Colorado State Chess Association


CSCA Board Meeting, Jan 29th

There will be a CSCA board meeting on Jan 29th @ 7pm MST. This will be a remote meeting, so please join us from the comfort of your home. What follows is the agenda and connect information for this meeting:


- Old business
- Any updates we need for upcoming TLA's and an update on secured contracts from Paul Covington

- Colorado Closed

  • Criteria for selection
  • Rating supplement going forwards (current is February which is now released)
  • Selection of players to contact
  • Trophies

- Colorado Women's Closed

  • Same criteria as Colorado Closed?
  • Selection of players to contact
  • Trophies

- Hall of Fame

  • Current status
  • Should it be continued
  • How/when/where

- New Mexico

  • Any updates on progress made
  • Any further discussions
  • Update on Scholastic 2018/2019 - Todd Bardwick

- Financial Update - Jeff Cohen
- Status of payments for New Mexico stipends

- New CSCA website revealed

  • Membership access
  • Tournament access
  • Post access

- Update on current status of new Code of Conduct
- Any new business

Connect Information (7pm January 29th) - CSCA Channel (on the left side of the screen is where you swap this). Please make sure to have our microphone muted unless you have some relevant input.

This information will also be posted to the CSCA website shortly.

Thank you