Colorado State Chess Association


3rd Board Meeting--Rescheduled

Location: Castle Pine Library, 360 Village Square Lane, Castle Pines, CO

Time: 12:30 PM, January 11, 2020

1. Online registration costs: I am proposing that we charge the listed price for that event. This will reduce the amount of income for the tournament which will have a small effect on the prize funds and calculating the 70 percent level.
2. Same as above for the membership dues.
3. Review of our upcoming events and lock in the TLA for the Colorado open.
4. Add a "Hand and Brain" tournament--possibly on Saturday night after the Senior--Under 50 event OR National Chess Day.
5. CWCWC - summary of how it went, number of attendees week to week, should we continue (I vote yes) and where and how and how much?

  • Looking over the Alayne Wiliski story and deciding if we should submit it to USCF or write our own (nudge nudge Gracie)
  • Same thing with the Colorado Chess Informant

6. CSCA Survey
7. Strategic plan
8.CSCA co-producing the 4th annual FIDE World Youth Chess Championships for the Disabled:

  • Setting up volunteers to transport players and families from and to the airport
  • Setting up volunteers to help move pieces during actual games
  • Setting up volunteers to provide game analysis with the players (probably 1500 rating or higher and we will need some Masters as well)
  • I need help with marketing and publicity for this event

9. Setting the committee to begin preparing the plan for the "new" Denver Chess League, and find a retired teacher or someone who does not make their living as a chess coach to manage this program.

10. Committee to prepare and plan for the "Title 1 after school girl's only chess clubs" should we be fortunate enough to get this grant. If we don't get this grant, what do we plan to do with the Title 1 girls only chess clubs we have started.

11. Plans and people for the "Girls in Science" event on March 7th at the Museum of Nature and Science (This is an all day event that will see 14,000 girls between the ages of 5 and 15 come through the museum and we will be one of only 6 booths that will be set up to meet and greet with all of them)

12. Planning for the upcoming Colorado All Girls Scholastic Chess Championship

  • Set the committee and plan the one day event
  • Decide if we are showing "Queen of Katwe" and when we are doing so
  • Decide if we are opening up this event to other people (like the ladies who participated in the CWCWC or maybe scholastic chess moms)

13. Some Denver area chess organizers have put together a Chess Gender Policy letter. Prepare to Discuss... 

14. Other items