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Colorado State Chess Association

Welcome To The Colorado State Chess Association

by Richard Buchanan, CSCA President

Yes, welcome! We are the Colorado State Chess Association, and since 1958 have been promoting and organizing chess in this state. We are the official state affiliate of the United States Chess Federation, and as such are designated to run state championship tournaments.

The main one of these is the Colorado Open, held every Labor Day weekend, from which comes our State Champion - currently International Master Michael Mulyar. Other championship events we run are the State Scholastic Championships, the Class Championships, the Senior Championship, and the Closed Championship (round-robin events involving the state's top players and scholastic players). We also help conduct an annual match between Colorado players at all levels and their counterparts in New Mexico.

In addition to these, there are many tournaments run by chess clubs. Most of these are in the Front Range cities, and they attract players from all over Colorado and some from out of state. Recently top grandmasters Gata Kamsky and Timur Gareyev have participated in Denver tournaments.

To help promote and report these events, the CSCA runs its website (www.colorado-chess.com) and its online publication Colorado Chess Informant, which can be downloaded from the website. These are both outstanding creations, and we owe a great debt of gratitude to Rick Nelson and Fred Spell, who produce them. On the website you can also find a schedule of upcoming tournaments, lists of chess clubs all over the state, a special section on scholastic chess, contact information for chess coaches, and much more.

Another project of the CSCA is the Colorado Chess Tour. This rewards players who excel in both the quality and quantity of their tournament chess. A recent change in the structure of the Tour has limited eligibility for prizes to players who pay a $10 participation fee. The money raised by these fees will be the source of the season's prizes. For more information on this see the website for notices and reports of the CSCA Board's meetings.

Speaking of the Board, they are elected at the annual Membership Meeting held in connection with the Colorado Open. At this meeting the members speak their minds and vote on issues of CSCA policy.

Among our other projects is a recently established Colorado Chess Hall of Fame which at the Colorado Open inducted its first group of honorees from players past and present. These included Grandmaster Alexander Fishbein and International Master John Watson, as well as influential players and organizers of the Association's past years. Another activity we help support is a chess booth at the Colorado Renaissance Festival.

The CSCA is a tax deductible 501(c)(3) organization. We are registered with the Colorado Secretary of State's office. Contributions are most welcome. But even more welcome is your participation in Colorado's active and dynamic chess scene. Our officers are listed on the website, and if we can help you in any way, just ask!

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