Colorado State Chess Association


CSCA Board Meeting: September 15, 2017

President Buck Buchanan called the meetings to order at 2 PM.

It was a good year for the CSCA with the board functioning like a well oiled machine. It was only necessary to have 3 meeting throughout the year, and also kept online contact to a minimum.

Here are the list of motions that were passed this year: Most were unanimous, the exception-the membership vote to not accept the Board’s recommendation to kill the tour by 2 votes following a very lengthy speech in favor of continuing the tour by Buck.

  • The CSCA tournaments should be spread between South/Central/North Colorado
  • Online registration should be mandatory for all CSCA events going forwards
  • The board should investigate the possibility of inter-state matches via the Internet
  • The New Mexico match should continue, but it should be earlier in the year, and be better organized. Although it will be held in Colorado this year, the suggestion was made to make it near the border to allow a better balance of travel for each team
  • The CSCA tournaments should be earlier and/or better spread out throughout the year so they do not all come at once.
  • Against the recommendation of the board, the Tour will continue. A Tour committee has been set up to investigate options for the following year. The Tour committee members are:
    • Jeffrey Baffo,
    • Alex Freeman
    • Dean Brown
    • Jesse Williams
    • Dean Clow
    • JC MacNeil

New Board for 2017-18

  • Dean Clow (President)
  • Earl Wikle (Vice President)
  • Jeffrey Cohen (Treasurer)
  • Paul Covington (Secretary)
  • Todd Bardwick (Member at large)
  • James MacNeil (Member at large)
  • Jesse Williams (Junior representative

Meeting adjourned to start round 5 of the Colorado Open.