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Congratulations 2021 Colorado Open Prize Winners -

Congratulations 2021 Colorado Open Prize Winners - Final Results -- Checks to be mailed --We have your mailing addresses all good!

----- Over $5,100 in prizes being paid out!

Thank you for your patience!




Placing Player Points Scored

1-2nd Lior Lipad 5

1-2nd Rhett Langseth 5

3rd Neil Bhavikatti 4.5

U2000-1900 Gary Warmerdam 4

U2000-1900 Andrew Starr 4

U2000-1900 Dr. Ted Doykos 4

U1700 Don Eugene Wisdom Jr. 4

U1700 Miles McGuire 4

Unrated No player scored


1st Jeffery Baffo 5

2nd Trevor Mills 4

3rd= Bennett OBrien 3.5

3rd= Paul Covington 3.5

3rd= Jose A Llacza 3.5

U1600 Eugin Pahk 3.5

U1500 Tyler Thieszen 3

Unrated No player scored


1-2nd Andre Menard 4.5

1-2nd William L Wolf 4.5

3= John Haring 4

3= Mark Zeringue 4

3= Kat Perlic 4

U1300 Derek Yin 4

Unrated Kaleb Ferguson 3


1st - Rated Laura Alsono 5

2-3rd - Rated Owen Vonne 4.5

2-3rd - Rated Rowen Oregel 4.5

1-2nd - Unrated Andrew Sheldon 4.5

1-2nd - Unrated Adam Gardell 4.5

3rd - Unrated Grant Tupper 4

Tuesday, October 12th Colorado Open - update

This is our updated version after all corrections.

US chess recommended we give until end of day this Thursday for any final corrections if any are needed.  

We will work off our completed list this Friday to pay prize winners.

If you see anything that is not right, send us an email by end of day this Thursday, October 14th

Thank you.

Brian Walker

Brad Lundstrom more
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October 6th, Wednesday pm... Colorado Open Update

I just completed a three hour plus zoom call with our TD Brian Walker and the top ranking director at US Chess Ratings, Korey Kormick. We have spent an enormous amount of time correcting the Colorado Open rounds and final standings. I personally covered every single email you sent us with Korey and Brian. Korey still will have some final work to do tomorrow at US Chess before all the changes show up. We are shooting for this Friday morning for all the corrections to show and the data to be final. However, even though the data will be updated, the rating re-calculations won't show until next Tuesday.

Our plan is to use the final complete report to pay out prizes next Wednesday. I know it has been a very long amount of time you have waited and especially long for the prize winners. Every effort has been made to get this all done correctly and it will be a great day sending the over $5,000 in prizes out.

You probably know that we have designated two committees of some of the brightest and most knowledgeable Colorado chess leaders dedicated to advise and help ensure our tournaments are nothing short of excellent going forward. Thanks for your patience, encouragement and kindness... we are almost there.


Colorado Open Update on Final Standings and Prizes

Today was our cut-off date for completing all corrections and sending our final copy to US Chess Ratings. However if we receive more, we will submit them to make things right.

We are sending electronically to US Chess and they will have our report Monday morning.

Their rating team will review it and when the final posting is up then we can determine our prize winners and pay out prizes. 

It will take them a day or more to update everything on what you will see on the US Chess rating site. The results should show as corrected but the ratings will not be adjusted immediately as there will be a time lag for those rating recalculations.

Along with sending to the TD Brian, I asked everyone to copy me on all the corrections requested. With the final requests coming in today, I printed out every single correction I received and drove up to Cheyenne, where our our Tournamrnt Director, Brian Walker resides. We spent several hours going through every email request and making calls to clarify as needed. We submitted all the corrections we received. Our priority is everythng is right. I do feel we can be confident in paying out correct prizes to our winners later this week. 

The TD is handling things but I follow up with US Chess and I will keep you posted as I learn more.

Thank you.


2021 Colorado Open ratings report link... Congratulations 2021 Colorado State Co-Champions Lior Lapid and Rhett Langseth


COLORADO OPEN 2021 Rated on 2021-09-27

Here is the link for all sections final results in the 2021 Colorado Open.

Please note there is currently an error in the Open section round 5 game Lior Lapid - Eamon Montgomery, as Lior won that game and won the state championship along with Rhett Langseth.

We will be making corrections as we receive communication and will review and correct them over the next five days.

If you see anything that needs to be corrected contact us by end of day this Saturday, October 2nd.

We will do everything we can in working with the US Chess rating team to make sure things are accurate. We will confirm final corrections with them next Monday, October 4th.

We expect to pay out all the Colorado Open prizes as early as possible next week. If there are issues our priority is always that things are accurate above all else.

If you need to report any errors you find send your email to these two locations:

Tournament Director - Brian Walker at

CSCA President - Brad Lundstrom at 


Update on the Colorado Open being completed and rated from Brad...

I have been in close contact today with the US Chess National Ratings Manager, Korey Kormick and they are working diligently on his side to make corrections they see are needed and are making good progress.

When the Colorado Open is finally rated and posted for everyone to see, we will allow 5 days for members to contact us if they see any errors. We will make corrections for our final results.

After that we will at long last get all the prizes paid out to the winners. 

So sorry for the long delays and we are committed to doing our best to get things done as accurately as possible. I will keep you posted.


Here is an update I just received from US Chess --  9/21    5:10pm

The Organizers and Directors of the Colorado Open 2021 have been working very closely and diligently with US Chess staff in order to complete the rating report for this event. There have been some difficulties with the data from this tournament, but once all membership and result issues have been resolved, the ratings will be posted. We thank you for your patience and understanding, and we anticipate our process should be complete within the next few days.

~ Korey Kormick, US Chess, Ratings & Technical Manager

Letter from the CSCA President to CSCA members and our many new tournament players...

As I’ve talked about elsewhere, we completed the Colorado Open Championship on Labor Day weekend, but had to respond to diverse problems, with variable success. We also elected a new board at the membership meeting, with each board member elected by unanimous vote of the members in attendance. The new board went straight to work to complete the work on the Colorado Open and to make improvements for the future. I called for a special meeting of the board on September 13 to identify and address all the open items from the tournament. All the officers were in attendance, as were the acting Colorado Open tournament directors, some former CSCA board members, and our new at-large representative. Everyone worked cooperatively to make future CSCA tournaments be the well-run and enjoyable successes players and organizers should rightfully expect. The tournament directors reported on the results of the games played. The board voted to submit these results for USCF ratings and to publish the results to you. Barring corrections from players, the results will be used to send out the remaining tournament prizes next week. Please check your results on the CSCA website and let me know if you have comments. I also assigned a number of committees and individuals to take specific actions to ensure that tournaments are adequately staffed, directors have and use the best tournament direction tools available, problems are identified and corrected in time to pair rounds correctly, and everyone -- organizers and players alike -- knows their rights and responsibilities. I will report on these efforts as they are completed. I know they will help make our future tournaments the best they can be, and the successes we’ve come to expect from CSCA tournaments. Watch this space, and thank you all for your hard-fought chess games and feedback. Brad

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