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CSCA Board Meeting online on Sunday, October 30, at 4:30 pm.

CSCA Board Meeting

Sunday, October 30, 2022, at 4:30pm



Old business:

Andy has made progress, but is still working to get access to the bank account. Need past officers to help transition.


Mass Texting

Planning tournament dates (I plan to have the tournament dates closer to actual dates by meeting time):

State Scholastics Championship: Feb. 10-12, or Feb. 17-19  (Super bowl is Feb. 12)

Closed championships:  March 17-19, or March 24-26

Scholastic closed tournaments:  March 24-26, March 31-April 2, April 13-16

Senior and under 50 tournament: April 1-2, April 15-16

Quick Championship: April 22, May 6

Class Championship: April 22-23, May 6-7

Blitz Championship: Sept 1

Colorado Open: Sept 2-3

Maybe add a team championship: Sept. 30 - Oct. 1


New business:

Standards for tournaments: time controls, round times, payments, prizes, and locations.

Classical Championship games all round time controls: G/90;+30, or G/120;d10

Quick Chess Championship games: G/12;+3, or G/12;+5, or G/15;d3

Blitz Chess Championship games: G/5;d0, or G/5;d3, or G/3;+2

Round times: 9am-2pm-7pm

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Colorado Informant - October

The October edition of the Colorado Informant is now available!

In This Issue:


  • Colorado Open
  • Champions Showdown : Chess 9LX
  • Sunil Weeramantry Lecture in Parker
  • D14 QGD Slav exchange
  • The 1977 American Open
  • The Chess Detective
  • Tactics Time!

and more!

Download the October Edition more
CSCA Board Meeting online on Sunday, September 18, at 7:00 pm.

There will be a CSCA online board meeting on Sunday, September 18, at 7:00 pm.

Old business; Making transition to new positions
New business; 
Planning tournament dates for:
Scholastics tournament in Feb
Closed championships
Scholastic closed tournaments
Senior Championship and under 50 tournament
Quick Championship
Blitz Championship
Class Championship
Colorado Open
Maybe add a team championship.
Tie-breakers for Colorado Open
Standards for tournaments: time controls, round times, payments, prizes, and locations.

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Meeting ID: 841 3058 6043
Passcode: 790147



Sunday Sep 18, 2022 ⋅ 7pm – 8pm (Mountain Time - Denver)
Colorado wins at the 2022 US Open Chess Journalists Awards

Congratulations for winning national awards at the 2022 US Open Chess Journalists Awards!

Denver Chess Club - JC MacNeil

Best Club Newsletter Online

Honorable Mention


Taylor Shaw - Denver Post 

Best Mainstream Media Chess Article

Story on Griffin McConnell


2022 Colorado Open - Sheraton discounted room reservations has been extended to August 12th

Colorado Team scores well at US Invitational Tournaments

Congratulations to our Colorado Team that completed play in the US Open Tournament of Champions alongside the 2022 US Open Championship July 30 – August 2nd in Rancho Mirage, California!

All our players faced tough national level competition and did Colorado proud!

Here are the final results from the six round tournaments.

Denker Invitational High School Championship GRIFFIN THOMAS MCCONNELL 3.0 placed 21st

Barber Invitational Middle School Championship HARSH MALI 3.0 placed 28th

Rockefeller Elementary Championship IRIS LI 3.0 placed 23rd

Haring Girls Invitational Championship KAAVYA SAKTHISARAVANAN 3.0 placed 28th

Irwin Invitational Senior Championship DUWAYNE LANGSETH 2.0 placed 35th

Minutes from CSCA Meeting - August 1, 2022

Attending this CSCA Board meeting: Brad Lundstrom, Jesse Cohen, Scott Lett, Josh Samuels, Andrew Roerty and Tom Nelson.

Also, CSCA members: Richard Buchanan and Earle Wikle.

2022 Colorado Blitz Open Championship – covered details of event for Setember 2

2022 Colorado Open – discussed details for the tournament September 3-4th.

Discussed more CSCA board member support physically present before tournament starts this year.

Discussing upcoming elections. Brad is stepping down, Earle is interested. Jesse is willing to stay, Andrew Star is interested in Treasurer, Andrew Roerty will stay if none are interested.

Everything is open to membership vote. Any CSCA member that desires to serve is eligible to be nominated for board positions annually.

Appreciation awards to be presented at the Colorado Open membership meeting September 4th.

Discussion of future of Colorado Informant, John Brezina has expressed interest otherwise Jesse is willing to step up, create monthly videos with updates, and post it. Maybe we can have both!

Members of the board reflected  on the past year and spoke on desires for the upcoming year. Earle would like the inclusion of cross tables for each tournament added to the magazine/reporting.

Hope to see all CSCA members at the Colorado Open!

Jesse Cohen covered minutes for this meeting as Scott was indisposed until later in the meeting.

Colorado Chess Star Iris Li represents USA and wins a Gold Medal of the 2022 Pan-American Youth Chess Festival

Some amazing and truly great news for Colorado about our own Iris Li!

As the official representative of the US Chess Team, Iris won the gold medal of the 2022 Pan-American Youth Chess Festival (under 10 girls section) which was held from Jun 25 to Jul 02 in Montevideo, Uruguay! You can find the result here. It was an unforgettable and great experience for Iris, and she was really proud to be able to represent the US, and also Colorado, on the international stage. You can find her happy face in the award ceremony in the attachment.

Colorado is so proud of you Iris... Congratulations!

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