceremony and a 960 Fischer tournament on Friday night.

All of these events depend on having the freedom to meet over the board late Spring to mid Fall.

We also have a major event still scheduled to be in Denver over the July 4th holiday, the World Championship for Displayed Scholastic players. We will need to pitch in by volunteering to help where we can. Kevin McConnell will lead this effort and I hope our board members will get involved as much as possible.

I have shared a plateful and hope you will quickly share your ideas on how to accomplish these things.
Thank you for serving,
Paul Covington

Working to make Colorado Chess the Best!
Special Wishes on this day

Wishing everyone a special day today. 

We have started scheduling in-person events in hopes that our state opens up so we can play chess again. 

Best Wishes,


Colorado Chess News and the FIDE Newsletter #020

Lior Lapid is wearing many hats these days. We are proud of him and Griffin McConnell:

Paul Covington

FIDE Newsletter #020

Welcome to the FIDE newsletter

Welcome to the FIDE Newsletter #20. This issue is released a bit later than usual because of the 91st FIDE Congress, which was held entirely online and produced a large amount of information. The newsletter covers some of the most important topics, while a few others that demand more space will be reported on the FIDE website during the coming days. 


91st FIDE Congress

Since its foundation 96 years ago, FIDE has celebrated 91 Congresses. This annual meeting, where the most important matters are discussed and voted on, has been held almost without interruption for nearly a century. Only five editions had to be canceled, due to force majeure.

Just a few years ago, a global pandemic would have surely meant the cancelation of the FIDE congress. But in 2020, with broadband internet connection available almost everywhere in the world, we have managed to hold this event entirely online. The meetings were held via Zoom, and those of general interest were also broadcast via Youtube.

This wouldn’t have been possible without the cooperation, will, and patience, of all our member federations, delegates, and commission members. Most of us have already mastered the use of Zoom and other video-conference solutions during 2020, but for many others without technological savvy, the experience posed a little challenge. An additional difficulty was that, with our members being spread across the whole planet in different time zones, we all had to make a little effort, and while some of our members had to get up really early in the morning, for many others the meetings concluded well past midnight.

We want to thank all participants for their patience, and in particular, to all those who had to make an extra effort to adapt to this new format. We would also like to thank our IT department, headed by Vladimir Kukaev and Gennady Rakhvalov, who provided explicit tutorials and provided assistance to the delegates during the whole process.

We will recap here some of the most important decisions and topics discussed during this week at the General Assembly, the Zonal Council, and the Commissions' meetings. Inevitably, some reports and materials won’t fit here, and more materials will be published in the upcoming days on the FIDE website. Meantime, you can go through this publication which includes the agenda of the General Assembly with links to all the annexes and relevant documents. Or, if you don't want to miss a thing, you can even watch the whole meeting on Youtube
Moscow 2022, Budapest 2024

One of the main concerns of our member federations and the chess community in general, was the uncertainty related to the two next Olympiads: Moscow 2021, and Minsk 2022. Besides, hosting the chess Olympiad comes with the associated responsibility of organizing the World Cup as well, which under the current situation is an additional complication.

The FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich explained the situation and the decision made as follows:

“Given that the Republic of Belarus and its government have decided that they cannot hold the Olympiad, we have tried to find a solution, another host for the 2022 Olympiad and the World Cups.But we couldn't find an alternative. If you add to the picture the pandemic, we have been left with no other choice than to have just one Olympiad during this period. We have received a kind proposal from the Russian government to host the two World Cups simultaneously next year, 2021, and to have the Olympiad in Russia 2022.”

The FIDE president clarified that, as long as the circumstances allow it, Khanty-Mansiysk will still host the FIDE Olympiad for players with Disabilities and the FIDE Congress in Khanty during the summer next year.

The news was hardly a surprise, given the difficult circumstances. No one was happy to hear that we all will have to wait until 2022 to enjoy a chess Olympiad, but the slight disappointment quickly dissipated when the representatives of the Hungarian Chess Federation presented their project for Budapest 2024.

The tournament is scheduled to run from September 10 to 23 at the renovated Hungexpo Exhibition and Conference Centre, with a total budget of 16,6 million euros. Political authorities, chess legends, and prominent members of the Hungarian Olympic movement and the sports administration have expressed their unconditional support to the event.

You can download a complete presentation for Budapest 2024 here:
FIDE in good financial shape

An important report at every General Assembly is the one by the FIDE Treasurer, which is normally offered right after the President’s opening speech. Zhu Chen shared the news that FIDE has now opened a Swiss bank account, which means that the organization is now ready to accept credit card payments, something crucial in order to organize activities like seminars, et cetera.

The Treasurer informed that Ernst & Young concluded their audit for the year 2019 in which they examined every transaction, and "they were fully satisfied with FIDE’s internal control procedures". The delegates voted in favor of appointing Ernst & Young again for the 2020 audit.

Chen informed the delegates that FIDE's cash balance is currently just below 3 million euros, and she expects it to be a bit over 4 million euros by the end of the year thanks to some advance payments that are expected in the next weeks related to next year's World Championship match and the FIDE Grand Swiss. "We are in a very small group of International Federations that have managed to deal with the crisis on our own, without applying for support from IOC or public funds. We must be proud of this achievement", she added.

The Treasurer also spent some time analyzing how the pandemic has impacted FIDE's budget, compared to what was originally approved in February. The budget took a serious blow, but FIDE's good situation allowed for even further reductions in several fees: in particular, the ones applied to titles and transfers. These new reductions are added to the ones already established in previous budgets, following the strategic plan announced by Arkady Dvorkovich during his electoral campaign. 

As for the budget for 2021, FIDE has prepared a very conservative estimate, but the budget will probably be reviewed, and it will depend greatly on the income generated by the World Championship match. FIDE’s Director-General Emil Sutovsky briefed the attendants about the most recent developments on the match and the candidates, and he said that he expects the match to generate a profit for FIDE of at least 1,5 million euros.

The report of the FIDE Treasurer, the budget for 2021, the new Financial Regulations, the appointment of Ernst & Young, and the report of the Verification Commission were all approved without objections.
Trainers Commission, by the numbers

Leading up to the Trainers Commission Meeting held as part of the Online FIDE Congress, its secretary Peter Long shared a presentation that reported on the work done by this commission.

In 2019, TRG organized a total of 38 seminars, which totaled 902 participants – using 42 different lecturers. Besides offering rotation which is a practice that the new FIDE management has established, this also tapped on the expertise of a large number of trainers.

Of these seminars, 13 took place in Asia, 11 in Europe, 8 in Africa, and 1 in the Americas, while 5 of them were held online. This experience proved to be very useful for what was to come!

In 2020 there was a shift to having seminars by region and language, so while TRG organized just 23, many were in cooperation with the continental chess bodies and even held together with other commissions, and so have become more available to many usually unable to attend when organized by country.

Of these, 16 are already completed, and 7 will be held during the next few days. In total, there have been 605 participants and 37 different lecturers to date, 11 in English, 3 in Russian, 3 in Arabic, 2 in Spanish, 1 in German, and 1 in Portuguese.

2021 will see a complete shift to a teaching curriculum where the subjects have moved beyond just teaching to play chess, to include areas such as psychological and training issues and the use of technology, and critically needed by trainers today, and lecturers will be focused on sharing their own methods and the best practices. In total, 1,573 titles were awarded during this two-year period (note that very often the titles are awarded sometime after the seminar has concluded). Regarding academies, there are currently 42 FIDE Endorsed Academies, of which 14 are in Asia, 13 in Europe, 9 in Africa, and 6 in the Americas. At the end of 2019, there were 30 so 2020 added 12 more.

Here is a list:
1 Asean Chess Academy Singapore Club
2 German Chess Academy Germany National
3 American Chess University USA Scholastics
4 Russian Chess Academy Russia National
5 Grivas Chess International Academy Greece Elite
6 Asian Chess Federation Academy UAE Regional
7 Chess Academy of Ptolemais ‘Skakistakos’ Greece Scholastics
8 Marshall Chess Academy USA Club
9 Susan Polgar Institute of Chess Excellence USA Elite
10 Bahrain Chess Academy Bahrein Scholastics
11 Belarus FIDE Chess Academy Belarus National
12 Mongolian International Chess Academy Mongolia Scholastics
13 Kwazulu Natal Chess Academy South Africa Scholastics
14 Stefanova Chess International Academy Bulgaria Elite
15 Tbilisi International Chess Academy Georgia National
16 Academia Brazileira de Xadrez Brazil Regional
17 Culture Echecs France Scholastics
18 Sabah Chess Academy Malaysia Scholastics
19 Dubai Chess Academy UAE Club
20 Schachzwerge Magdeburg e.V.  Germany Club
21 Academia Internacional "Martha Fierro" Ecuador Scholastics
22 Asia Chess Academy Jordan Regional
23 Young Chess Masters Zimbabwe Scholastics
24 Mastermind FIDE Chess Academy of Pakistan Pakistan Scholastics
25 Wadi Degla Adly Chess Academy Egypt Scholastics
26 Project Chess Zambia Zambia Scholastics
27 Myanmar Chess Academy Myanmar National
28 Let's Learn Together Cyprus Scholastics
29 iChess Academy South Korea Scholastics
30 Bouhjar Chess Academy Tunisia Club
31 World of Chess - Kazakhstan - Anton Flilipov Kazakhstan Scholastics
32 Jussupow Schachschule Germany Scholastics
33 Chess Queen Academy Georgia Scholastics
34 Philippine Academy for Chess Excellence Philippines Regional
35 FIDE International Academy Bulchess Bulgaria National
36 OMSE Chess Academy Algeria Scholastics
37 Vugar Gashimov Chess Academy Azerbaijan Scholastics
38 Mechanics Institute USA Regional
39 Elite Brain Academy Mongolia Club
40 GoforChess Academy South Africa Scholastics
41 Francistown School of Chess Botswana Scholastics

More information:
Boris Spassky in 1972, before his match Fischer. PHOTO: Yu Somov / Novosti Press
FIDE honorary titles

During the General Assembly, the tenth World Chess Champion Boris Vasilievich Spassky was awarded the title of “FIDE Honorary Member”. Born in Leningrad, the great Spassky very early caught the attention of Mikhail Botvinnik when he managed to defeat him in a simul exhibition at just 10 years old. He played a total of three world championship matches: he lost to Tigran Petrosian in 1966, defeating him in a second attempt in1969 to become World Champion. Then he famously lost the crown to Bobby Fischer, in the match in Reykjavík that became a global sensation. Spassky is the oldest living former world champion, and also one of the most charismatic ones because of his sportsmanship and geniality.

The founder and driving force behind the Gibraltar Chess Festival, Brian Callaghan, was also awarded an honorary title, "FIDE Life Member", as a recognition for his important and continued contribution to chess. Thousands of players took part in Gibraltar events he organizes since 2003, with a special emphasis on promoting women chess players. Even though the Gibraltar Chess Open 2021 had to be canceled, Brian managed to keep the tradition alive by hosting the fourth and final leg of the FIDE Women’s Grand Prix, from January 17-29.
FIDE Life Member Brian Callaghan. PHOTO: David Llada
Isle of Man joins FIDE

The General Assembly approved the admission of the Isle of Man Chess Association as an affiliated organization. This is in recognition of the Isle’s continued contribution to chess, including what promises to be one of the world’s major chess events next year, the FIDE Grand Swiss. The vote saw 107 votes in favor and just 4 against, with a further 4 abstentions.

The status of “Affiliated Organization” is slightly below that of full “Member Organization”, which according to Article 9.4 of the FIDE Charter, would demand a territory to be recognized by the United Nations and the International Olympic Committee.

Howard Dobson, the Chairman of the Isle of Man Chess Association, said: “In 2019, our chess friends and colleagues at IOM International Chess Limited successfully organized the FIDE Grand Swiss Tournament as part of the FIDE World Championship Cycle. Furthermore, they recently won the bid to host the 2021 Grand Swiss and the Women’s Grand Swiss. In light of this, plus Isle of Man’s history of hosting high class international Swiss events extending back to the early 1990s, we believe that it is important that FIDE should acknowledge Isle of Man’s status in the chess world”.
The Russian Superfinals are being played at the legendary Central Chess Club at Gogolevsky Boulevard. PHOTO: Eteri Kublashvili
Brief news from National Federations

The Russian Championship Superfinals began this weekend in Moscow, and is one of the strongest editions in recent times. With no other top-tournaments in sight, all the top players gathered in Moscow for this 12-player round-robin event, including Nepomniachtchi, Karjakin, Svidler and Artemeev.

Sergey Karjakin seemed to be particularly happy to be back at the chess board, since he hadn’t played a classical game since December 2019. His return couldn’t have been more sucessful, and after 4 rounds he shares the leadership with Nepomniachtchi, both with two victories and two draws. 19-year-old Polina Shuvalova is bulldozing in the women’s section, with a perfect score after four rounds.

The total prize fund is 10 million rubles (around 112,000€).

More information:

The Serbian Chess Championship 2020 kicked off yesterday, as a round-robin tournament with 10 players. GM Ivan Ivanisevic (2608) and GM Aleksandar Indjic (2604) are the top seeds. In the women’s section, played under the same format, WGM Jovana Rapport (2308) and Teodora Injac (2290) are the two highest-rated participants.

More information:

More “over the board” chess: the Ukrainian Women's Championship is a 9-round Swiss tournament taking place from 6-14 December 2020 in Kherson. In the absence of both Muzychuk sisters and Anna Ushenina, the main favorites are Iulija Osmak (2438) and Nataliya Buksa (2413).

More information:

Karolis JukÅ¡ta and KamilÄ— BaginskaitÄ— claimed the 2020 Lithuanian Championship titles. In the open section, 10 players competed for the title in a round-robin tournament, which was won by JukÅ¡ta with a whole point margin. It is worth mentioning that 17-year old JukÅ¡ta became the second-youngest winner of the Lithuanian championship. The record still belongs to GM Viktorija ÄŒmilyte-Nielsen, who triumphed in the Lithuanian Chess Championship for the first time in 2000, when she was 16 years, 7 months, and 28 days old. In the women's section, a five-round Swiss tournament brought together 12  female players. KamilÄ— BaginskaitÄ—, who returned to Lithuania after living in the US, won her second women’s title after a 28 year break.

More information:

Yakini Tchouka is the new Togo Chess Champion, after scoring 5½ points in a six-round Swiss tournament with 22 players. He only conceded a draw in the last round, which was enough to secure the victory. The highest-rated participant and four-time national champion of Togo Adama Mawulikplimi lost a critical game against the winner in Round 5 and failed to defend his title, but ended up in a respectable joint second place with 4.5 points.

More information:

Milton Botao has been elected the new President of the Mozambique Chess Federation, after several years as Vice-President. At 37 years old, Milton is now the youngest president of a national chess federation in the African continent. Parabèns, Milton!
Milton Botao, new President of Mozambique Chess Federation. PHOTO: Mekalab
"The power of chess in education"

National K-12 Grade Championships December 11-13

The information is on US Chess website:

FINAL ENTRY DEADLINE for the 2020 US Chess / ChessKid K-12 Showdown is Friday, December 11! 

US Chess is proud to announce, in partnership with and, the 2020 US Chess / ChessKid K-12 Showdown! This event will take place online from December 12 to December 13. Players will be competing in 13 different sections, one for each grade. There are over 2,100 players already entered!

The final entry deadline for the 2020 US Chess / ChessKid K-12 Showdown is at 7:00pm Central Time on Friday, December 11. There will be no late registration permitted! You must be a member of US Chess through at least the end of December 2020 to participate. You can renew your membership online!

This event is intended to provide an alternative for the 2020 National K-12 Grades, which was unfortunately canceled due to COVID-19. There are a few very important things to know before you enter, so please read this email all the way through. Also, please take time to read the tournament website at for more information. Please be sure to read and understand the rules for this event before you sign up!

If you have already entered the K-12 Showdown, we have some VERY important information for you! There will be two warmup tournaments this Saturday to help every registered player get familiar with the interface. One of the warmup tournaments will be for players in grades K through 5. The other warmup tournament will be for players in grades 6 through12. There are separate procedures for each! During the main event, there will be a live help desk on Slack, there to help you if you run into problems during the event. If you would like to learn more about the warmup tournament, or how to join the live help desk on Slack, please go to the tournament website at and look for the section titled, “Important Updates for Players!” We encourage you to look at the information in this section. Here is a link to the pre-tournament information: Here is a link to the Fair Play Rules:

This event will be shared between two servers! If you are in grades 6 through 12, you will be playing on Chess.comIf you are in grades K through 5, you will be playing on So, you’ll need to set up a login on the server where you’ll be playing. Then, if you have not already done so, you will need to create a user account on the US Chess website and add your or login to your user dashboard at US Chess.

This step is important because and will be validating your US Chess membership using that information! You can read instructions on how to set up a user account at US Chess, as well as how to link your login to your US Chess user profile. (PLEASE check to make sure your online login is spelled exactly right!)

The K-12 Showdown will be online rated by US Chess. There will be some special rules in place. They are detailed on the tournament website at Please note the terms and conditions for the event. You and your parents need to read these terms before entering. We will be using the 2020-21 Scholastic Regulations to determine eligibility and ratings. Please check the tournament website for the terms and conditions, as well as a link to the current Scholastic Regulations. When you enter the tournament, you agree to follow the US Chess and event rules – so be sure to read and understand them! 

The K-12 Showdown will not require cameras for players, as it is not a national championship event. The and fair play algorithm, endorsed by US Chess, will be used to make decisions about potential cheating violations.

Do not use another browser window, another device, or help from a parent/coach/friend. You do not want the trouble that will cause you. The simplest way to avoid any problems is to make sure you, and you alone, are making your own moves. Just play honestly, as hard and as well as you can!

Additional details, such as how to communicate with tournament directors and details about possible warm-up events, will be available at the tournament website as soon as they are finalized.

For more information, registration, list of pre-registrations, and prizes, please see the tournament website:

Don’t delay! We will “see” you next weekend for the 2020 US Chess / ChessKid K-12 Showdown!


Veterans Day

Colorado State Chess Association Salutes Our Veterans who served to preserve our great country. 

Thank you to everyone who put their lives on the line for the United States AND to those families and loved ones who supported them!!! 

Long may our flage wave and proclaim our freedom! 


US Chess is Calling all scholastic chess players, parents, and coaches

This Annoucement is just in: Go to the web site listed to see the details. (pc)

Opportunity to play online

Just a informational note:
Southern Cal Chess Association Chess Championship is coming soon.
I have talked with their President Sean Manross, based on percentages he will award a first and second prize to Colorado players who enter. This is an opportunity for some quality games without risking regular ratings. Details follow.

Southern California Online State Championship (2020) - Checklist/Rules



  1. Fill out the Official USCF Form to link username with USCF ID:


  1. Fill out the SCCF Online Tournament Registration Form:


  1. Join the group for Southern California Chess Federation (SCCF) - USCF Events:


  1. Pay $100 Entry Fee: 


  1. Between 9-10AM on Saturday November 7, enter the lobby for the tournament. This will be visible on once you have joined the group or through the direct link to the lobby. Make sure to be on time!


Direct Link to Lobby (Opens 9AM): 




Format: 6-Round (Swiss) - USCF Online Rated (Rapid/Quick) on

Time Control: 15|5 (G/15+5) - 15 Minutes + 5 Second Increment

Time: 10AM-2PM (Lobby Opens Starting 9AM)


Prize Eligibility: For prize eligibility, rating will be determined by USCF Standard Rating (or USCF Quick Rating if higher than Standard). If higher, FIDE Standard Rating will supersede both if applicable. You must use your primary account that is officially linked to your USCF ID. Any players who are found to be using secondary accounts and/or accounts not linked with USCF ID will be barred from prizes and possibly removed from the tournament. Pairings will be determined by rapid rating and automated by


Additional Rules:


All players will be required to be on Zoom with active cameras and sharing their screens for the duration of the tournament while playing against opponents. Microphones should be muted and virtual backgrounds should be disabled. No background applications should be running aside from the Browser and Zoom. Players should have their faces be clearly visible during the duration of gameplay. The Chief TD may request players to see their immediate vicinity or turn on microphones to confirm fair play. Receiving outside assistance of any kind whether through another human or through technological means is strictly not allowed, and failure to abide by these guidelines may be met by disciplinary action by USCF and in addition to forfeiture from the tournament and barring from prizes.


The link to the Zoom Call will be e-mailed by 9AM the day of the tournament. Plan to be there at least 20-Minutes early to make sure you are properly set-up on Zoom and have joined the tournament on Players must abide by fair play guidelines from We reserve the right to remove players who fail to follow the rules detailed in this section or otherwise bar them from prizes. You must have access to stable Internet and players are responsible for dropped connections. Disconnects longer than a minute will result in forfeiture.


Titles Awarded:


  1. 2020 Champion of Southern California
  2. 2020 Vice-Champion of Southern California
  3. 2020 Women’s Champion of Southern California
  4. 2020 Senior’s Champion of Southern California
  5. 2020 Disabled Champion of Southern California**


Chief Organizer/TD: Abhishek Kylasa

Chief Assistant Organizer/TD: Sean J. Manross



Paul Covington

Colorado Chess info

Rating Colorado Closed 2020 delayed due to login issues at US Chess, should get this fixed in the next couple of days. (pc)

Thought I would put some interesting "stats" online. 

These are not official -- just estamated by SwissSys software. 

Ratings. Colorado Closed 2020: Colorado Closed 2020
Name    Old    Perf.    New    Change
Andresen, Gunnar    2290    2362    2296    +6
Herman, Daniel    2138    2232    2151    +13
Langseth, Rhett    2138    2312    2170    +32
Lapid, Lior    2302    1959    2268    -34
McConnell, Sullivan    2224    2375    2243    +19
Wall, Brian    2209    2058    2193    -16
Some interesting gains and losses ....  

Results after 5 rounds.
Name    Score
Gunnar Andresen    3.5
Sullivan McConnell    3.5
Rhett Langseth    3
Daniel Herman    2.5
Brian Wall    1.5
Lior Lapid    1



Colorado Closed 2020

Rd 5 is underway. You can watch in progress on ; select the round in the upper right, and the game.... 

Live commentary is being hosted by Chris Peterson and Earle Wikle are the main commentators tonight. After the event--likely tomorrow, I'll post the summary and take down all the round be round posting. 

Brian vs Lior
Gummer vs Rhett
Sullivan vs Daniel 

I will also post a financial report on this event. 

Hope you have enjoyed the commentary and these hard fought games. 


Round 2 Results Colorado Closed 2020

Round 2

Gunnar 1 Lior 0

Daniel 1 Brian 0

Sullvan 1 Rhett 0

Round 3 is under way. 

In Lior vs Rhett we have a software glitch -- the game is still in progress, so the 1-0 result is a holdover score from last round. 

The games and commentary are both ongoing. 


Round 2 Results Colorado Closed 2020

Round 2

Gunnar 1 Lior 0

Daniel 1 Brian 0

Sullvan 1 Rhett 0

Round 3 is under way. 

In Lior vs Rhett we have a software glitch -- the game is still in progress, so the 1-0 result is a holdover score from last round. 

The games and commentary are both ongoing. 


Round 1 Results Colorado Closed 2020

Link to the games

Round 1

Sullivan 1 Lior 0

Rhett 1 Daniel 0

Brian 0 Gunnar 1

Round 2 starts at 10 AM. 


CSCA Board 2020-21

CSCA Members and all chessplayers,

Normally, in September at the Colorado Open, we elect our leaders for the next year. The Board members have assigned tasks according to our Bylaws. 

This has been anything but normal. We have had to cancel our chess events, avoid crowds, and in general, forsake over the board chess. This meant at we did not hold elections in September. We tried an online election but that was shutdown after a complaint AND no one in the meeting was willing to serve. The complaint was valid, as our Bylaws do not offer that option. So, following the Bylaws, we elected board, had four members who had committed to serve for one year, did a great job but now wanted to return to being a regular chessplayer. So one at a time that was done. As one resigned, one was replaced until all but one has been replaced. 

I welcomed the new board today and we will conduct an online meeting soon. It is our goal to return chess to normal (well, as normal as can be done) as soon as possible. While we can not make reservations yet, are are penciled in at several locations in 2021. I will use this website to keep everyone informed a to what is happening with the CSCA. 

Board for 2020-21 
Paul Covington, President
Brad Lundstrom, Vice President
Alexander Freeman, Secretary
Sam Bridle, Treasurer
Member at Large, open
Member at Large, Gracie Salazar

Appointee are:
Fred Spell, Colorado Chess Informant (Fred was recognized by Chess Journalists of America for his outstanding work on the CCI.)
Dean Clow, Webmaster
Todd Bardwick, Historian
Tom Nelson, Scholastic Director
Sam Bridle, Denver Chess League coordinator

We still need a lady to be the coordinator for AAUW Girls Title 1 chess program (Denver area) and women coaches to teach chess in Title 1 schools (these teacher positions are paid positions). Anyone interested? 

I hope 2020-21 will be a great year for Colorado chess.

Paul Covington


Colorado Closed 2020

Welcome to the Colorado Closed 2020. 

We are attempting to restart the Chess year we missed as are allowed by our state government. 

We are limited to 20 people at the event so we are providing an online way to allow everyone to view the games in progress. This may be limited by the hotel's internet service. If hotel bandwidth permits we also have arranged for commentators to talk about and give their thoughts on the games. 

The schedule is Friday at 6:00 PM, then Saturday and Sunday at 10 AM  and 5 PM. (Round 5 on Sunday may start earlier if the players agree).  

The link:  

Earle Wikle will be operating the broadcast from the hotel. We have tried to work out all the procedures for this to work so you can watch. Enjoy! 

Paul Covington

Chess Coaches in Colorado

This is an unusual time. Most of you are having to adapt to online instruction with your students and that is tough. 
We are trying to launch the Denver Chess League for online play. That is a new way of doing chess for all of us. 

That said, I hope every chess coach will ask if there students are interested in having a school chess team and playing other schools. This is a pilot effort but as it is successful it will grow. Online play eliminates travel and related expenses opening up chess play to all schools statewide. The results of this is developing a system to teach youngsters competative chess and the experience of playing on a chess team.

Lots of leg work, but I believe this will be important for Colorado Chess. Contact me if you are willing to be involved. Paul Covington  

Colorado Closed 2020 Pairings

This is the Pairing for the Colorado Chess 2020

Round 1

Sullivan vs Lior
Rhett vs Daniel

Brian vs Gunnar

Round 2

Gunnar vs Lior

Daniel vs Brian

Sullivan vs Rhett

Round 3

Lior vs Rhett

Brian vs Sullivan

Daniel vs Gunnar

Round 4

Lior vs Daniel

Rhett vs Brian

Gunnar vs Sullivan

Round 5

Brian vs Lior

Gunnar vs Rhett

Sullivan vs Daniel

Colorado Informant - October

The October edition of the Colorado Informant is now available!

In This Issue:


  • My Love Affair with the Royal Game
  • My Games with Don Sutherland
  • Players who desrve to be better known
  • Polugayevsky - Balashov, Leningrad, 1977
  • The Chess Detective
  • Tactics Time!

and more!

Download the October Edition

UPDATE -- Colorado Closed is a go: Colorado Open is delayed

Trying to keep everyone updated, so Colorado Closed is still on. 

Colorado Open is postponed again. The Hotel is restricted to 50 people per gathering. 

I will try again for December-January-Feburary. 

Thanks for your support for Colorado Chess.

Paul Covington

2020 Winter Springs Open--EVENT CANCELED

Buck has canceled this event.

Refunds will be given.


Trying to Schedule OTB events

I trust everyone is staying safe and enjoying the cooler weather... 

Tentatively planning to hold the

-- Closed on Oct 30, 31, & 1 Nov, 2020

-- Colorado Open: Nov 13, 14, & 15, 2020

Government allowing.

We will follow health guidelines at these events.

Provide your feedback/thoughts to

Updates -- tentative OTB schedule

This is a tenative schedule for making up the Closed and the Open events. Still working on the Class event.

Online meeting September 13 included Annual reports, shared comments, and no election--we just had a quorum but did not have members willing to serve on the board.

The election will need to be combined with a tournament.

I have been working on two makeup tournaments.

Closed: targeting Oct 30, 31 & Nov 1

Open: Nov 13, 14 & 15

This is all up to the Governor's lockdown rules.

If we can have the Open -- we will have the election on Nov 15th (Sunday) after round 4 (the morning round).

Still working on the Class makeup dates. Hope this helps! (Paul)

CSCA Board Reports

Members' Annual Meetings Sunday, Sep 13, 2020. 6 PM for open discussion/listening session, 7 PM for Business meeting and Elections

These are the reports I have received so far: 

President’s Report 2019-2020

                                                                                                                                        September 10, 2020

Annual Reports are summaries of the year. This year was one for the record books and was sharply cut in half, before pandemic and after pandemic. CSCA had many accomplishments this year.

First and most important, I thank our Board for a wonderful year. We came together in our first board meeting determined to make this a great year for Colorado Chess. All board members gave of their time, talent, and treasure (yes, this board has been marked by their giving in all three areas). Our brainstorming session produced many ideas, then we began the process of planning how to accomplish those ideas. We worked together sharing and being transparent and accountable to each other. This has been the best board I have served on!

Together, we faced many challenges, established goals, worked to fulfill our 501(c)3 charter, kept our eyes on the goals and shared many accomplishments. The pandemic cut short our chess year yet we still had a busy year. The minutes of our meetings are listed on the website.


Ann Davies attended Grant Writing classes and wrote several grants, one was approved! This was a first for the CSCA. Some write hundred of grant requests before getting an approval, so this is a tribute to Ann and to Kevin for his support aiding Ann. The American Association of University Women has granted us $5,700 dollars to teach chess classes to girls in Title 1 Elementary schools in the Denver area. This program has been delayed until Spring of 2021. This grant was made possible because Ann taught these classes as a volunteer before applying for a grant. This paves the way for future instructors to be paid. The grant also will provide chess sets for the students. These sets and boards have already been purchased.

Kevin McConnell worked to bring the FIDE World Championship for Disabled Youth to Denver. Sadly, this has been postponed to July 2021 but is still on track. This is a major get for our chess. Teams from all over the world are scheduled to play. I have been assured this is an amazing show of pageantry. It will be a lot of work, but puts Denver on the map for future events.

One major goal was to reunite the Scholastic program as an integral part of the CSCA. This led to bringing the checking accounts together under the elected CSCA Treasurer. The appointed Director of Scholastic chess still has check writing responsibilities but now has a backup should an emergency occur. This protects the CSCA. This also led to an expanded scholastic event planned by Lior Lapid (this years Director) and Kevin. Mike Klein of ChessKids brought a booth to our event and there were food trucks, t-shirt shop, a parents’ chess tournament, a hand and brain chess event, a blitz championship, and a great Awards Ceremony. Every volunteer was honored by applause and meal stipends. I presented a special thank you plaque to Todd Bardwick for his many years of service to both CSCA and Scholastic chess. Lior led the presentation of trophies to the children. This was one of the best CSCA events I have attended.

 CSCA did host the 2019 Class Championship and the 2020 Senior Championship, both at the Ranch in Loveland, before our tournaments were postponed due to the pandemic. It is our goal to host the Closed, Class, and Open this Fall or Spring if we are allowed.

While the Senior event was the last Championship event we were allowed to hold, it was not the end of our year. We still had to work through the difficulties as the results of the pandemic. One of these was Kevin’s decision to resign to dedicate all of his time to protecting his family. He worked tirelessly checking out playing sites, presenting plans and ideas to improve Colorado chess and we owe him a debt of gratitude for his amazing efforts. Thank you, Kevin!

Brad Lundstrom was selected by the Board to complete the year as VP in early April. In a brainstorming session, Brad presented the idea to hold a fundraiser event to support Colorado families needing food. We selected the Salvation Army to administer this program. Brad’s vision and hard work resulted in an online tournament (he’ll tell you more about this) that raised over three thousand dollars for families. WOW!!! Everyone on the Board was amazed by the generosity of our Colorado chess family! Congratulations to Brad for the vision, Alayne Wilinsky for directing the event, and to all who contributed!


This year Colorado chess has been honored by our volunteers receiving recognition for their efforts. While all volunteers deserve recognition from CSCA members and we do thank each volunteer, we are highlighting these.

Fred Spell: His work producing the Colorado Chess Informant has won numerous awards as the best online State Magazine/Newsletter. However; this year the Chess Journalists of America recognized Fred’s work on the CCI was awarded the Cramer Award: Best State Magazine - Online! Fred’s win beating Northwest Chess is a major accomplishment for Fred and Colorado chess. Congratulations Fred!

John Brezina: is a behind the camera kind of guy but he was the lead in a report featuring his photos of the U.S. Chess Championship. The report from St. Louis earned a Cramer Award for the Best Personal Narrative. John report included colorful stories by Brian Wall and JC McNeil’s comments. This is the first time CSCA submitted John’s work for an award. We are happy he won! Thanks John for all of your work over the years. Sorry it has taken us so long to honor your efforts.

Paul Covington: earned the US Chess Federation Award for Meritorious Service to US Chess. This award was for his work with the Clubs Committee rewriting the Guide to a Successful Chess Club as part of the Committee’s work and his service to chess over the years in Colorado, South Dakota, and Florida. It was special to be honored for my work. Thank you Colorado Chess for allowing me to serve you.

CSCA has received numerous donations this year. Thanks to all who donated to the online tournament fundraiser! All of the Board members made significant contributions this year. We have two other fundraisers this year: Shirley Herman raised over five hundred dollars and George Mikhailavich raised $360 dollars. Both have earmarks: one for inviting titled players to Denver Open; the other to host a scholastic tournament in Colorado Springs. The CSCA is honored to have such dedicated support.

Other thoughts:

CSCA has established relationships with other non-profits to establish our reputation and rating as a nonprofit organization. Facebook required some of these affiliations before they could pay us the fundraiser’s funds. These include Network for Good,, PayPal account, GuideStar by Candid, Charity Navigator and some others.

Looking forward: We have some challenges ahead of us. Pulling together the events we missed this year, preparing the 2021 Scholastic Championship, the upcoming FIDE World Championship for Disabled Youth, and our regular tournaments. The Board will need your support to achieve these goals. How can you support? Please pay your membership dues early. We are in good financial shape now and want to remain that way.

In Summary: This has been a busy year, filled with challenges, but this Board has worked hard to meet these challenges. Now, to the other reports. It has been an honor to serve with each of you.

From Brad Lundstrom - VP

After our elected VP Kevin  McConnell resigned from the CSCA board last April, Paul Covington contacted me on behalf of the board and asked me if I would be willing to serve out Kevin’s term. I accepted the invitation and upon attending the first few board meetings saw that due to the pandemic we were on shutdown mode and canceling everything up to and then later including our Colorado Open. 

Seeing the success the Denver Chess Club was having with Alayne Wilinsky directing online tournaments through Lichess was encouraging. My idea was for the CSCA to do an outreach to all Colorado Chess players and do a fundraising online tournament to benefit families suffering from the economic aftermath of the Covid-19 shutdown. Alayne directed and many volunteered as we put together a Saturday, June 20th event. I was able to enlist Grandmasters Alex Fishbein, Timur Gareyev and IM Keaton Kiewra to join us and we had one open section with all donations going to the Salvation Army food pantry. With 121 players and Colorado chess friends we raised $3,410.  Never before has Colorado Chess done an event like this to benefit society outside the chess world. I contacted many newspapers, TV, radio and magazines to share our story but did not make progress. However I learned a lot and it may yet serve us well in future public relation efforts. The director of the United States Chess Federation Carol Meyer did recognize our efforts and sent her thanks to all Colorado chess players. 

Going forward I am willing to continue to serve as VP if you want me. Our primary goal is to hope and pray these pandemic times pass and we get chess back to normal. In everything we do safety is our top priority. In the meantime lots of communication, zoom meetings and  online chess will be our norm. I understand cheating on online chess is a huge concern and we will continue to follow USCF advice.

In the meantime I am running two scholastic clubs, directing local seniors tournaments, provide private lessons and am working with Zach Bekkedahl of Chessmates to add some multi- school chess classes ... everything online.

When we are able to restore regular chess activity in Colorado, I’d like to help get us back to all our regular tournaments and in facilitating that effort.

Beyond that I am interested in serving Colorado Chess and have many exciting ideas that I will not go into now. One step at a time. 

Paul Covington has done a remarkable job as our CSCA President and the current board; Lior, Ann, Dean, Gracie, Griffin and Sullivan have been simply outstanding. Many thanks to Kevin McConnell  who worked so hard and accomplished so much during his time this year as well. Looking forward to doing our best for Colorado chess this next year under any circumstances we face.

Ann Davies

Colorado State Chess Association

Secretary's Annual Report 2019-2020

Membership Activities and Objectives:
The 2019-2020 year began with a review of the membership records both current and expired.   This was an important task to take on since the funds CSCA uses throughout the year are primarily derived from membership dues.

Upon review of these records, it was noted that there were quite a few players, who participated in CSCA sponsored tournaments, whose membership had expired.   Immediate steps were taken to remedy that situation by updating membership lists as well as revising membership application forms for clarity.   In addition, the Board decided to eliminate players signing up for a single tournament membership instead of a yearly membership.  The annual Scholastic tournament remained an exception to that rule.   Costs for individuals and family members remained the same throughout this year.

A majority of our memberships typically renew during the time of the Colorado Open.  As of September 14, 2019, there were 141 current CSCA memberships.   Dean Brown collected 44 CSCA membership forms at last year's Colorado Open (19 of those were new, 21 were renewals and 4 unknown).  Out of those memberships renewals, 20 were junior memberships and 5 were senior memberships.

The Board had an overarching objective this year of increasing memberships.   Partnering with the Denver Chess Club, a CSCA representative, Vice President Kevin McConnell, attended DCC tournaments with the objective of signing up members - both new and renewal.

As of this September 8, 2020, there are 151 current CSCA members.   This represents a slight increase even though the CSCA was unable to hold many state tournaments, especially the Colorado Open, due to the covid 19 pandemic.  The Board had discussed many ideas and plans with the hope of surpassing the number of 2019 Colorado Open participants (118 players) for 2020 and make it a truly spectacular event.  Unfortunately, the Colorado Open was cancelled.  As a result, our current membership is reflective of these facts.

Due to the pandemic, the CSCA Board voted to extend membership dates by six months.   The 151 total membership on September 8, 2020 does not reflect this addition.

The CSCA hit the ground running with Kevin McConnell's and Lior Lapid's goal to increase the number of girls who play chess in Colorado.   Their plan was to bring free chess instruction to girls in Title 1 schools.   Ann Davies volunteered to teach these classes at no cost to the schools or the CSCA.   Through the CSCA's endeavors, a total of three Title 1 schools and approximately fifty girls received nine weeks of chess instruction at each school, once a week, along with free chess sets to take home and keep.  These chess sets were paid for through specially earmarked donations.  In addition, Lior encouraged these girls to participate in his monthly PALS tournaments at no cost.

During the fall semester of 2019, two schools were selected:  Kullerstrand Elementary and Eiber Elementary.   The enrollment at Kullerstrand was 14 girls  and 18 girls at Eiber.   These classes ran for approximately nine weeks.   During the spring semester of 2020, chess classes were also taught by Ann at Wilmore Davis for nine weeks.  The enrollment at Wilmore Davis was approximately 18 students.

Continuing with Kevin McConnell's vision, the CSCA applied for a few grants in the fall of 2019 to help raise funds to continue and expand this program.

The CSCA successfully obtained a grant in the amount of $5,700 from the American Association of University Women to expand this instructional program to ten Title 1 schools in the metropolitan Denver area.   The funds would be used to hire chess teachers and pay for chess sets.   The initial time period for the grant was the 2020-2021 school year.   However, due to the pandemic, the beginning date of this grant has been extended to the beginning of January 2021.

This has been an exciting and productive year for chess in Colorado due to the vision, hard work and dedication of this year's Board members.   Thanks to President, Paul Covington, we have had many scheduled Board meetings throughout the year designed to review issues and plan for future events.   The goal of these meetings has always been to be inclusive and transparent.   I believe this Board's accomplishments would have been even greater had it not been cut short by the pandemic.   That said, in spite of the shortened chess calendar year, this CSCA Board has done an outstanding job.

I would like to thank the 2019-2020 Board members for their passion and love of chess and encourage new members to volunteer.   This has been a truly rewarding experience on my part.

Dean Brown: 
(Note: All CSCA accounts were brought under the elected Treasurer this year. The three accounts are with US Bank in three separate checking accounts. Dean has managed the difficult tack of bringing all this together -- Thank you!) PC

Main: $12,178.83 | Scholastic: $19721.99 | Scholarship: $838.19

Per Paul's request, I'm reporting some finer detail of this fiscal year's Main Account financials:
STRIPES Deposits: $12,602.96 (an amalgamation of entry fees, donations, memberships, reimbursements; specifics of which I have no direct access. Paul Covington and Dean Clow have the permissions to interrogate individual STRIPES transactions):

The following are Main Account checkbook transactions:

  • Tournament Deposits: $1,276.00
  • Tournament Prizes Paid: $2,265.00
  • Tournament Sites: $2,310.00
  • Tournament Site Reimbursement: $500.00
  • Tournament Reimbursements: $2,304.44
  • Donations Received: $1,145.00
  • Donations Paid Out: $3,930.00
  • Equipment Purchased: $1,856.33
  • Insurance (Annual): $584.00
  • Memberships: $390.00
  • Instructor: $300
  • Domain Name Fees: $30

Dean W Brown, Treasurer (for 2 more days)

Lior Lapid, Scholastic Director

• The total cost to rent Arapahoe County Fairgrounds and equipment for the weekend of February 14-16 was $4,925. We’ve reserved this site for the 2021 CO Scholastic State Championship over the weekend of February 12-14. The cost will probably remain the same, if the CSCA decides to rent the same number of rooms, but they haven’t yet requested a deposit or sent an invoice.
• We purchased four DGT boards and sets for $3500.64
• CSCA purchased 80 replacement sets, with 40 of them for scholastic tournaments, for $460
• USCF National scholastic tournaments were held online due to COVID, so no money was spent on stipends for Colorado’s top scholastic players this year
2020 CO Scholastic State Championship (February 14-16)
• 264 players in grades K-12 participated in the main tournament on Saturday and Sunday, and 53 of them competed in the blitz championship on Friday evening. 18 parents played in the Colorado Parents Championship on that Saturday.
• We are very grateful to chief tournament director Todd Bardwick, assistant tournament director Gunnar Andersen, Ken Cowin and Karthika Sakhtisaravanan (who directed the K-1 section), Paul Covington (who directed the Parents Championship and the “Hand and Brain” event), and all of the volunteers including Josh Bloomer, Penny and Pete Cannici, Jesse Cohen, Maria Figueroa, DuWayne Langseth, Brad Lundstrom, Kevin McConnell, Gracie Mukayess, Josh Romero and all of the parents who helped out with directing and/or live commentary throughout the event.
• The Colorado Scholastic Blitz Championship and Colorado Parents Championship were both new events that were well-received, as was the fun “Hand and Brain” event that Paul directed. We hope to repeat all of these side events in next year’s scholastic state championship.
• Four food trucks sold food at the event: Chuey Fu’s, Migration Taco, Piante Pizza and Stella Blue. All were popular and the owner’s told us that they’d love to come back next year.
• We doubled the stipend to $40 and a state championship t-shirt for each of the assistant TDs.
• Cayden Hetzel, Sullivan McConnell, and Akshat Jain (the winners of the K-5, K-8, and K-12 sections respectively) all had the honor of representing Colorado in the National Championships for their age groups (the Rockefeller, Barber and Denker respectively). Sarah Herman was the top scoring girl in the K-12 section and she was the Colorado representative in the Ruth Haring National Girls Tournament of Champions where she tied for 6th place. We are very proud of all of the CO scholastic champions who fought hard in these prestigious national championships.
• Overall, despite a few hiccups before the first round started, this was a fun tournament that ran smoothly and easily thanks to the generous help of so many volunteers. We hope it will continue to grow over time.
1st FIDE Confederation Cup for the Disabled in Ankara, Turkey
• Rising talent Griffin McConnell was invited to play in the 1st FIDE Confederation Cup for the Disabled in Ankara, Turkey from December 7-14. FIDE paid for the tickets and hotel expenses, as Griffin is one of the top players with disabilities in the world for his age. Griffin’s result was extraordinary: four wins out of four games (the only player in the entire tournament to achieve a perfect score), a Best Game Prize (selected by a panel of FIDE judges who reviewed all the games in the tournament!) for his win in round 2, an individual Gold Medal on board 5 and a bronze medal for Team Americas. Griffin became an overnight celebrity at the awards ceremony, with many people coming up for him asking for autographs and pictures with him.
• I had the honor of accompanying Griffin as his coach and, to my surprise, as captain of Team Americas. It was a magical week, and Griffin and I became friends with the other five players on our team as well as Israeli Grandmaster Artur Kogan and others who we socialized with throughout the week. On the trip back, it was clear that this experience enhanced Griffin’s love of chess and his motivation to continue improving.
• I will show some pictures from this event at the Zoom meeting
Chess Initiatives for Girls and Women
• We organized and began promoting the first Colorado Girls State Championship, which was scheduled for March 28, but unfortunately had to cancel this exciting event due to COVID. Phiona Mutesi (of “Queen of Katwe” fame) had agreed to be a special guest speaker and coach at this tournament and she expressed interest in coming next year.
• We set up a booth at a popular local STEM event called “Girls in Science Day” at the Museum of Nature and Science. We used this opportunity to promote the Colorado Girls State Championship, and local talent Sravyasri Lankipalle attended together with Kevin McConnell (who had the idea and did the work to make this happen), Ann Davies and myself. We all played games and taught chess to many girls who seemed genuinely interested in learning the game.
• Special thank you to Kevin McConnell for his leadership, vision and hard work organizing and promoting all of the chess for girls events, clubs and tournaments listed above, as well as co-writing the successful application for the AAUW Community Action Grant which awarded $5,700 from the American Association of University Women for us to run after-school all-girls chess clubs in local Title 1 schools.
• Special thank you to Ann Davies for her countless hours of volunteer coaching for two all-girls chess clubs at Eiber and Kullerstrand elementary schools, for co-writing the application for the AAUW Community Action Grant as well as numerous other grants (and for taking the time to go to grant writing workshops to master the craft before submitting the applications).
• Special thank you to Gracie for promoting and coaching the Chess & Wine group (she will give her own presentation on that) and for her help coaching numerous scholastic chess classes.
• Special thank you to Paul for his steady and selfless dedication, vision, leadership, and patience.

09/13/20 CSCA Report
Gracie Mukayess Member at Large
In August of 2019, Kevin McConnell and Lior
Lapid approached me about starting a
Woman’s Chess and Wine Club. Our goal
was to get more women involved in chess as
well as attend tournaments.
We decided to name it CWCWC Colorado
Women’s Chess and Wine Club.
Our first meeting was Friday, October 18,
2019 at Regal Bakery near Lowry. I coached
a lesson and the ladies played for an hour
while sipping wine and munching on hors
d’oeuvres. Turnout was great and I received a
lot of positive feedback while promoting The
We continued to meet every other week until
the end of the year.
Since The CWCWC was such a great
success, the board agreed that we should
start up again in April. Unfortunately, The
Regal Bakery closed their doors permanently.
I then went on the hunt to find a new spot for
our club. To my surprise, that was very easy
to do. I found a cute, new coffee shop in the
Taxi Campus in RINO. I met with the owner
and he informed me that they were about to
get their liquor license at the end of March
and we would be good to go by April 17th.
Sad to say, everything was cancelled due to
I am hoping to get The CWCWC up and
running again once it’s safe. I feel that the
program was a great success and had Covid
not hit, we’d be a force to reckon with.
I have also started a CSCA twitter page as
well as an instagram page. Although I have
not had much luck with Twitter, the Instagram
page is hot.
This last year is definitely a year I’ll never
forget. I am extremely proud to be an active
member at large and I have met some
amazing people through this experience. Im
excited for what the future holds for the
CSCA. Thank you for the opportunity of
serving on this board.





6 months membership

CSCA Board voted to add six months membership to all members accounts because of COVID-19 ....  

Check your membership dates to verify. 

The Membership meeting is scheduled online Sep 13, Sunday evening. Listening session at 6 PM--this is where anything you want to discuss with the board is open discussion. Business meeting starts at 7 PM: Reports, Motions, Appointments, and Voting. 

The link to join the Zoom meeting is:

Based on your computer/tablet/phone device, there is an icon you click to raise your hand to speak ....  Everyone will need to respect each other so the meeting goes smoothly. Please attend so we can do the business of the CSCA. 

Paul (speaking for the entire Board)

Happy Labor Day

I hope all of the Colorado Chess players and families had a wonderful weekend and celebrated with family and friends! 

Be sure to your agenda items in so I can list them for discussion on Sunday, Sep 13. 6 PM is a time for discussion. 7 PM the Business meeting will start. Elections will follow. 

The link is posted in an earlier post. 



Labor Day Chess online event Canceled

I am sorry, but have to cancel the planned Labor Day Online Chess Event. 

Please attend the Membership meeting on Sep 13, 6 PM for ideal exchange / Board listening session. 7 PM Business meetings and Elections

Paul Covington

Elections Sep 13

We need to hold elections for CSCA. 

Your current officers are listed in the dropdown menu item "CSCA > Board of Directors"

We will have an online "Members meeting" on Sunday, September 13. The Zoom link will open at 5:00 PM. The schedule is: 

5 PM Listening session -- this is where the board members listen to you. You share your concerns, what direction you want your CSCA to go, and in general, what our members are thinking. 

6 PM The Members' meeting will start: Reports, Schedules, Upcoming events, Agenda (send in items you want addressed), Appointment of Delegates and Alternatives to represent Colorado to US Chess, AND our Elections.

??? PM The newly elected Board will meet to get acquainted and discuss Board roles, goals, and tasks. 

All offices are Open as usual. Some of the present Board members have indicated they had looked at serving on the Board as a one year commitment and will not run this year. I commend all the Board members who have served this year--this has been the finest Board I have had the privilege to serve on.

If you are interested in serving on a 501 (c) 3 Board, throw your hat into the ring! You may email me or our Secretary (Ann Davies). 

Please mark your calendars for Sep 13th and get involved!

Stay Safe
Paul Covington

US Chess Delegates Meeting 8/15-16/2020 (Zoom & Slack)

Buck and I attended 11 plus hours over two days of video meetings. Isolation did not prevent lots of contested proposals and amendments with heated discussions and healthy compromises. Some of the meetings' highlights.

First and importantly, there was a moment of silence for those members who passed away during the past year. Two of Colorado's giants of past years, Imre Barlay and Mikhail Ponomarev went to their eternal reward. We miss them. 

Three important changes were enacted: 1. Future terms of Executive Board members with be 4 years but not to serve more than 8 consecutive years (I believe this is what was decided after several hours of arguing). 2. Creation of Nominations Committee to seek qualified candidates for the Executive board--another food fight on this one. Two year term of service.  3. Chapter of the Official Chess Rule Book had a total rewrite -- this is the section which regulates Online Chess. It will be listed on US Chess website soon and goes into effect in early September (the 3rd ?) 

I missed the online 2020 Awards Ceremony. My award was announced and a bunch of kind comments were said. The award in listed online and in the Yearbook. 

Financially, US Chess is in great shape even with a deficit budget of about 106 thousand dollars. 

I will answer your questions:
Paul Covington

Colorado Cramer Award winners

It is with pride I announce that Colorado State Chess Association contributers were winners this year of the highly prized Cramer Awards.

Fred Spell won a Cramer for the best State Magazine/Newsletter! He bested the NorthWestern Chess Magazine -- who have won numerous awards. (Fred has won the best online State Magazine 4 of the last 5 year--unless my memory is failing me). 

John Brezina won the Cramer for the Personal Narrative - Personal Narrative, Cramer Narrative. This is the first time John has competed. 

One of the judges called me and told me he had given Todd Bardwick's Pawn Garden his top grade (a 5) because he understood the quality of the images and the details of the story would encourage chessplayers to build similar structures. He did not understand why other judges were not more impressed. 

My congradulations to these and all volunteers who support Colorado Chess with their tireless efforts. I am so proud of our volunteers and appreciate their service to us!

Paul Covington

Brian Wall to lead the Colorado Team into battle for the States Cup

States Cup is a team competition of US States playing each other on four chess boards, four games (15 +2) with team totals deciding the winner. Teams' composite (average) rating under 2200. On line rated event. Please step forward when Brian calls asking you to support our Colorado Chess team. 

Paul Covington

Meritorious Service Award

Thank you to all who have sent congradulations. This honor is a team effort of a number of people over the years. 

My sincerest thank you for allowing me to be involved in Colorado Chess these years and especially the opportunity to work with this exceptional board! Working with this team has been one of the great joys of my chess experience. Words are not able to express the camaraderie we have shared together.
Receiving the US Chess Meritorious Service award was the results of the shared accomplishments of the CSCA board, the US Senior Committee and the US Clubs Committee. I have truly been blessed to share time and work with an amazing group of people who are dedicated to our chess world!

Working to make Colorado Chess the Best!
US Chess Federation new website

Hope everyone is staying safe. 

US Chess has launched the new website. It is much better organized and looks nice too. 

You will need to login and change your password or update your password. 

The specific login steps are on the website... follow them carefully. 

After you get logged in, go to 

This is constantly updated with info.... 


Paul Covington


phishing attack

Beaware of emails "from me" asking for help....   

Always verify the from block of an email for a better idea of where it comes from. 

Thanks to the couple of people who reported this to me. 


Colorado Informant - July

The July edition of the Colorado Informant is up!

In This Issue:

  • President's Notes
  • Checkmate COVID-19
  • When the Grim Reaper decides to play
  • Dr. Mikhail Ponomarev
  • My Games With Rudolf Petters
  • A Perfect Win for White in Komodo 14.1?
  • A Perfect Draw for Black on 1.e4 in 12 Moves
  • Practical Review of Komodo 14.1 With Switches
  • The Chess Detective
  • Tactics Time!

and more!

Download the July Edition

Tournament of Champions (ToC) for all sections are a GO! and more online events

ONLINE chess is the order of the day... 

Denker, Barber, Rockefeller, Hering and Senior  ToC will all be online--these are all invitational events for State Qualified players. All of Colorado's players are ready to go forward to slay giants! 

A new event: is open to every elementary school aged  chess player. Details below:

The inaugural US Chess/ChessKid Online Elementary Championship will take place August 8-9, 2020 on the live server. The event is open to any child in grades K-6 attending school in the U.S. or its territories (grades are based on the grade just completed, not the upcoming grade in the fall).

Both organizations are eager to offer a large, open event, especially in light of all the major scholastic events which have been canceled due to the coronavirus. 

Online registration for this event ends August 6, 2020 at 12:00 AM Eastern Time. For full event details and all necessary links, please visit

The Colorado Open is also an online event this year. September 4 - 6, mark your calendars and get ready. Detailed information will be posted once we get the details worked out. We will have a pre-event online so everyone can get experience with this type of playing. 

We are also trying to figure out how to conduct our Membership meeting this year. We may have to do that online also. I will post info as it is available. 

Stay Safe,
Paul Covington

Colorado Open will be an online event

Your Board faced a very difficult decision, what to do about the Colorado Open Extravaganza we had planned for this September 4-6. After much discussion, it was clear that --as much as we love our chess family and playing chess--it was just not worth the risk of conducting an Over-The-Board event when the stakes to human life are so high. So the OTB event and the Induction into the Colorado Hall of Fame's second group of inductees are postponed until next year. 

We will have an online Colorado Open Championship 2020. It will be held on the same weekend (Sept 4-6, 2020) and we are working on the details. Brad is working with me on the details. Our starting point is: Event will be held on; the games will be Friday night 7 PM, Saturday and Sunday 10 AM and 6 PM. These times may change so watch this webpage for updates. Entry fees prize funds, instructions on how to register and login, and other details will be posted soon. 

I am extremely disappointed that taking this action is necessary, however, our members' safety is even more important! I believe you understand. 


COOF-2020 Donations reached $3,460.00

The Donations are in, including a $50 donation from one of my computer clients. This is an amazing effort my our chess community and I am proud of all of you and I know that Brad is also!!! 

Brad is continuing to send out info to news outlets and also US Chess. We just might get in the news! 




Happy Father's Day

The CSCA Board wishes ALL Dad's a Happy Father's Day. We hope your day is filled with the joy of being a Dad! 

I always include Mom's who are raising children and providing for their household as they do Mom's and Dad's job! 

Stay Safe

COOF-2020 is a great success--raising $3,245 dollars for The Salvation Army Food Pantry!
Brad Lundstrom is sending out this press release to 11 newspapers, 6 TV stations, and KOAA radio and US Chess.


Press Release -- Final Results Colorado Chess Players Checkmate COVID-19

Colorado chess players statewide and some very special world class guest players teamed up to help in the economic aftermath of COVID-19 and benefit The Denver Salvation Army Food Programs

Project commits 100% of funds raised by donations in a statewide online chess tournament

Initial Goal of $500 was surpassed...  was it ever as our 112 players and friends raised $3245 !!

Colorado State Chess Association(CSCA) President, Paul Covington welcomed a hugely diverse team that united with shared a love of chess and a passion to help others in our community

Paul has a 47 year history as a Salvation Army volunteer and patron. Paul be presenting our final check on behalf of CSCA as our state associaton president.

World class masters teamed up with chess players of all ages and skill levels to compete in one big section where any player could play anyone else as results over six rounds completed. Many of our state players battled against some of the world's best today!

Players from ages five to 89 were involved in this event.

All types of good people sharing a common goal...

Tournament featured a fun ten minute per player, per game time control and the six rounds ran 10am to 1pm this Saturday morning, June 20th with all games played online.

Imagine a golf or tennis tournament where every entrant has a shot of competing with world class players?

That was the fun and unique challenge to our participants.

All Colorado chess players welcomed our very special guests:

International Grandmaster Alexander Fishbein, the most successful player in Colorado history

Past US Junior champion, World Open co-champion, internationally acclaimed chess prodigy

International Master Keaton Kiewra, chess prodigy and nine time Nebraska state champion

Life Master Brian Wall, twelve time Colorado Champion and most active tournament player

Master Lior Lapid two time Colorado Chess Champion and President of Pals Chess Academy

Master Zachary Bekkedahl, founder and President of Chessmates and Fort Collins legendary scholastic chess coach

And an incredible last minute surprise... International Grandmaster Timur Gareyev entered. Timur, one of the world's most famous players is the all time Guiness Book of World Records holder in blndfold chess and he completed all six rounds playing blindfolded - without sight of the board with the aide of a chess student in San Diego!

Final Results

1st with 6 wins with no loses for 6 points: Grandmaster Alex Fishbein

2nd with 5 wins and one draw for 5.5 points: International Master Keaton Kiewra

3rd  with 5 wins and one loss for 5 points (on tie break points) Colorado Master Brian Wall
Also with 5 wins and one loss for 5 points were three additional players: Grandmaster Timur Gareyev (the World Champion Blindfold Champion) who played all games Blindfold!! and Fort Collins Chessmates scholastic star Aiden Sirotkin, and a player with the login of: Bharatasuryakepri. These players all performed exceptionally!

Thank you to all our awesome chess players and their wonderfully generous families and friends; also the CSCA board for their support and encouragement.

Special thanks to our excellent Tournament Director: Alayne Wilinski of the Denver Chess Club.

A wonderful day of many great chess performances and a record setting event raising $3,245.00 for those in need in our community!

Colorado Chess Association contacts:

President, Paul Covington phone 719-310-7542 email

Vice President, Brad Lundstrom phone 970-415-3855 email chess

The Colorado State Chess Association, Incorporated, is a Section 501(C)3 tax exempt, non-profit educational corporation formed to promote chess in Colorado

Salvation Army contact:

Rachael Fowler
PR & Special Events Director
The Salvation Army Intermountain Division
Office: 303-860-5460 | Cell: 619-768-3671

AAUW Grant and other Scholastic News

The AAUW Grant for "Colorado All Girls After School Chess Club was awarded to CSCA because of Ann Davies' efforts. This $5,700.00 grant will start in January 2021 not September 2020 as previously advertised due to the uncertainity of how the school districts will be operating this Fall. The women who instruct these class will receive payment for their work. Equipment will be provided. Any Denver area ladies interested? 

CSCA will need volunteers (our grant does not cover this program) for the Denver Chess league reorganization and management. This is primarily coordinating with chess coaches at the schools about their playing schedules (can be done from anywhere). ---- My goal for this is to be an on-line program so travel is reduced AND acceptibility is increased. --- Additionally, I want to expand this program to statewide, possibly into districts or zones where the winners of each area could have a playoff sometime after Spring-break each year. 

Contact Paul Covington, (719)310-7542, for additional information and to volunteer! 



2 Additional Board actions June 16, 2020

Board approved two resolutions:

1. The COOF-2020 was declared a one time tournament membership eveint with free membership for June 20, 2020 to all who sign up to play. 

2. The Board voted to extend All Standard memberships for six months as compensation for the schedule changes due to COVID-19 virus. 

This Saturday, June 20, 2020 is the COOF-2020 event, we hope your participate and have fun. 

September 4-6 Colorado Open is on! Lots of activities that weekend. Details in the Tournament section. 

Stay Safe!

Minutes CSCA Board meeting May 4, 2020

4th CSCA Board Meeting                                                                                                          May 4, 2020

Board Members: Paul, Brad, Ann, Dean, Lior; Absent: Gracie & Griffin (these were excused absences).
Members in attendance: Shirley

Meeting called to order: After informal discussion, the following decisions and motions were made.

Reopening Colorado Chess:

  • Class 2020: Postponed
  • Colorado Online Championship 2020- a fundraiser for COVID-19 through The Salvation Army food bank. Additional information on website.
  • Southern Colorado Open, July 25-26, 5 round Swiss, Dean and Paul are putting this on in Colorado Springs to restart OTB chess—Governor allowing…  Details on website.
  • Colorado Open 2020, Festival to celebrate Colorado Chess September 4, 5, &6. Hall of Fame induction, Fischer 960, CO-2020 5SS, Membership meeting. Details on website.

AAUW (American Association of University Women) grant: Ann wrote a grant request and Kevin polished the words in the request: result—CSCA will be receiving a grant for Chess training for girls in Title 1 schools. Stipulations on how to operate the program, funds for chess equipment and pay for lady instructors. (Grant amount $ 5,700.00.

  • Ordered 200 chess sets for this program to supplement previous chess sets ordered. The Templeton Fund (Ann’s charity), Scholastic, and general fund ordered 80 chess sets. Some are to replace/supplement the worn scholastic sets, most were for Title 1 program Ann started and use in another tuition free program that is ongoing.
  • The 80 sets were ordered from US Chess on reduced price when the US Chess National Elementary tournament was canceled. Cost: $ 460.00 (40 for scholastic, 20 for title 1, and 20 for CSCA reserves. All were $5.75 each).
  • The 200 sets were ordered from US Chess on reduced price when the US Chess National Junior High School tournament was canceled. Cost: $ 1,175.81 (included sets & boards at $ 5.25 each & shipping $ 125.81). These sets support the AAUW grant.

FIDE World Championship for Disabled Scholastic players: Coming to Denver July 2021. This is a major event which will feature chess teams from all over the world. CSCA is working with Chess Educators of America who will host this event. Kevin McConnell worked diligently to bring this event to Denver. CSCA will be asking Colorado chess players to volunteer time and effort to support this special event.

Treasurer’s report: Before the expenditures mentioned above, CSCA’s accounts were:

  • Main:                $ 14,474.96
  • Scholastic:       $ 20, 013.99
  • Scholarship:    $ 838.19 (this account includes funds designated for special overseas invitational events for scholastic players ($ 478.19), facebook donations, and other ear marked funds (George Mikhailavich’s Memorial event for his Grandfather- $360)).

Special thanks to Lior for setting up this Zoom meeting, Ann for her dedicated work on the AAUW grant and board members for participation, ideas, and support!

Meeting adjourned.

2020 High School Senior Online Rapid

The 2020 High School Senior Online Championship was played Saturday June 13. NM Akshat Jain and Mathew Kurody joined in the event. 104 players entered,

I was surprised that more HS Seniors did not enter the Open event.

NM Akshat Jain has wrapped up an amazing High School chess career and we wish him success as he heads to the next level.

Thank  you Mathew Kurody for representing Colorado in this event. I trust that you have had fun playing chess and good luck with your future plans. 

High School Seniors 2019-2020 Online Event

Calling all High School Seniors

I received this announcement--so passing it along. All Colordo HS Seniors are eligible to play in this event. Enjoy!


US Chess is pleased to announce the‚ 2020‚ High‚ School‚ Senior‚ Online Rapid, a free event sponsored by Dewain Barber, the Dean of Scholastic Chess.


Date: Saturday, June 13 at 2:00 p.m. EDT / 11:00 a.m. PDT‚ 

Registration deadline: Friday, June 12 at 9:00 p.m. EDT / 6:00 p.m. PDT - No exceptions!


 Students with senior student status in the 2019-20 academic year

 Current US Chess membership valid until 6/30/2020 ( Click here to join/renew.)


For full event information, including how to register, please see our post on Chess Life Online here: 

4th CSCA Board Meeting

4th CSCA Board Meeting                                                                                                       May 4, 2020

Board Members: Paul, Brad, Ann, Dean, Lior; Absent: Gracie & Griffin (these were excused absences).
Members in attendance: Shirley

Meeting called to order: After informal discussion, the following decisions and motions were made.

Reopening Colorado Chess:

  • Class 2020: Canceled
  • Colorado Online Championship 2020- a fundraiser for COVID-19 through The Salvation Army food bank. Additional information on website.
  • Southern Colorado Open, July 25-26, 5 round Swiss, Dean and Paul are putting this on in Colorado Springs to restart OTB chess—Governor allowing…  Details on website.
  • Colorado Open 2020, Festival to celebrate Colorado Chess September 4, 5, &6. Hall of Fame induction, Fischer 960, CO-2020 5SS, Membership meeting. Details on website.

AAUW (American Association of University Women) grant: Ann wrote a grant request and Kevin polished the words in the request: result—CSCA will be receiving a grant for Chess training for girls in Title 1 schools. Stipulations on how to operate the program, funds for chess equipment and pay for lady instructors. (Grant amount $ 5,700.00.

  • Ordered 200 chess sets for this program to supplement previous chess sets ordered. The Templeton Fund (Ann’s charity), Scholastic, and general fund ordered 80 chess sets. Some are to replace/supplement the worn scholastic sets, most were for Title 1 program Ann started and use in another tuition free program that is ongoing.
  • The 80 sets were ordered from US Chess on reduced price when the US Chess National Elementary tournament was canceled. Cost: $ 460.00 (40 for scholastic, 20 for title 1, and 20 for CSCA reserves. All were $5.75 each).
  • The 200 sets were ordered from US Chess on reduced price when the US Chess National Junior High School tournament was canceled. Cost: $ 1,175.81 (included sets & boards at $ 5.25 each & shipping $ 125.81). These sets support the AAUW grant.

FIDE World Championship for Disabled Scholastic players: Coming to Denver July 2021. This is a major event which will feature chess teams from all over the world. CSCA is working with Chess Educators of America who will host this event. Kevin McConnell worked diligently to bring this event to Denver. CSCA will be asking Colorado chess players to volunteer time and effort to support this special event.

Treasurer’s report: Before the expenditures mentioned above, CSCA’s accounts were:

  • Main:                $ 14,474.96
  • Scholastic:       $ 20, 013.99
  • Scholarship:    $ 838.19 (this account includes funds designated for special overseas invitational events for scholastic players ($ 478.19), facebook donations, and other ear marked funds (George Mikhailavich’s Memorial event for his Grandfather- $360)).

Special thanks to Lior for setting up this Zoom meeting, Ann for her dedicated work on the AAUW grant and board members for participation, ideas, and support!

Meeting adjourned.

Update on National Invitational Events

Update on National Invitational Events (All Girls, Ele, JH, HS, & Senior). Discussion at US Chess to conduct these events over the weekend of August 8 and 9 using online chess.

More as it develops.

Board Meeting 7:00 PM Monday May 4th

We are planning a Board meeting for Monday night. It will be on Zoom. I am post the link here and one the website.

We need to decide

1. When and how to reopen Colorado Chess,

2. the AAUW grant acceptance and outline for a plan to implement

3. details about the Colorado Open 2020

4. other Board issues

Do members want anything else added for discussion?


Informant - April 2020

The April edition of the Colorado Informant is up!

In This Issue:

  • President's Notes
  • Senior - Memorial Championship
  • Women's Wine and Chess Club
  • Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Memories of 1980 & More
  • Sicilian Defense 2. b3...
  • Example of Sicillian B20...
  • 2020 Colorado Springs Open
  • The Chess Detective

and more!

Download the April Edition

Special Announcement April 9, 2020

Brad Lundstrom has accepted the vacant VP position on our Board. He brings a wealth of experience with Colorado Chess and his top level management skills. We are proud to have him serving Colorado Chess! He will help on a number of projects with the primary focus on Newspaper and TV coverage. 
Brad, Thank you for joining our team! 



Minutes from the March 31, 2020 Board meeting

CSCA Board meeting                                                                                                               March 31, 2020

Meeting called to order after a time of sharing how everyone was handling the stay at home directives.

Present: Paul, Ann, Lior, Gracie, & Dean. Absent: Griffin

Kevin resigned to focus on supporting his family during this uncertain time. He will be missed. He was a driving force behind many of the accomplishment this last two years. We wish him the best and the entire board supported the family first concept.


Minutes from last meeting were approved. So those will be posted shortly.

Financials: In very good shape. Scholarship: $838.19 with $300 plus reserved for a free Memorial tournament for scholastic children in Colorado Springs; Scholastic: $20,013.99 with $3,200 committed to supporting our representatives to the Denker, Barber, Rockefelller & Haring Tournaments of Champions; and Main: $14,959.96.

Chess sets: (update--order completed and shipped) We are ordering (if they are still available) Tournament Sets (pieces and boards) not used when the National Elementary event was canceled. 80 sets (40 to Scholastic, 20 to our Title 1 program, and 20 for CSCA reserve) will be allocated as indicated.

Board authorized seeking an on-line and credit card at tournaments system to receive payments both on-line and at tournaments.

Board authorized Paul and Dean to put together the details for the Colorado Open 2020. We are investigating the idea of inviting three GM/IMs to the Open. We hope to have a festival like event for the Open this year with several activities being considered.

This was our first board meeting using Zoom. Lior used his company’s Zoom account, Thank you Lior!

Meeting adjourned.

Board meeting was held on Tuesday, March 31, 2020 at 6:30 pm

Good meeting. Minutes will be posted as soon as approved by the Board.

I trust everyone is doing well and staying safe.



Upcoming Board Meeting

A board meeting is being planned, we are working on a date. It will be via Zoom, the link will be published here and on facebook.

So far the agenda includes:
Chess Sets: The unused chess sets from several events which were canceled are being offered at $5 per set. Ann has suggested that we purchase 20 sets from the Templeton fund. Lior has also expressed that this would be a good time to order extra sets for Scholastic events. We had to bring in some personal sets at the championships this year. I believe it would be good if we had extra sets on hand for future growth.

Chess Leagues in Colorado: Revisiting rebuilding the Denver Chess League under the Non-Profit charter. 
I have been working with Mike Klein, ChessKids, about conducting a program for schools which would allow the schools to compete against other schools. This is in the concept stage right now, but based on Mike's emails and discussion with Lior, it is possible.

Secondly, I want to finalize plans for the CO-2020.... Hoping that we get to conduct it this year. I need to get the announcement to US Chess before April 10th.

Any other items to add?

CSCA members may contact me (Paul Covington, 719-310-7542) to have items added for discussion.

Donations designated for GM & IM support

The Board has voted on how to handle the donations / pledges to support GMs/IMs who were to visit the Denver Open 2020. Those who request a refund, we will mail a check. To those who wish to designate their donation to another project, we will honor their request. For all those who pledged support, they are released from those pledges. 

We regreat that the Denver Open had to be canceled. We are planning to hold the Class Championship in Manitou on May 30/31. Keep an eye on this column and the facebook page for updates.


Tournament Report on Senior/Memorial State Championship

I have worked on getting this rounded up over the last several days. Preparatory steps had to be taken.

16 players @ $40 = $640. Two withdrew before the tournament started. so I refunded them the amount they paid. One was $40, the other $55.
Therefore, 14 players @ $40 = $560. That became our working budget. 30 percent of $560 was our set-a-side for expenses. That amount was: $ 168.
Our expenses broke down as follows:
Prize fund $ 392. (1st 160, 2nd 88, U1900: $50, $22; U1600: $50, $22) This met our 70 per cent goal.

Expensive fund: $ 168
Rating fee:  $ 6.25
Scoresheets: $ 8
Facility rental: $ 416
TD Fee: $0
Total Expenditures ($ 416, 6.25, 8): $430.25
Loss for the tournament: $ 262.25

Donations: 2 nights hotel $128.68: 2 meals ~ 16.40: travel $16.19:== $161.27

1st place: Alaa-Addin Moussa, will represent Colorado in the Senior Tournament of Champions in August.
2nd place: Sam Bridle, first alternate

We used hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes and Kleenex to minimize the risk and had a good tournament.

This event and the scholastic championship support US Chess Tournament of Champions series. The other is our Colorado Open... the Class is optional. I am hoping to conduct the Class (end of May) and the Closed (no date yet) before September.

I hope to get the tournament report into the upcoming CCI.


Colorado Closed 2020 and RR Side Tournaments Announcement

Morning Everyone,
Due to all that is ongoing, we are having to postpone the Closed event until later in the year.

I am working with the hotel to find a date during warmer weather.

I can refund the two who have already paid or hold those funds until we find how the new tournament date fits with your schedules.

I am sorry the event can not go as scheduled...

Questions to me; phone 719-310-7542

Stay Safe,
Paul Covington

2020 Colorado Closed -- Radisson Hotel in Aurora

Official list of invited players. This chart will be updated as players send in entry fees  and other updates. After all players have sent in their entry fees, I will hold the drawing for pairing numbers--in a public setting. I hope every one gets their entries back to me so the drawing can be held so you know who you will be playing in each round and the colors.... Send entry fees to CSCA , Paul Covington, 748 Cardinal St, Colorado Springs, CO 80911. 

Pairing # Fname Lname Rating Feb Sup USChess # US Chess Expiration CSCA Exp. Entry Fee Notes
  Nikhilesh Kunche 2314 14384726 3/31/2021 4/30/2020    
  Lior Lapid 2302 12563733 12/31/2021 4/30/2020    
  Gunnar Andersen 2291 14011512 2/28/2021 8/31/2020    
  Randy Canney 2222 10407443 12/31/2020 12/21/2020    
  Akshat Jain 2218 14540963 2/28/2021 5/31/2021    
  Sullivan McConnell 2213 14696346 1/31/2021 4/30/2020    
  Brian Wall 2200 10923344 Life 4/30/2020   1 Alternate
  Herman Daniel 2152 14345456 4/30/2020 10/26/2020   2 Alternate
Scholastic State Championship Photo's

Thanks as always goes to John Brezina for providing such excellent coverage of the Scholastic event!

Saturday Pics1:

Sunday Pics2:

2020 Colorado Championship and Scholastic Closed Announcement

IF you want to play in the 2020 Closed Championships, You need to apply by email by March 1, 2020. The top six (6) players that meet the selection criteria will be invited. 

Colorado Closed Championships:

The selection criteria is:

  • Top six rated players that apply to play
  • US Chess registration must be listed as CO(Colorado)
  • February Rating Supplement will be used for player’s ratings.
  • Must be current US Chess and CSCA members

This applies to the Colorado Closed (Invitational) Championship (six players) and the Colorado Scholastic Championship (six players).

The entry fees will be $40.00. First place prize is $150. Second place prize is $90.

Additional details are listed in the tournament listings. Check there regularily for updates and also here on the News pages. 


Capital Chess has announced a tournament in Denver

New tournament for Denver area- details are at their website: 

Board meeting Rescheduled-Feb 1st Castle Pines Library

We have to reschedules our board meeting. 

Casle Pines Library
360 Village Square Ln
Castle Pines, CO 80108

Same agenda as before


Paul Covingotn

Colorado State Class Championships 2020 -- Date Change

The Date has changed to May 30 & 31 to faciliate the Denver Open 2020 changing their dates. 

I look forward to some great chess battles in the Manitou Springs Art Center. (Paul)

3rd Board Meeting--Rescheduled

Location: Castle Pine Library, 360 Village Square Lane, Castle Pines, CO

Time: 12:30 PM, January 11, 2020

1. Online registration costs: I am proposing that we charge the listed price for that event. This will reduce the amount of income for the tournament which will have a small effect on the prize funds and calculating the 70 percent level.
2. Same as above for the membership dues.
3. Review of our upcoming events and lock in the TLA for the Colorado open.
4. Add a "Hand and Brain" tournament--possibly on Saturday night after the Senior--Under 50 event OR National Chess Day.

Continued... more
Informant - January 2020

The January edition of the Colorado Informant is up!

In This Issue:

  • 2019 Class Championship Report
  • 2nd CSCA Board Meeting
  • Pawn Garden - Chess Landscaping for the yard
  • The life of Senior Master Imre Barley
  • Winter Springs Open
  • DCC Fall Classic
  • Watson - Carlsen 1975
  • 2019 London Classic Report
  • The Chess Detective

and more!

Download the January Edition

Amazon Smile Program


I have setup a place to donate to CSCA without costing you anything. Here is the explanation. 

I have a request for ALL chess players, friends, and followers: Amazon has a program that allows us to designate a "charity" to receive a small donation from certain purchases. The "Colorado State Chess Association Inc" is now listed as a charity on Amazon. This donation does NOT add any costs to the purchase price!

Select Amazon Smile when making purchases on Amazon. As an example, I haven't purchased very many things, this last two months but the few chess books and other items I have ordered has generated $2.57 .... multiple that by our CSCA membership (approximately 170) could generate over $450!!! Spread this idea to a wider supporting cast and our tournament prize funds would increase....

I trust everyone will see the potential which this program has to add support to the operation of CSCA.

Thanks for considering this request!

Paul Covington

Griffin to represent USA !

Exciting news! Griffin McConnell has been invited to represent the USA in a new FIDE chess tournament called the FIDE Confederation Cup for the Disabled People. There will be 30 competitors from around the world competing on teams of 6. The Americas will have a team of 6 as will 3 other continents. The "sponsor " team will also have a 6 player team, 3 from Russia and 3 from Turkey.

Griffin will leave for Ankara, Turkey on December 7th and be gone for a week. It is a team Round Robin of 5 rounds. The sponsoring organization is covering airfare and hotel stay and we need to cover food and passport (he's never even been out of the U.S. before).Neither Kori or I could leave on such short notice to attend with him so we asked Griffin's chess coach (and friend) Lior Lapid to go with him and he has graciously agreed. We are deeply grateful to Beatriz Marinello and Dora Leticia for nominating Griffin for this honor. 

Several years ago the CSCA setup a special fund to support our young players for these types of events. The fund is supported entirely by donations which are set-a-side just for supporting this type of event (Invitational International Events). We are supporting Griffin with a stipend and look forward to following his successes!  

2019 Colorado Class Championships Report

The 2019 Class Championship Report

42 players registered and 31 fought through the snow storm and bitter cold weather to the finish. Overall, a quality event. Prize winners and prize fund listed below.

Thank you to all who attended.

We collected $1,750 in entries: The prize fund was $1,225 (70% of the entries).

The tournament costs were:
site cost $416 TD fee $0, rating fee $18.50, 2 packs of scoresheets: ~$16.00.

Other related items:
Ent Federal Credit Union donated ink pens.
Ann Davies bought me a hamburger on Saturday.
I donated the usual TD fees and hotel / food costs to the CSCA as a gift in kind.
I think what about wraps it up.

2019 Class Championships were a success. The main distractor was the weather! Snow and cold (Colorado staples) resulted in some withdrawals and unusual pairings.

Congrats to all the winners (all those who played) and the Champions (those who finished in 1st place!)....
Master/Expert: 1st DANIEL HERMAN $130.00
Master/Expert: 2nd RHETT LANGSETH $70.00

Class A/Unrated: 1st BRAD LUNDSTROM & JOSHUA SAMUEL $92.50 each

Class B: 1st WESLEY WOO $170.00
Class B: 2nd LUKE NAMESNIK $85.00

Class C: 1st NICHOLAS S MILLER $130.00
Class C: 2nd NORBERT MARTINEZ $65.00

Class D: 1st CHARLES Q ZHANG $130.00

Class E/Unrated: 1st DANIEL THEO SMITH $130.00
Class E/Unrated: 2nd tie: RANDY RICHTER and SHIRLEY HERMAN $32.50 each

The next CSCA event is the Senior Championship and the under 50 tournament at the same location:-the Ranch in Loveland March 14 & 15, 2020. See you there!

Paul Covington, TD

Colorado Class Championships one week away--sign up now! Please

Class Championships Oct 26/27 in Loveland--details in Tournaments list. 

Sign up online and save! 


Paul Covington

Minutes from Sep 29th, 2019

                                                                                               September 29, 2019

2nd CSCA Board Meeting


We held our meeting in the Castle Rock Food Court.

After “roll call” we established there was a quorum.

At 12:00 noon the meeting was called to order.


Paul Covington (President), Kevin McConnell (Vice President), Dean Brown (Treasurer), Ann Davies (Secretary), Griffin McConnell (Junior Rep.), Lior Lapid (Member at Large/Scholastic Director), Gracie Salazar (Member at Large)

Guests: Shirley Herman arrived shortly after beginning of meeting.

Board approved the following motions (at various times during the meeting):

  • Acceptance of 1st meeting’s minutes.
  • Agreed to post US Chess document, Safe Play Guidelines, at our tournaments and have the members vote on implementing for CSCA.
  • Authorized Kevin McConnell to collect CSCA dues and deposit them at US Bank.
  • Eliminating length of tournament memberships except for Scholastic events (this will greatly simplify bookkeeping).
  • Authorized researching Credit Card acceptance at tournaments.
  • Authorized ordering scoresheets and membership forms as needed.
  • Pledged $2,500 for bringing five Titled Players to DO2020.
  • Dean and Ann will determine if refunds are due for any who should have only paid the family membership rate.
  • Authorized $540.00 to start the Colorado Women’s Chess and Wine Club.
  • Established the selection criteria for the Colorado Closed invitational championships. 


Dean Brown gave a full accounting of all the finances. He plans to produce an actual CSCA budget once the contracts for tournament sites are signed. All CSCA accounts are consolidated at US Bank.  Three accounts: Primary/Main (the general account) $12,273.36; Invitational (set-a-side for invitational events-primarily overseas) $978.19; and the Scholastic (reserved for Scholastic events and expenses) $20,468.41.

STRIPE – There are no standard operating procedures regarding STRIPE. He noted two additions to the account for $14.28 (two $15 memberships). He does not know how STRIPE memberships get inputted.

Routine Expenses are non-tournament related $648 (stamps, secretary of state payment, US Chess affiliation, insurance, Chess Journalists of America entry fees, domain name). He will budget $750 to cover these routine yearly expenses.

Line Item Budget Expenses will vary year by year and administration by administration. These are primarily site costs. Currently, we only have three tournaments that have site costs associated with them unless we have a tournament in another part of the state. (Colorado Open, Class 2019, Senior/Under 50).

There are five checks still outstanding which have not been cashed. Sheridan check for blitz night has not been cashed.

Outstanding debt – The only outstanding debt is the second half of Loveland for 2019 Class and 2020 Senior/Under 50.

Standard Operating Procedures:

Paul wants to develop a book for Standard Operating Procedures so future boards will have guidelines of things that need to be done. These include:

Operating Expenses: insurance, affiliate fees, domain name fees, State of Colorado fees, and variable expenses (printing costs for membership forms, renaissance festival flyers, awards, bank fees, check fees, credit card/STRIPE fees).

Tournament Expenses: TD fees, stipends for travel, meals, reasonable expenses for those working tournaments, TLAs, paper for printing standings and prize fund listings, site costs, rating fees, STRIPES usage fees, score sheets and others I may have missed.

Tournaments: Scheduling and contracts in progress. Follow up and details in next meeting minutes. Hotel prices have increased and will affect future entry fees.

CSCA—DCC Committee report:

Kevin and Ann met with DCC representatives to discuss whether or not the CSCA would have a part in the Denver Open 2020. After discussion, the CSCA decided to support the Denver Open. We pledged $2,500.00 to support bringing titled players (5 x $500) to the DO2020.  Board members will raise funds to support this effort.

(Added note: Shirley Herman has conducted a fund raiser to support this effort: $1,020 to date has been pledged. Thank you Shirley!). 

Ann is volunteer teaching an All Girls program at two Title 1 schools. Griffin is also volunteer teaching at a school which only works children with autism, dyslexia and ADHD. We hope to raise funds to support these schools next semester.

Colorado Women’s Chess and Wine Club:

is an effort to bring women into chess through chess classes with a social flavor. We did allocate funds to support this effort. (Attendees will purchase their own wine.)

DGT equipment: Lior will expand this research and report his finding.

Colorado Closed Championships:

Set the selection criteria as:

  • Top six rated players that apply to play
  • US Chess registration must be listed as CO(Colorado)
  • February Rating Supplement will be used for player’s ratings.

This applies to the Colorado Championship and the Colorado Scholastic Championship.

The entry fees will be $40.00. First place prize is $150. Second place prize is $90.

Other initiatives:

We are looking into forming Scholastic leagues throughout Colorado schools, restarting the school chess teams’ championship program, and developing a way to serve the underserved areas in Colorado.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:00 PM.


Sign up for the Colorado Class Championships 2019--Oct 26/27

About one wees until the 2019 Class Championships Tournament in Loveland. This event offers 4 games against players in your own rating range. Click here to register... I hope to see you there!

Colorado Women's Chess and Wine Club

Regal Bakery and Chess Cafe (1141 Syracuse St, Denver, CO 80220).
October 18, November 1, November 15, December 6, December 20, January 3. Open to all women 21 and over.

This club is funded by the Colorado State Chess Association and is FREE to join! For more information, contact Kevin McConnell at or 303-501-0974.

  • FREE chess classes for women with head coach Gracie Mukayess
  • Sip wine and enjoy free hors d'oeuvres while learning The Royal Game
  • Learn effective strategies, tactics, vizualization and planning skills
  • Make new friends while learning about the fascinating world of chess
  • Be treated like a Queen - the most powerful piece on the board!

Register online here

Informant - October 2019

The October edition of the Colorado Informant is up!

In This Issue:

  • CO Hall of Fame
  • 2019 Colorado Open
  • 2019 Sinquefield Cup Report
  • St. Louis Rapid & Blitz
  • Parker to Paris Grand Chess Tour
  • Memories of 1969
  • Grand Chess Tour in Croatia
  • Gunnar does it again!
  • The Chess Detective

Download the October Edition

Class Championship 2019 Oct 26 & 27 in Loveland

Oct 26 & 27 in Loveland at the Ranch...the 2019 Colorado State Class Championships. 4SS, G90/+30s. Prize Fund is 70 % of entry fees. Entry fee: online $40, $50 at the door. CSCA & US Chess memberships required. Reg 8:30-9:40, After 9:40, 1/2 point bye for first round. Sections: Master/Expert, A, B, C, D, and E. Unrated play in top two sections or price limited to $50 in E. Round times 10 AM and 3 PM, Sat & Sun. Entries to Paul Covington, 748 Cardinal St, Colorado Springs, CO 80911, cell 719.310.7542

Sep 29, 2019 Agenda

2nd Board Meeting Agenda,         Sep 29, 2019

Welcome-- Attendance--- quorum?
Call to order:
Approve 1st meeting minutes: (please review the meeting minutes online)
Safe play guidelines (US Chess—please review)
CSCA Budget – Dean
Funding / Voting
DGT Boards – authorize four with clocks but order one for testing
Chess & Wine club funding
Title 1 funding for All Girls chess club
Colorado Closed: Qualifications announcement
Scholastic State Championship: When are the next payments due?
Scholastic All Girls
Tournaments’ Locations--entry frees--prize funds--start times--round times
            Class 2019:
            Senior/Under 50:

CSCA-DCC Committee report
Fundraising report
Holding CSCA-sponsored rated chess tournaments in underserved areas of Colorado (Pueblo, Grand Junction, Durango, Ft Morgan, Aspen-Vail, Trinidad)
Startup program to provide guidance for organizing city school leagues around the state
CSCA survey of members’ thoughts and wants?
Should we use Instagram and Twitter to communicate with members
Ann’s found issues with our Membership records: how do we fix this problem?

Minutes from 2019 Membership Meeting


Paul Covington took the following notes on the Membership Meeting.

President's Report: Buck Buchanan summarized the past CSCA Board year as very good.   

  • Colorado Open had 118 players
  • Colorado Blitz 26 players
  • Denver Open - The DCC and CSCA partnered and the event was a great success
  • Colorado Closed could only fill three sections.
  • Colorado Class was cancelled due to poor attendance and escalating hotel costs.
  • Blitz and Quick events had low attendance
  • The City of Manitou awarded CSCA their top nonprofit award.
  • Chess Journalists of America(CJA) awarded Fred Spell the winner of the Best State online Magazine. CJA selected Todd Bardwick as honorable mention for his Best Historical article on Bobby Fischer's Visits to Colorado.


Vice President's Report: Kevin McConnell summarized Denver Open as a success.

  • Scholastic Girls event had 47 paid players and plans to expand that event.  He suggested better prize fund for lower sections.
  • CJA awarded John Watson best tournament article for his Denver Open 2019 report.

Treasurer's Report: Dean Brown reported that a year to date comparison of CSCA account shows a $800 gain. He also reported that all event winners were either paid at the event or by mail. (check mailed next day)

Paul Covington asked that we honor our Colorado Invitational representatives:

  • Denker: Akshat Jain
  • Barber: Sullivan McConnell
  • All Girls: Sara Herman
  • Senior: Alaa -Addin Moussa
  • Paul and Alaa-Addin represented Colorado in the US Chess membership meeting in Orlando.

Scholastic Report: Todd Bardwick stated there were approximately 275 players at the Scholastic Championship held at the Arapaho Fair Grounds. The site was very good and cost $4,000

Members' Input:

  • DuWayne Langseth expressed displeasure at the Boulder Open tournament's slow payment of prize money to Rhett.  JC MacNeil responded that this was not the right place to raise this issue.    Paul investigated and found the check was mailed the day after tournament to the address associated with the credit card that paid for the online entry fee. That check was never cashed. After the correct address was obtained, a new check was issued.
  • Earle Wikle asked the board to establish standardized times for championship events, suggested round 1 be G90 with d10 and all other rounds G90 +30 increment.
  • Gunnar Andersen suggested two day and three day schedules for Colorado Open.
  • Buck reviewed history of past CO. Open Labor Day (Sat. Sun. Mon.) events and noted very poor attendance.
  • Rob Cernich encouraged CSCA to promote chess better.
  • Brian Wall asked for later start time 10 am (at this meeting Brian stated 9 am was alright).
  • JC MacNeil asked for paper voting ballots and advance notice of people running for office.
  • Kevin McConnell asked for better CSCA promotions, more scholastic all girls events and women only events.
  • Alex Freeman wanted to know the benefits of a CSCA membership? Paul Covington explained advantages of being part of an organization to underwrite events and hopefully bring a US Open to Denver.
  • CSCA members also requested some kind of survey be done in order to ascertain Member's opinions. (added by Ann)


  • Buck announced appointment of Todd Bardwick as the 2018-2019 Board selected member at large.
  • President:  Paul Covington and Buck Buchanan were nominated, Buck yielded to Paul, elected by acclamation.
  • Vice President: Kevin McConnell won by voice acclamation.
  • Secretary: Ann Davies won by voice acclamation.
  • Treasurer: Dean Brown won by voice acclamation.
  • Member at Large: Lior Lapid, Brad Lundstrom and Earle Wikle were nominated. Brad deferred to Earle but Lior received more votes and is the new Member at Large.
  • Scholastic Representative: Griffin and Sullivan McConnell were nominated. Sullivan deferred to Griffin, elected by voice acclamation.
  • Colorado Delegates: Primaries: Buck Buchanan, and Paul Covington; Alternates: Alaa-Addin Moussa and Earle Wikle.

Meeting adjourned at 3:40 pm.

The membership minutes were accepted as corrected unanimously by the current board. more
Board Meeting Minutes: Sep 7, 2019

President’s Plate

I am proud to be selected as President of the CSCA. It is both a great honor and very humbling; I am excited to serve our members. I am also very proud of the new board. Everyone came to the first board meeting ready to work and we hit the ground running. Our first meeting was three hours and with all the ideas flowing, the time just flew. This is going to be an exciting year for chess in Colorado.

Board Meeting Minutes

September 7, 2019

Meeting was called to order at 3:05 PM

Board: Paul Covington, Kevin McConnell, Dean Brown, Ann Davies, Lior Lapid and Griffin McConnell.  Members: JC MacNeil, and Brian Wall. Guests: Gracie Salazar and Meint Olthof.

We had a quorum so the meeting was called to order.

We reviewed the minutes from the Annual Membership Meeting, made some corrections and accepted the minutes as corrected.

We then did training regarding the duties of a 501 (c) 3 board, affiliate responsibilities to US Chess, and obligations to Colorado non-profit law.

Paul read Todd Bardwick’s resignation from the board and scholastic director positions due to his increased responsibilities as his Mom has been put into hospice care. We are thankful for his contributions and leadership Todd has provided the CSCA Scholastic program and sharing his historic perspective of the CSCA. The Board voted to present Todd with a plaque thanking him for his service to the CSCA.

Dean Brown presented the account balances : Main -- $12,139,69, Secondary -- $978.19 and the Scholastic -- $20,623.55. These accounts will be stored in the same bank with separate checking accounts all under the leadership of the Treasurer. Other names will be added to the accounts as needed.

Other actions taken:

  • DGT boards purchase: awaiting follow up vote after consulting technical advice.
  • Exploring options to supply chess sets and boards for Title 1 school chess program for all girls chess club. Lior to furnish sets until permanent solution is found.
  • Exploring funding for Women’s Chess and Wine club. Awaiting more information. Gracie Salazar agreed to organize this activity.
  • Kevin to resubmit Grant for women’s and All Girls chess activities.
  • Board voted to hold the Class Championship 2019 in Loveland at the Ranch. Scheduled for Oct 26/27.
  • Board appointed Kevin, Ann, and Lior to represent CSCA in meetings with Denver Chess Club regarding how to help with the Denver Open 2020. Work in progress.
  • Paul introduced using the 501 (c) 3 status for fundraising. Suggested this method as a way to support future chess events. Other fund raising ideas have come forward since the meeting.
  • Board appointed Gracie Salazar to fill the Member at Large position.
  • Board approved the Hall of Fame program. Randy Canney appointed as committee chairman.
  • Board appointed Dean Clow as webmaster.
  • Board appointed Fred Spell as Colorado Chess Informant editor.
  • Board appointed Todd Bardwick as CSCA Historian.
  • Board appointed Lior Lapid as Scholastic Director.
  • All these appointments and board members include one year of free CSCA membership to honor their service.
  • Tournament dates were scheduled and will be announced shortly. Some sites are not firm yet.

Meeting adjourned at 6:00 PM.

Buck's Book Sale



Many hundreds of chess books on all aspects of the game from the estate of Jack Farrington


Also some high quality sets!

October 5-6, 11AM – 5 PM

120 Fox Avenue (near 8th Street and Cheyenne Blvd)

Colorado Springs

If you have questions, contact Buck Buchanan, (719) 685-1984



Denver Blitz has a new location

Regal Bakery and Chess Cafe, 1141 Syracuse St, Denver Co. 80222 at 1 PM. 
During the regular NFL season we play on Saturdays. After the Super Bowl we play on Sundays.

There is ample free parking at the site. 

See Clubs listing for more details.



CSCA Tournament Dates for 2019/2020

CSCA is planning event on these dates:

Oct 26-27, Nov 16, Mar 7-8, Mar 21/22, Apr 3-5, May 2-3, May 16-17, Jun 13, Jul 18, & Sep 4-6.  (May 2-3 is an All-Girls event still in planning stage--should not affect the Denver Open 2020: CSCA is working with DCC to have another great tournament event for Colorado).
These are subject to change as playing sites go under contract. 


Board Meeting September 29, 2019 12 (noon)

Second Board meeting. Sunday 12 Noon at the Castle Rock outlet stores food court near the north door.  Feel free to purchase food. We'll be meeting family style around one or two tables... it is usually noisy...   I will add an agenda before the meeting. If you have items to add to the agenda email me at:

Colorado Class Chess Championships 2019

Tournament Announcement

Oct 26/27, 2019  Colorado Class Championship 2019

The Ranch, Loveland, CO
5280 Arena Circle,
Loveland, CO

Save the Dates!

CSCA Selected for 2019 Best of Manitou Springs Award!

"It is our pleasure to inform you that Colorado State Chess Association has been selected for the 2019 Best of Manitou Springs Awards in the category of Non-Profit Organization.

For details and more information please view our website:
2019 Best of Manitou Springs Awards - Non-Profit Organization

If you are unable to view the link above, please copy and paste the following into your web browser: 

Best Regards,

Manitou Springs Business Recognition"

2019 Colorado Open Winners


Colorado Open Champion: Gunnar Andersen $450.00
2nd/Under2200: Eamon Montgomery, Sullivan McConnell, Ala-Addin Moussa $216.67 each
Under1900: Sami Al-Adsani, Vedanta Sampath, Aiden Sirotkine $83.33 each


1st: Joshua Samuel $400.00
2nd: Timothy Brennan, Craig Moffitt $150.00 each
Under1750: Jeff Davis, James MacNeil, Steven Mechels $91.67 each
Under1600: Aditya Krishna, Luke Namesnik $125 each


1st: Andrew Eskenazi $350.00
2nd/U1500: Norbert Martinez, Coleman Hoyt $262.50 each
Under1300: Kary Fong, Charles Zhang $112.50 each


1st: James Curtis $300.00
2nd/U1000: Owen Vonne, Joseph Morrison $200 each
Unrated: Alex Polotsky 150.00

Informant - July 2019

The July edition of the Colorado Informant is up!

In This Issue:

  • Denver Open Report
  • Memories of 1978 & 1978
  • U.S Chess Championship Report
  • 2019 Colorado Closed
  • 2019 CO Springs Open
  • Tactics Time!
  • The Chess Detective

Download the July Edition

Informant - April 2019

The April edition of the Colorado Informant is up!

In This Issue:

  • Cairns Cup Report
  • 2019 CSCA Scholastic Champsionship
  • Remembering James Hamblin
  • Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr
  • 2019 CO Springs Open
  • DCC March Report
  • St. Louis Champions Showdown Report
  • Tactics Time!
  • The Chess Detective

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2019 State Tournament Updates

A new tournament has been added for this year, Colorado State Girls State Scholastic. This will be a single day event. For more information please click below.

Colorado State Girls Scholastic Tournament

The 2019 Colorado Scholastic Championship registrations have been posted (last updated: 01/26/2019). For more information please click below

Colorado State Scholastic Championship

Informant - January 2019

The January edition of the Colorado Informant is up!

In This Issue:

  • Board Meeting Minutes 
  • DCC Year End Report
  • Face to Face
  • Winter Springs Open
  • Watson - Carlson 1972
  • The Chess Detective
  • Tactics Time!
  • Upcoming Colorado Tournaments

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Special Board Meeting Notes: Dec 17th, 2018

The CSCA Board had a special meeting on the evening of Monday, December 17.  Present were Richard Buchanan, Kevin McConnell, James LaMorgese, Dean Brown, and Todd Bardwick.

We had a discussion of financial matters and the difficulties of using on-line registrations and accounting for the money.  Also there are many players who apparently joined CSCA at the Colorado Open but whose names we do not have.  Anyone who thinks this might apply to them should contact James LaMorgese.

The main item for the meeting was a project that Kevin McConnell is working on.  In it the Denver Open would also hold a girls scholastic championships tournament, and the top section of the Open would include a number of titled masters.  Some of these would receive financial incentives to participate and publicize the tournament among their colleagues.  The Board approved looking into the matter further in co-operation with the Denver Chess Club.  More on this will be coming out as it develops.

Board Meeting Notes: Nov 25th, 2018

The CSCA Board met at Todd Bardwick's house at 6:00, Nov. 25.

Present: Richard Buchanan, Kevin McConnell, Dean Brown, Akshat Jain, Todd Bardwick

Absent: James LaMorgese, Jeff Cohen more
2019 State Scholastic Championship: February 23 - 24

The 2019 Colorado Scholastic Championship is open for registration. For more information please click below

Click here to view details

The 2018 World Chess Championship with commentary by NM Lior Lapid

Colorado Closed State Champion Lior Lapid will be selecting and analyzing the most exciting games from the Carlsen – Caruana match.  Analysis and commentary will be geared for players rated under 1600.  In addition to providing a move-by-move breakdown of some games, Lior will share interesting facts and stories about Carlsen and Caruana, entertaining chess anecdotes and historical World Championship trivia.

Where: Regal Bakery and Chess Cafe, 1141 Syracuse St, Denver, CO 80220.

When: Three Sunday afternoons from 1:30 – 3:00:  November 11, November 18, and December 2.

Cost:  $10 per participant for each lecture. Family discounts apply: $15 for two participants, $20 for three.  Register online from

Lecture: Son of Sorrow: Is the Benoni Sound?

Garry Kasparov seems to think the Benoni (which means "Son of Sorrow" in Hebrew) is not sound and advises young players not to play it. 

A serious examination of a tricky opening used by world champions Alekhine, Tal and Fischer in world championship matches. 

The lecture will do a deep dive into the Benoni and its offshoot the Benko, exploring history, critical lines and inspirational games.

The "Thanksgiving Lecture" for serious chessplayers, aspiring students, novices and chess enthusiasts. 

Where: Denver Chess Club 2400 Ash Street, Denver, CO 80222

When: November 20th, 6 PM to 11 PM

Informant - October 2018

The October edition of the Colorado Informant is up!

In This Issue:

  • Board Meeting Minutes 
  • 2018 Colorado Open
  • 2018 Pikes Peak Open
  • Update to D00: Chigorin 3.Bf4
  • A Chess Engine Perfect Game
  • Tribute to Dave Jellison
  • The Chess Detective
  • Tactics Time!
  • Upcoming Colorado Tournaments

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Vote to amendment to the CSCA By-Laws

Dear CSCA Members, An amendment to the CSCA By-Laws was posted on the CSCA website on July 29, 2018.

CSCA Pres. Earle P Wikle, will motion to withdraw proposed By-laws amendment.

Article IX: Amendments

These By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members voting at any meeting of the membership, provided that advanced notice of at least 15 days, including the exact wording of the amendment, has been sent to each member or posted on the CSCA Website.

Below is the proposed amendment to be voted on at the CSCA Membership meeting.

Article III: Membership

Current 4. Code of Conduct - Given the educational purpose of the Association, it is essential that a civil and sportsmanlike atmosphere exist at all events. Chess players and observers will treat each other, tournament directors, and event organizers with the utmost respect and will not engage in any form of un-sportsmanlike or uncivil conduct to include any form of behavior disruptive to the chess playing environment. Violation of this code is good cause for suspension or expulsion.

Proposed Change 4. Code of Conduct - Given the educational purpose of the Association, it is essential that a civil and sportsmanlike atmosphere exist at all events, and on any social media for the CSCA. Chess players and observers will treat each other, tournament directors, and event organizers with the utmost respect and will not engage in any form of un-sportsmanlike or uncivil conduct to include any form of behavior disruptive to the chess playing environment. Violation of this code is good cause for suspension or expulsion.


Thank you,

CSCA Board

CO Chess Informant - Robert Fischer Special Edition

As a special treat for everyone, Fred Spell & Todd Bardwick have released a supplement issue of the CO Chess Informant "Bobby Fischer's Visits to Colorado"


Board Meeting Minutes - July 23, 2018

Prelude: We had difficulty with the discord software and switched to a phone conference to communicate. Earle kept watch on the discord and added individuals as they came online. Because of this, I am uncertain who attended the meeting in addition to the Board members.

Meeting called to order about 8:35 PM (delay due to the above mentioned communications problem).

Earle asked me to read the previous meeting's minutes.  You may review them at .  The minutes were approved. more
Online Board Meeting

Update: Minutes will be posted upon electronic approval by the board.

Additionally, since I disagree with the change of direction the new board has taken, after a fitful night, I resigned from the board. It has been my pleasure to serve the chessplayers of Colorado. (Paul Covington)

I did say I would post Earle's motion which will be presented for members' approval at the Membership meeting September 2nd: 

Earle's motion.

Article III: Membership


4. Code of Conduct - Given the educational purpose of the Association, it is essential that a civil and sportsmanlike atmosphere exist at all events. Chess players and observers will treat each other, tournament directors, and event organizers with the utmost respect and will not engage in any form of un-sportsmanlike or uncivil conduct to include any form of behavior disruptive to the chess playing environment. Violation of this code is good cause for suspension or expulsion.

Proposed Change

4. Code of Conduct - Given the educational purpose of the Association, it is essential that a civil and sportsmanlike atmosphere exist at all events, and on any social media for the CSCA. Chess players and observers will treat each other, tournament directors, and event organizers with the utmost respect and will not engage in any form of un-sportsmanlike or uncivil conduct to include any form of behavior disruptive to the chess playing environment. Violation of this code is good cause for suspension or expulsion.

July Edition of Colorado Informant!

The July edition of the Colorado Informant is up!

In This Issue:

  • Board Meeting Minutes 
  • 2018 Colorado Closed
  • 2018 Denver Open
  • Growing Up With Chess in Colorado
  • Amazing Interview
  • More Memories of Robert Wendling
  • Colorado Chess Club Directory
  • Recent Advances in Pawn Theory
  • The Chess Detective
  • Tuesday Night Chess
  • Tactics Time!
  • Upcoming Colorado Tournaments

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Changes to the CSCA Board

As many people may know, there have been some changes to the CSCA board over the last couple of months. Apologies for the delay in reporting this information, but I am one of the ones affected in this scenario.

James MacNeil has decided to step down as Member at Large to focus on the Denver Chess Club.
Dean Clow has stepped down as President. Earl Wikle will assume the role of President until September.

Dean stepped down for personal reasons that he doesn't want to get into at this point of time, and would like to thank everyone for their support.

Minutes for Board Meeting - May 21st

This was an online meeting. It was open to everyone. Attendance was all Board members, Ann Davies, and Shirley Herman. If others attended I will add your name. more
Colorado Day of Champions this weekend!

This weekend is the Day of Champions event down in Colorado Springs.

This is a one day event, but featuring 3 separate tournaments! There is no need to get a room and all that expensive stuff for this tournament!. Come and join us and enjoy a day of Quick, Blitz, and Bughouse.

See more info!

Board Meeting 21st May, 2018

There will be a CSCA board meeting on May 21st @ 7:30pm MST. This will be a remote meeting, so please join us from the comfort of your home OR join us in person at Club Chess!! in Colorado Springs, or Dean's Apartment (message for address please). - CSCA Channel (on the left side of the screen is where you swap this). Please make sure to have our microphone muted unless you have some relevant input.

What follows is the agenda and connect information for this meeting: more
Colorado Class Championships

Information for the upcoming Class Championships can be found using the button below.
The tournament will be held in Loveland this year!

Save $5 by signing up early!!!

View Details

Colorado Closed 2018 Results

Congrats to Lior Lapid who once again won the Colorado Closed!

Colorado Closed Rounds 2 & 3 Today!

Rounds 2 & 3 of the Colorado Closed will be streamed live today.

Please join us @ Round 2 starts at 10am, Round 3 at 4pm.

NOTE: The players decided to move Round 3 from the advertised 3pm to 4pm to allow more of a break.

Colorado Closed streaming starts tonight @ 7pm!

The Colorado Closed will be streamed live for the first time!

Please join us @ Round 1 starts at 7pm tonight!.

Colorado Round Robin Needs Players

Please help us make the Colorado Round Robin a success by registering today!
This is a new idea from the Board this year; let's try and get it off the ground!

View Details

Colorado Closed 2018 Pairings

With Alana Thomas as a witness, player lots have been randomized:

Player Lots:

1) Gunnar Andersen
2) Richard Shtivelband
3) Lior Lapid
4) Michael Mulyar
5) Nikhilesh Kunche
6) Kevin Seidler

Round 1:

1) Lior (W) vs Kevin (B)
2) Nikhilesh (W) vs Michael (B)
3) Gunnar (W) vs Richard (B)

Round 2:

1) Richard (W) vs Kevin (B)
2) Michael (W) vs Gunnar (B)
3) Lior (W) vs Nikhilesh (B) more
Colorado Scholastic Closed Postponed

The CSCA has postponed the Scholastic Closed until further notice. We expect this to be in Denver later in the year. Sorry for any inconvenience.

The Colorado Closed (non-Scholastic) will go ahead as planned.

Colorado Closed 2018 Updates

Everyone may have seen that the Scholastic Closed has suffered a few setbacks this year. The board has decided that the tournament will continue, so Dean will be sending an email to the next players in the list to try and get a Scholastic Closed together as soon as possible. I know this is late notice, but we will try our best to work this out.

All applications must be received via the online form by April 20th, 2018!

In other news, Ryan Swerdlin has unfortunately had to drop out of the Closed, and has been replaced by Richard Shtivelband.

If you would like to apply for the Scholastic Closed, please do so by clicking the button below. Thank you!

Pairings for both sections will be decided on April 20th, 2018. Players will be added to the computer so they can be randomized.

Apply for the Scholastic Closed

Colorado Informant: April Edition!

The April edition of the Colorado Informant is up!

In This Issue:

  • Board Meeting Minutes 
  • Colorado Chess Club Directory 
  • DCC's Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. J.C. MacNeil 
  • Colorado State Scholastic Chess Championship NM Todd Bardwick 
  • Colorado Springs Open Richard "Buck" Buchanan 
  • Tuesday Night Chess Paul Anderson 
  • DCC February Report J.C. MacNeil 
  • Colorado Senior Championship Dean Clow 
  • DCC Championship Report J.C. MacNeil 
  • The Chess Detective NM Todd Bardwick 
  • Tactics Time! Tim Brennan 
  • Upcoming Colorado Tournaments 

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Senior Championship 2018 Results

22 players joined us this year for the Senior Championship at Club Chess!! in Colorado Springs. This marks a decent improvement over the previous year; Maybe due to the location change or the slight price reduction.

The prize fund was also significantly increased over last year due to lower TD and venue fees, leaving the tournament with $485 in prizes.

Results can be found here more
Colorado Closed Deadline April 1st

Just a quick update to mention that the Colorado Closed deadline is April 1st. If you are wanted to be considered, make sure your apply using the button below!


Colorado Round Robin Details Updated

The details for the Colorado Round Robin have been updated! Click below to see the updated information.

Details for Colorado Round Robin

Colorado Springs Open, 2018

I know many people have seen this already, but here are the results for the Colorado Springs Open, as well as a small report from Richard (Buck) Buchanon.

Colorado Closed 2018

The application page for the Colorado Closed is now open for business.

NOTE: Registering does not mean you are eligible. Only the top 6 players (or if you qualified last year) will be eligible for the tournament.

This year there will be 2 sections. There is also a side tournament which is a round robin. Details for that tournament can be found here

Click here to apply

Board Meeting Minutes (Jan 29th, 2018)

First electronic board meeting for the CSCA.


Present: Dean Clow P, Earle Wilke VP, Jeff Cohen T, Paul Covington S, Todd Bardwick MAL, JC NacNeil MAL, Jesse Williams JR, Bill Williams, Teah Williams, Cela Williams, and Shirley Herman

Meeting called on order about 7:20 PM by Dean. more
CSCA Scholastic State Championship Results

The tournament is over! A big thank you to all the parents, TD's, players, and oraganizers that did their part to make this tournament a huge success!

To see the final standings including tie breaks, click here (now includes team standings)
To see the USCF crosstables, click here

PLEASE NOTE: The final standings take TIE BREAKS into account. The USCF crosstables do not (they order by score, and then by rating only)

If anyone has pictures that they are willing to have posted on the website, please send them to as we'll start a good montage of chess pictures! more
New Website!

Hello everyone! As you can hopefully see, there is a new website for the CSCA! Please be aware that some content is still being moved over from the old site (mainly History and previous results).

If you see/run into any issues please contact Dean Clow @

Any ORGANIZERS that require access to enter/edit tournaments please contact Dean Clow at the email address above to recieve the log in information

CSCA Scholastic Championship

Day 1 of the CSCA Scholastic Championship is over at the MSU Tivoli Center. Some very good games today with the promise of tomorrow being even better!

Scholastic Championship Rules and Round Times

CSCA Board Meeting, Jan 29th

There will be a CSCA board meeting on Jan 29th @ 7pm MST.
This will be a remote meeting, so please join us from the comfort of your home

What follows is the agenda and connect information for this meeting... more
The Colorado Chess Informant is available online

The January 2018 Issue is now online.

Issues back to January 2003 are available here. more
CSCA Meeting: September 3, 2017


Board: Present: Dean Clow, Earle Wilke, Paul Covington, JC MacNeil, Todd Bardwick and Jesse Williams. Absent: Jeff Cohen (on vacation). Members: Shirley Herman and Brian Wall Guests: Jodie Williams

Meeting called to order at 7:10. Todd hosted the meeting in his home.


Rocky Mountain Team Chess Challenge (NM vs CO match): Discussion on when to schedule the match which needs to be in coordination with NM. Tentatively scheduled for July possibly in Colorado Springs. Paul assigned the task of coordinating with NM. more
CSCA Board Meeting: September 15, 2017

It was a good year for the CSCA with the board functioning like a well oiled machine. It was only necessary to have 3 meeting throughout the year, and also kept online contact to a minimum.

Here are the list of motions that were passed this year: Most were unanimous, the exception-the membership vote to not accept the Board’s recommendation to kill the tour by 2 votes following a very lengthy speech in favor of continuing the tour by Buck. more