Colorado State Chess Association

Time to Play Chess!

Hello Colorado Chess Players,

After Kevin McConnell’s recent resignation from the CSCA Vice President position, I have accepted the offer to serve out his term. After excellent contributions and much work, Kevin is going to be focusing on his family during these times. A huge thank you to Kevin! The good news is we will still be seeing him around with his wonderful sons and chess stars; Griffin and Sullivan playing and working on upcoming events.

With Colorado chess at a near standstill, we would like to invite and challenge all Colorado chess players to join an open online state tournament. Our purpose is to help our local community by banding together and raising money to assist those most in need in the economic aftermath of COVID-19. The Salvation Army food bank will receive 100% of everything we receive on behalf of this CSCA event.

Anyone can play no USCF or CSCA membership required for this event.

We are reaching out to every type of Colorado chess player!

We have some well known friends of Colorado chess some that have been part of Zach Bekkadahl’s Chessmates program in Fort Collins that I have invited to play in our event. I hope their commitment will draw more players. Having Titled players will be excellent for Colorado chess and can attract mainstream media.

GM Timur Gareyev - pending

GM Alex Fishbein - will play!

IM Keaton Kiewra - will play!

NM Josh Bloomer - will play!

NM Lior Lapid - will play!

Life Master Brian Wall - will play!

NM Zachary Bekkedahl - will play!

--Every Colorado chess player: all ages and skill levels are welcome to play!--

With one huge open section, players of all ratings will have a chance to play a titled player!!

These are unprecedented times and this is something we have never done: an online chess event to raise money to support fellow Coloradans who need food. I am calling on all players to respond with a huge turnout and donate generously to this fundraiser.

Here are the details:

June 20, 2020 Swiss Online Chess Tournament
6 rounds, Starting at 10 AM (Denver time), Game 10 minutes, no delay.
Tournament directed by Alayne Wilinsky. She has generously volunteered her services as TD and has directed several online tournaments for the Denver Chess Club.
This is a fundraiser event with 100 percent of the entry fees/donations will support The Salvation Army food bank

Suggested donation of $20 is encouraged but All Donations Accepted! (donations over $200 will receive a letter of donation from the CSCA a 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit--useful at tax season)

Register on in the tournament section (please donate at registration) The event will be conducted on Details will be emailed to you be sure to include your email.

To get this started, CSCA President Paul Covington and VP Brad Lundstrom have pledged $100 each and are challenging others to do the same. Donate whatever you can, as every donation counts! We understand some are in tight times and others are able to give more. Anything helps our group effort. Consider corporate sponsors if anyone has connections in this community.

Online credit card fees will be paid by CSCA, so 100 percent of the donations will support this cause. You may also send a check to CSCA Treasurer: Dean Brown, 4225 Hedge Lane, Colorado Springs, CO 80917.

All proceeds: 100% will be donated to the Salvation Army Divisional Headquarters in Denver to be distributed to Denver area food banks this is where our help is urgently needed. Our CSCA President, Paul Covington has a long 35 year plus history of volunteering at the Salvation Army and serves on the Fountain Valley Salvation Army advisory board. All donations and their arrival to the Salvation Army will be documented, transparent and again they get 100% of what our tournament raises.

This is a wonderful opportunity for Colorado chess players to band together and help those in our local communities that have suffered economically.

In our efforts to help others, we also have a new opportunity to get Colorado chess recognized for doing a great thing in the mainstream media.

Brad Lundstrom - CSCA Vice President

Sign up for the tournament!

4th CSCA Board Meeting

4th CSCA Board Meeting                                                                                                       May 4, 2020

Board Members: Paul, Brad, Ann, Dean, Lior; Absent: Gracie & Griffin (these were excused absences).
Members in attendance: Shirley

Meeting called to order: After informal discussion, the following decisions and motions were made.

Reopening Colorado Chess:

  • Class 2020: Canceled
  • Colorado Online Championship 2020- a fundraiser for COVID-19 through The Salvation Army food bank. Additional information on website.
  • Southern Colorado Open, July 25-26, 5 round Swiss, Dean and Paul are putting this on in Colorado Springs to restart OTB chess—Governor allowing…  Details on website.
  • Colorado Open 2020, Festival to celebrate Colorado Chess September 4, 5, &6. Hall of Fame induction, Fischer 960, CO-2020 5SS, Membership meeting. Details on website.

AAUW (American Association of University Women) grant: Ann wrote a grant request and Kevin polished the words in the request: result—CSCA will be receiving a grant for Chess training for girls in Title 1 schools. Stipulations on how to operate the program, funds for chess equipment and pay for lady instructors. (Grant amount $ 5,700.00.

  • Ordered 200 chess sets for this program to supplement previous chess sets ordered. The Templeton Fund (Ann’s charity), Scholastic, and general fund ordered 80 chess sets. Some are to replace/supplement the worn scholastic sets, most were for Title 1 program Ann started and use in another tuition free program that is ongoing.
  • The 80 sets were ordered from US Chess on reduced price when the US Chess National Elementary tournament was canceled. Cost: $ 460.00 (40 for scholastic, 20 for title 1, and 20 for CSCA reserves. All were $5.75 each).
  • The 200 sets were ordered from US Chess on reduced price when the US Chess National Junior High School tournament was canceled. Cost: $ 1,175.81 (included sets & boards at $ 5.25 each & shipping $ 125.81). These sets support the AAUW grant.

FIDE World Championship for Disabled Scholastic players: Coming to Denver July 2021. This is a major event which will feature chess teams from all over the world. CSCA is working with Chess Educators of America who will host this event. Kevin McConnell worked diligently to bring this event to Denver. CSCA will be asking Colorado chess players to volunteer time and effort to support this special event.

Treasurer’s report: Before the expenditures mentioned above, CSCA’s accounts were:

  • Main:                $ 14,474.96
  • Scholastic:       $ 20, 013.99
  • Scholarship:    $ 838.19 (this account includes funds designated for special overseas invitational events for scholastic players ($ 478.19), facebook donations, and other ear marked funds (George Mikhailavich’s Memorial event for his Grandfather- $360)).

Special thanks to Lior for setting up this Zoom meeting, Ann for her dedicated work on the AAUW grant and board members for participation, ideas, and support!

Meeting adjourned.

Update on National Invitational Events

Update on National Invitational Events (All Girls, Ele, JH, HS, & Senior). Discussion at US Chess to conduct these events over the weekend of August 8 and 9 using online chess.

More as it develops.

Board Meeting 7:00 PM Monday May 4th

We are planning a Board meeting for Monday night. It will be on Zoom. I am post the link here and one the website.

We need to decide

1. When and how to reopen Colorado Chess,

2. the AAUW grant acceptance and outline for a plan to implement

3. details about the Colorado Open 2020

4. other Board issues

Do members want anything else added for discussion?


Informant - April 2020

The April edition of the Colorado Informant is up!

In This Issue:

  • President's Notes
  • Senior - Memorial Championship
  • Women's Wine and Chess Club
  • Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Memories of 1980 & More
  • Sicilian Defense 2. b3...
  • Example of Sicillian B20...
  • 2020 Colorado Springs Open
  • The Chess Detective

and more!

Download the April Edition

Special Announcement April 9, 2020

Brad Lundstrom has accepted the vacant VP position on our Board. He brings a wealth of experience with Colorado Chess and his top level management skills. We are proud to have him serving Colorado Chess! He will help on a number of projects with the primary focus on Newspaper and TV coverage. 
Brad, Thank you for joining our team! 



Minutes from the March 31, 2020 Board meeting

CSCA Board meeting                                                                                                               March 31, 2020

Meeting called to order after a time of sharing how everyone was handling the stay at home directives.

Present: Paul, Ann, Lior, Gracie, & Dean. Absent: Griffin

Kevin resigned to focus on supporting his family during this uncertain time. He will be missed. He was a driving force behind many of the accomplishment this last two years. We wish him the best and the entire board supported the family first concept.


Minutes from last meeting were approved. So those will be posted shortly.

Financials: In very good shape. Scholarship: $838.19 with $300 plus reserved for a free Memorial tournament for scholastic children in Colorado Springs; Scholastic: $20,013.99 with $3,200 committed to supporting our representatives to the Denker, Barber, Rockefelller & Haring Tournaments of Champions; and Main: $14,959.96.

Chess sets: (update--order completed and shipped) We are ordering (if they are still available) Tournament Sets (pieces and boards) not used when the National Elementary event was canceled. 80 sets (40 to Scholastic, 20 to our Title 1 program, and 20 for CSCA reserve) will be allocated as indicated.

Board authorized seeking an on-line and credit card at tournaments system to receive payments both on-line and at tournaments.

Board authorized Paul and Dean to put together the details for the Colorado Open 2020. We are investigating the idea of inviting three GM/IMs to the Open. We hope to have a festival like event for the Open this year with several activities being considered.

This was our first board meeting using Zoom. Lior used his company’s Zoom account, Thank you Lior!

Meeting adjourned.

Board meeting was held on Tuesday, March 31, 2020 at 6:30 pm

Good meeting. Minutes will be posted as soon as approved by the Board.

I trust everyone is doing well and staying safe.



Upcoming Board Meeting

A board meeting is being planned, we are working on a date. It will be via Zoom, the link will be published here and on facebook.

So far the agenda includes:
Chess Sets: The unused chess sets from several events which were canceled are being offered at $5 per set. Ann has suggested that we purchase 20 sets from the Templeton fund. Lior has also expressed that this would be a good time to order extra sets for Scholastic events. We had to bring in some personal sets at the championships this year. I believe it would be good if we had extra sets on hand for future growth.

Chess Leagues in Colorado: Revisiting rebuilding the Denver Chess League under the Non-Profit charter. 
I have been working with Mike Klein, ChessKids, about conducting a program for schools which would allow the schools to compete against other schools. This is in the concept stage right now, but based on Mike's emails and discussion with Lior, it is possible.

Secondly, I want to finalize plans for the CO-2020.... Hoping that we get to conduct it this year. I need to get the announcement to US Chess before April 10th.

Any other items to add?

CSCA members may contact me (Paul Covington, 719-310-7542) to have items added for discussion.

Donations designated for GM & IM support

The Board has voted on how to handle the donations / pledges to support GMs/IMs who were to visit the Denver Open 2020. Those who request a refund, we will mail a check. To those who wish to designate their donation to another project, we will honor their request. For all those who pledged support, they are released from those pledges. 

We regreat that the Denver Open had to be canceled. We are planning to hold the Class Championship in Manitou on May 30/31. Keep an eye on this column and the facebook page for updates.


Tournament Report on Senior/Memorial State Championship

I have worked on getting this rounded up over the last several days. Preparatory steps had to be taken.

16 players @ $40 = $640. Two withdrew before the tournament started. so I refunded them the amount they paid. One was $40, the other $55.
Therefore, 14 players @ $40 = $560. That became our working budget. 30 percent of $560 was our set-a-side for expenses. That amount was: $ 168.
Our expenses broke down as follows:
Prize fund $ 392. (1st 160, 2nd 88, U1900: $50, $22; U1600: $50, $22) This met our 70 per cent goal.

Expensive fund: $ 168
Rating fee:  $ 6.25
Scoresheets: $ 8
Facility rental: $ 416
TD Fee: $0
Total Expenditures ($ 416, 6.25, 8): $430.25
Loss for the tournament: $ 262.25

Donations: 2 nights hotel $128.68: 2 meals ~ 16.40: travel $16.19:== $161.27

1st place: Alaa-Addin Moussa, will represent Colorado in the Senior Tournament of Champions in August.
2nd place: Sam Bridle, first alternate

We used hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes and Kleenex to minimize the risk and had a good tournament.

This event and the scholastic championship support US Chess Tournament of Champions series. The other is our Colorado Open... the Class is optional. I am hoping to conduct the Class (end of May) and the Closed (no date yet) before September.

I hope to get the tournament report into the upcoming CCI.


Colorado Closed 2020 and RR Side Tournaments Announcement

Morning Everyone,
Due to all that is ongoing, we are having to postpone the Closed event until later in the year.

I am working with the hotel to find a date during warmer weather.

I can refund the two who have already paid or hold those funds until we find how the new tournament date fits with your schedules.

I am sorry the event can not go as scheduled...

Questions to me; phone 719-310-7542

Stay Safe,
Paul Covington

2020 Colorado Closed -- Radisson Hotel in Aurora

Official list of invited players. This chart will be updated as players send in entry fees  and other updates. After all players have sent in their entry fees, I will hold the drawing for pairing numbers--in a public setting. I hope every one gets their entries back to me so the drawing can be held so you know who you will be playing in each round and the colors.... Send entry fees to CSCA , Paul Covington, 748 Cardinal St, Colorado Springs, CO 80911. 

Pairing # Fname Lname Rating Feb Sup USChess # US Chess Expiration CSCA Exp. Entry Fee Notes
  Nikhilesh Kunche 2314 14384726 3/31/2021 4/30/2020    
  Lior Lapid 2302 12563733 12/31/2021 4/30/2020    
  Gunnar Andersen 2291 14011512 2/28/2021 8/31/2020    
  Randy Canney 2222 10407443 12/31/2020 12/21/2020    
  Akshat Jain 2218 14540963 2/28/2021 5/31/2021    
  Sullivan McConnell 2213 14696346 1/31/2021 4/30/2020    
  Brian Wall 2200 10923344 Life 4/30/2020   1 Alternate
  Herman Daniel 2152 14345456 4/30/2020 10/26/2020   2 Alternate
Scholastic State Championship Photo's

Thanks as always goes to John Brezina for providing such excellent coverage of the Scholastic event!

Saturday Pics1:

Sunday Pics2:

2020 Colorado Championship and Scholastic Closed Announcement

IF you want to play in the 2020 Closed Championships, You need to apply by email by March 1, 2020. The top six (6) players that meet the selection criteria will be invited. 

Colorado Closed Championships:

The selection criteria is:

  • Top six rated players that apply to play
  • US Chess registration must be listed as CO(Colorado)
  • February Rating Supplement will be used for player’s ratings.
  • Must be current US Chess and CSCA members

This applies to the Colorado Closed (Invitational) Championship (six players) and the Colorado Scholastic Championship (six players).

The entry fees will be $40.00. First place prize is $150. Second place prize is $90.

Additional details are listed in the tournament listings. Check there regularily for updates and also here on the News pages. 


Capital Chess has announced a tournament in Denver

New tournament for Denver area- details are at their website: 

Board meeting Rescheduled-Feb 1st Castle Pines Library

We have to reschedules our board meeting. 

Casle Pines Library
360 Village Square Ln
Castle Pines, CO 80108

Same agenda as before


Paul Covingotn

Colorado State Class Championships 2020 -- Date Change

The Date has changed to May 30 & 31 to faciliate the Denver Open 2020 changing their dates. 

I look forward to some great chess battles in the Manitou Springs Art Center. (Paul)

3rd Board Meeting--Rescheduled

Location: Castle Pine Library, 360 Village Square Lane, Castle Pines, CO

Time: 12:30 PM, January 11, 2020

1. Online registration costs: I am proposing that we charge the listed price for that event. This will reduce the amount of income for the tournament which will have a small effect on the prize funds and calculating the 70 percent level.
2. Same as above for the membership dues.
3. Review of our upcoming events and lock in the TLA for the Colorado open.
4. Add a "Hand and Brain" tournament--possibly on Saturday night after the Senior--Under 50 event OR National Chess Day.

Continued... more
Informant - January 2020

The January edition of the Colorado Informant is up!

In This Issue:

  • 2019 Class Championship Report
  • 2nd CSCA Board Meeting
  • Pawn Garden - Chess Landscaping for the yard
  • The life of Senior Master Imre Barley
  • Winter Springs Open
  • DCC Fall Classic
  • Watson - Carlsen 1975
  • 2019 London Classic Report
  • The Chess Detective

and more!

Download the January Edition

Amazon Smile Program


I have setup a place to donate to CSCA without costing you anything. Here is the explanation. 

I have a request for ALL chess players, friends, and followers: Amazon has a program that allows us to designate a "charity" to receive a small donation from certain purchases. The "Colorado State Chess Association Inc" is now listed as a charity on Amazon. This donation does NOT add any costs to the purchase price!

Select Amazon Smile when making purchases on Amazon. As an example, I haven't purchased very many things, this last two months but the few chess books and other items I have ordered has generated $2.57 .... multiple that by our CSCA membership (approximately 170) could generate over $450!!! Spread this idea to a wider supporting cast and our tournament prize funds would increase....

I trust everyone will see the potential which this program has to add support to the operation of CSCA.

Thanks for considering this request!

Paul Covington

Griffin to represent USA !

Exciting news! Griffin McConnell has been invited to represent the USA in a new FIDE chess tournament called the FIDE Confederation Cup for the Disabled People. There will be 30 competitors from around the world competing on teams of 6. The Americas will have a team of 6 as will 3 other continents. The "sponsor " team will also have a 6 player team, 3 from Russia and 3 from Turkey.

Griffin will leave for Ankara, Turkey on December 7th and be gone for a week. It is a team Round Robin of 5 rounds. The sponsoring organization is covering airfare and hotel stay and we need to cover food and passport (he's never even been out of the U.S. before).Neither Kori or I could leave on such short notice to attend with him so we asked Griffin's chess coach (and friend) Lior Lapid to go with him and he has graciously agreed. We are deeply grateful to Beatriz Marinello and Dora Leticia for nominating Griffin for this honor. 

Several years ago the CSCA setup a special fund to support our young players for these types of events. The fund is supported entirely by donations which are set-a-side just for supporting this type of event (Invitational International Events). We are supporting Griffin with a stipend and look forward to following his successes!  

2019 Colorado Class Championships Report

The 2019 Class Championship Report

42 players registered and 31 fought through the snow storm and bitter cold weather to the finish. Overall, a quality event. Prize winners and prize fund listed below.

Thank you to all who attended.

We collected $1,750 in entries: The prize fund was $1,225 (70% of the entries).

The tournament costs were:
site cost $416 TD fee $0, rating fee $18.50, 2 packs of scoresheets: ~$16.00.

Other related items:
Ent Federal Credit Union donated ink pens.
Ann Davies bought me a hamburger on Saturday.
I donated the usual TD fees and hotel / food costs to the CSCA as a gift in kind.
I think what about wraps it up.

2019 Class Championships were a success. The main distractor was the weather! Snow and cold (Colorado staples) resulted in some withdrawals and unusual pairings.

Congrats to all the winners (all those who played) and the Champions (those who finished in 1st place!)....
Master/Expert: 1st DANIEL HERMAN $130.00
Master/Expert: 2nd RHETT LANGSETH $70.00

Class A/Unrated: 1st BRAD LUNDSTROM & JOSHUA SAMUEL $92.50 each

Class B: 1st WESLEY WOO $170.00
Class B: 2nd LUKE NAMESNIK $85.00

Class C: 1st NICHOLAS S MILLER $130.00
Class C: 2nd NORBERT MARTINEZ $65.00

Class D: 1st CHARLES Q ZHANG $130.00

Class E/Unrated: 1st DANIEL THEO SMITH $130.00
Class E/Unrated: 2nd tie: RANDY RICHTER and SHIRLEY HERMAN $32.50 each

The next CSCA event is the Senior Championship and the under 50 tournament at the same location:-the Ranch in Loveland March 14 & 15, 2020. See you there!

Paul Covington, TD

Colorado Class Championships one week away--sign up now! Please

Class Championships Oct 26/27 in Loveland--details in Tournaments list. 

Sign up online and save! 


Paul Covington

Minutes from Sep 29th, 2019

                                                                                               September 29, 2019

2nd CSCA Board Meeting


We held our meeting in the Castle Rock Food Court.

After “roll call” we established there was a quorum.

At 12:00 noon the meeting was called to order.


Paul Covington (President), Kevin McConnell (Vice President), Dean Brown (Treasurer), Ann Davies (Secretary), Griffin McConnell (Junior Rep.), Lior Lapid (Member at Large/Scholastic Director), Gracie Salazar (Member at Large)

Guests: Shirley Herman arrived shortly after beginning of meeting.

Board approved the following motions (at various times during the meeting):

  • Acceptance of 1st meeting’s minutes.
  • Agreed to post US Chess document, Safe Play Guidelines, at our tournaments and have the members vote on implementing for CSCA.
  • Authorized Kevin McConnell to collect CSCA dues and deposit them at US Bank.
  • Eliminating length of tournament memberships except for Scholastic events (this will greatly simplify bookkeeping).
  • Authorized researching Credit Card acceptance at tournaments.
  • Authorized ordering scoresheets and membership forms as needed.
  • Pledged $2,500 for bringing five Titled Players to DO2020.
  • Dean and Ann will determine if refunds are due for any who should have only paid the family membership rate.
  • Authorized $540.00 to start the Colorado Women’s Chess and Wine Club.
  • Established the selection criteria for the Colorado Closed invitational championships. 


Dean Brown gave a full accounting of all the finances. He plans to produce an actual CSCA budget once the contracts for tournament sites are signed. All CSCA accounts are consolidated at US Bank.  Three accounts: Primary/Main (the general account) $12,273.36; Invitational (set-a-side for invitational events-primarily overseas) $978.19; and the Scholastic (reserved for Scholastic events and expenses) $20,468.41.

STRIPE – There are no standard operating procedures regarding STRIPE. He noted two additions to the account for $14.28 (two $15 memberships). He does not know how STRIPE memberships get inputted.

Routine Expenses are non-tournament related $648 (stamps, secretary of state payment, US Chess affiliation, insurance, Chess Journalists of America entry fees, domain name). He will budget $750 to cover these routine yearly expenses.

Line Item Budget Expenses will vary year by year and administration by administration. These are primarily site costs. Currently, we only have three tournaments that have site costs associated with them unless we have a tournament in another part of the state. (Colorado Open, Class 2019, Senior/Under 50).

There are five checks still outstanding which have not been cashed. Sheridan check for blitz night has not been cashed.

Outstanding debt – The only outstanding debt is the second half of Loveland for 2019 Class and 2020 Senior/Under 50.

Standard Operating Procedures:

Paul wants to develop a book for Standard Operating Procedures so future boards will have guidelines of things that need to be done. These include:

Operating Expenses: insurance, affiliate fees, domain name fees, State of Colorado fees, and variable expenses (printing costs for membership forms, renaissance festival flyers, awards, bank fees, check fees, credit card/STRIPE fees).

Tournament Expenses: TD fees, stipends for travel, meals, reasonable expenses for those working tournaments, TLAs, paper for printing standings and prize fund listings, site costs, rating fees, STRIPES usage fees, score sheets and others I may have missed.

Tournaments: Scheduling and contracts in progress. Follow up and details in next meeting minutes. Hotel prices have increased and will affect future entry fees.

CSCA—DCC Committee report:

Kevin and Ann met with DCC representatives to discuss whether or not the CSCA would have a part in the Denver Open 2020. After discussion, the CSCA decided to support the Denver Open. We pledged $2,500.00 to support bringing titled players (5 x $500) to the DO2020.  Board members will raise funds to support this effort.

(Added note: Shirley Herman has conducted a fund raiser to support this effort: $1,020 to date has been pledged. Thank you Shirley!). 

Ann is volunteer teaching an All Girls program at two Title 1 schools. Griffin is also volunteer teaching at a school which only works children with autism, dyslexia and ADHD. We hope to raise funds to support these schools next semester.

Colorado Women’s Chess and Wine Club:

is an effort to bring women into chess through chess classes with a social flavor. We did allocate funds to support this effort. (Attendees will purchase their own wine.)

DGT equipment: Lior will expand this research and report his finding.

Colorado Closed Championships:

Set the selection criteria as:

  • Top six rated players that apply to play
  • US Chess registration must be listed as CO(Colorado)
  • February Rating Supplement will be used for player’s ratings.

This applies to the Colorado Championship and the Colorado Scholastic Championship.

The entry fees will be $40.00. First place prize is $150. Second place prize is $90.

Other initiatives:

We are looking into forming Scholastic leagues throughout Colorado schools, restarting the school chess teams’ championship program, and developing a way to serve the underserved areas in Colorado.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:00 PM.


Sign up for the Colorado Class Championships 2019--Oct 26/27

About one wees until the 2019 Class Championships Tournament in Loveland. This event offers 4 games against players in your own rating range. Click here to register... I hope to see you there!

Colorado Women's Chess and Wine Club

Regal Bakery and Chess Cafe (1141 Syracuse St, Denver, CO 80220).
October 18, November 1, November 15, December 6, December 20, January 3. Open to all women 21 and over.

This club is funded by the Colorado State Chess Association and is FREE to join! For more information, contact Kevin McConnell at or 303-501-0974.

  • FREE chess classes for women with head coach Gracie Mukayess
  • Sip wine and enjoy free hors d'oeuvres while learning The Royal Game
  • Learn effective strategies, tactics, vizualization and planning skills
  • Make new friends while learning about the fascinating world of chess
  • Be treated like a Queen - the most powerful piece on the board!

Register online here

Informant - October 2019

The October edition of the Colorado Informant is up!

In This Issue:

  • CO Hall of Fame
  • 2019 Colorado Open
  • 2019 Sinquefield Cup Report
  • St. Louis Rapid & Blitz
  • Parker to Paris Grand Chess Tour
  • Memories of 1969
  • Grand Chess Tour in Croatia
  • Gunnar does it again!
  • The Chess Detective

Download the October Edition

Class Championship 2019 Oct 26 & 27 in Loveland

Oct 26 & 27 in Loveland at the Ranch...the 2019 Colorado State Class Championships. 4SS, G90/+30s. Prize Fund is 70 % of entry fees. Entry fee: online $40, $50 at the door. CSCA & US Chess memberships required. Reg 8:30-9:40, After 9:40, 1/2 point bye for first round. Sections: Master/Expert, A, B, C, D, and E. Unrated play in top two sections or price limited to $50 in E. Round times 10 AM and 3 PM, Sat & Sun. Entries to Paul Covington, 748 Cardinal St, Colorado Springs, CO 80911, cell 719.310.7542

Sep 29, 2019 Agenda

2nd Board Meeting Agenda,         Sep 29, 2019

Welcome-- Attendance--- quorum?
Call to order:
Approve 1st meeting minutes: (please review the meeting minutes online)
Safe play guidelines (US Chess—please review)
CSCA Budget – Dean
Funding / Voting
DGT Boards – authorize four with clocks but order one for testing
Chess & Wine club funding
Title 1 funding for All Girls chess club
Colorado Closed: Qualifications announcement
Scholastic State Championship: When are the next payments due?
Scholastic All Girls
Tournaments’ Locations--entry frees--prize funds--start times--round times
            Class 2019:
            Senior/Under 50:

CSCA-DCC Committee report
Fundraising report
Holding CSCA-sponsored rated chess tournaments in underserved areas of Colorado (Pueblo, Grand Junction, Durango, Ft Morgan, Aspen-Vail, Trinidad)
Startup program to provide guidance for organizing city school leagues around the state
CSCA survey of members’ thoughts and wants?
Should we use Instagram and Twitter to communicate with members
Ann’s found issues with our Membership records: how do we fix this problem?

Minutes from 2019 Membership Meeting


Paul Covington took the following notes on the Membership Meeting.

President's Report: Buck Buchanan summarized the past CSCA Board year as very good.   

  • Colorado Open had 118 players
  • Colorado Blitz 26 players
  • Denver Open - The DCC and CSCA partnered and the event was a great success
  • Colorado Closed could only fill three sections.
  • Colorado Class was cancelled due to poor attendance and escalating hotel costs.
  • Blitz and Quick events had low attendance
  • The City of Manitou awarded CSCA their top nonprofit award.
  • Chess Journalists of America(CJA) awarded Fred Spell the winner of the Best State online Magazine. CJA selected Todd Bardwick as honorable mention for his Best Historical article on Bobby Fischer's Visits to Colorado.


Vice President's Report: Kevin McConnell summarized Denver Open as a success.

  • Scholastic Girls event had 47 paid players and plans to expand that event.  He suggested better prize fund for lower sections.
  • CJA awarded John Watson best tournament article for his Denver Open 2019 report.

Treasurer's Report: Dean Brown reported that a year to date comparison of CSCA account shows a $800 gain. He also reported that all event winners were either paid at the event or by mail. (check mailed next day)

Paul Covington asked that we honor our Colorado Invitational representatives:

  • Denker: Akshat Jain
  • Barber: Sullivan McConnell
  • All Girls: Sara Herman
  • Senior: Alaa -Addin Moussa
  • Paul and Alaa-Addin represented Colorado in the US Chess membership meeting in Orlando.

Scholastic Report: Todd Bardwick stated there were approximately 275 players at the Scholastic Championship held at the Arapaho Fair Grounds. The site was very good and cost $4,000

Members' Input:

  • DuWayne Langseth expressed displeasure at the Boulder Open tournament's slow payment of prize money to Rhett.  JC MacNeil responded that this was not the right place to raise this issue.    Paul investigated and found the check was mailed the day after tournament to the address associated with the credit card that paid for the online entry fee. That check was never cashed. After the correct address was obtained, a new check was issued.
  • Earle Wikle asked the board to establish standardized times for championship events, suggested round 1 be G90 with d10 and all other rounds G90 +30 increment.
  • Gunnar Andersen suggested two day and three day schedules for Colorado Open.
  • Buck reviewed history of past CO. Open Labor Day (Sat. Sun. Mon.) events and noted very poor attendance.
  • Rob Cernich encouraged CSCA to promote chess better.
  • Brian Wall asked for later start time 10 am (at this meeting Brian stated 9 am was alright).
  • JC MacNeil asked for paper voting ballots and advance notice of people running for office.
  • Kevin McConnell asked for better CSCA promotions, more scholastic all girls events and women only events.
  • Alex Freeman wanted to know the benefits of a CSCA membership? Paul Covington explained advantages of being part of an organization to underwrite events and hopefully bring a US Open to Denver.
  • CSCA members also requested some kind of survey be done in order to ascertain Member's opinions. (added by Ann)


  • Buck announced appointment of Todd Bardwick as the 2018-2019 Board selected member at large.
  • President:  Paul Covington and Buck Buchanan were nominated, Buck yielded to Paul, elected by acclamation.
  • Vice President: Kevin McConnell won by voice acclamation.
  • Secretary: Ann Davies won by voice acclamation.
  • Treasurer: Dean Brown won by voice acclamation.
  • Member at Large: Lior Lapid, Brad Lundstrom and Earle Wikle were nominated. Brad deferred to Earle but Lior received more votes and is the new Member at Large.
  • Scholastic Representative: Griffin and Sullivan McConnell were nominated. Sullivan deferred to Griffin, elected by voice acclamation.
  • Colorado Delegates: Primaries: Buck Buchanan, and Paul Covington; Alternates: Alaa-Addin Moussa and Earle Wikle.

Meeting adjourned at 3:40 pm.

The membership minutes were accepted as corrected unanimously by the current board. more
Board Meeting Minutes: Sep 7, 2019

President’s Plate

I am proud to be selected as President of the CSCA. It is both a great honor and very humbling; I am excited to serve our members. I am also very proud of the new board. Everyone came to the first board meeting ready to work and we hit the ground running. Our first meeting was three hours and with all the ideas flowing, the time just flew. This is going to be an exciting year for chess in Colorado.

Board Meeting Minutes

September 7, 2019

Meeting was called to order at 3:05 PM

Board: Paul Covington, Kevin McConnell, Dean Brown, Ann Davies, Lior Lapid and Griffin McConnell.  Members: JC MacNeil, and Brian Wall. Guests: Gracie Salazar and Meint Olthof.

We had a quorum so the meeting was called to order.

We reviewed the minutes from the Annual Membership Meeting, made some corrections and accepted the minutes as corrected.

We then did training regarding the duties of a 501 (c) 3 board, affiliate responsibilities to US Chess, and obligations to Colorado non-profit law.

Paul read Todd Bardwick’s resignation from the board and scholastic director positions due to his increased responsibilities as his Mom has been put into hospice care. We are thankful for his contributions and leadership Todd has provided the CSCA Scholastic program and sharing his historic perspective of the CSCA. The Board voted to present Todd with a plaque thanking him for his service to the CSCA.

Dean Brown presented the account balances : Main -- $12,139,69, Secondary -- $978.19 and the Scholastic -- $20,623.55. These accounts will be stored in the same bank with separate checking accounts all under the leadership of the Treasurer. Other names will be added to the accounts as needed.

Other actions taken:

  • DGT boards purchase: awaiting follow up vote after consulting technical advice.
  • Exploring options to supply chess sets and boards for Title 1 school chess program for all girls chess club. Lior to furnish sets until permanent solution is found.
  • Exploring funding for Women’s Chess and Wine club. Awaiting more information. Gracie Salazar agreed to organize this activity.
  • Kevin to resubmit Grant for women’s and All Girls chess activities.
  • Board voted to hold the Class Championship 2019 in Loveland at the Ranch. Scheduled for Oct 26/27.
  • Board appointed Kevin, Ann, and Lior to represent CSCA in meetings with Denver Chess Club regarding how to help with the Denver Open 2020. Work in progress.
  • Paul introduced using the 501 (c) 3 status for fundraising. Suggested this method as a way to support future chess events. Other fund raising ideas have come forward since the meeting.
  • Board appointed Gracie Salazar to fill the Member at Large position.
  • Board approved the Hall of Fame program. Randy Canney appointed as committee chairman.
  • Board appointed Dean Clow as webmaster.
  • Board appointed Fred Spell as Colorado Chess Informant editor.
  • Board appointed Todd Bardwick as CSCA Historian.
  • Board appointed Lior Lapid as Scholastic Director.
  • All these appointments and board members include one year of free CSCA membership to honor their service.
  • Tournament dates were scheduled and will be announced shortly. Some sites are not firm yet.

Meeting adjourned at 6:00 PM.

Buck's Book Sale



Many hundreds of chess books on all aspects of the game from the estate of Jack Farrington


Also some high quality sets!

October 5-6, 11AM – 5 PM

120 Fox Avenue (near 8th Street and Cheyenne Blvd)

Colorado Springs

If you have questions, contact Buck Buchanan, (719) 685-1984



Denver Blitz has a new location

Regal Bakery and Chess Cafe, 1141 Syracuse St, Denver Co. 80222 at 1 PM. 
During the regular NFL season we play on Saturdays. After the Super Bowl we play on Sundays.

There is ample free parking at the site. 

See Clubs listing for more details.



CSCA Tournament Dates for 2019/2020

CSCA is planning event on these dates:

Oct 26-27, Nov 16, Mar 7-8, Mar 21/22, Apr 3-5, May 2-3, May 16-17, Jun 13, Jul 18, & Sep 4-6.  (May 2-3 is an All-Girls event still in planning stage--should not affect the Denver Open 2020: CSCA is working with DCC to have another great tournament event for Colorado).
These are subject to change as playing sites go under contract. 


Board Meeting September 29, 2019 12 (noon)

Second Board meeting. Sunday 12 Noon at the Castle Rock outlet stores food court near the north door.  Feel free to purchase food. We'll be meeting family style around one or two tables... it is usually noisy...   I will add an agenda before the meeting. If you have items to add to the agenda email me at:

Colorado Class Chess Championships 2019

Tournament Announcement

Oct 26/27, 2019  Colorado Class Championship 2019

The Ranch, Loveland, CO
5280 Arena Circle,
Loveland, CO

Save the Dates!

CSCA Selected for 2019 Best of Manitou Springs Award!

"It is our pleasure to inform you that Colorado State Chess Association has been selected for the 2019 Best of Manitou Springs Awards in the category of Non-Profit Organization.

For details and more information please view our website:
2019 Best of Manitou Springs Awards - Non-Profit Organization

If you are unable to view the link above, please copy and paste the following into your web browser: 

Best Regards,

Manitou Springs Business Recognition"

2019 Colorado Open Winners


Colorado Open Champion: Gunnar Andersen $450.00
2nd/Under2200: Eamon Montgomery, Sullivan McConnell, Ala-Addin Moussa $216.67 each
Under1900: Sami Al-Adsani, Vedanta Sampath, Aiden Sirotkine $83.33 each


1st: Joshua Samuel $400.00
2nd: Timothy Brennan, Craig Moffitt $150.00 each
Under1750: Jeff Davis, James MacNeil, Steven Mechels $91.67 each
Under1600: Aditya Krishna, Luke Namesnik $125 each


1st: Andrew Eskenazi $350.00
2nd/U1500: Norbert Martinez, Coleman Hoyt $262.50 each
Under1300: Kary Fong, Charles Zhang $112.50 each


1st: James Curtis $300.00
2nd/U1000: Owen Vonne, Joseph Morrison $200 each
Unrated: Alex Polotsky 150.00

Informant - July 2019

The July edition of the Colorado Informant is up!

In This Issue:

  • Denver Open Report
  • Memories of 1978 & 1978
  • U.S Chess Championship Report
  • 2019 Colorado Closed
  • 2019 CO Springs Open
  • Tactics Time!
  • The Chess Detective

Download the July Edition

Informant - April 2019

The April edition of the Colorado Informant is up!

In This Issue:

  • Cairns Cup Report
  • 2019 CSCA Scholastic Champsionship
  • Remembering James Hamblin
  • Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr
  • 2019 CO Springs Open
  • DCC March Report
  • St. Louis Champions Showdown Report
  • Tactics Time!
  • The Chess Detective

Download the April Edition

2019 State Tournament Updates

A new tournament has been added for this year, Colorado State Girls State Scholastic. This will be a single day event. For more information please click below.

Colorado State Girls Scholastic Tournament

The 2019 Colorado Scholastic Championship registrations have been posted (last updated: 01/26/2019). For more information please click below

Colorado State Scholastic Championship

Informant - January 2019

The January edition of the Colorado Informant is up!

In This Issue:

  • Board Meeting Minutes 
  • DCC Year End Report
  • Face to Face
  • Winter Springs Open
  • Watson - Carlson 1972
  • The Chess Detective
  • Tactics Time!
  • Upcoming Colorado Tournaments

Download the January Edition

Special Board Meeting Notes: Dec 17th, 2018

The CSCA Board had a special meeting on the evening of Monday, December 17.  Present were Richard Buchanan, Kevin McConnell, James LaMorgese, Dean Brown, and Todd Bardwick.

We had a discussion of financial matters and the difficulties of using on-line registrations and accounting for the money.  Also there are many players who apparently joined CSCA at the Colorado Open but whose names we do not have.  Anyone who thinks this might apply to them should contact James LaMorgese.

The main item for the meeting was a project that Kevin McConnell is working on.  In it the Denver Open would also hold a girls scholastic championships tournament, and the top section of the Open would include a number of titled masters.  Some of these would receive financial incentives to participate and publicize the tournament among their colleagues.  The Board approved looking into the matter further in co-operation with the Denver Chess Club.  More on this will be coming out as it develops.

Board Meeting Notes: Nov 25th, 2018

The CSCA Board met at Todd Bardwick's house at 6:00, Nov. 25.

Present: Richard Buchanan, Kevin McConnell, Dean Brown, Akshat Jain, Todd Bardwick

Absent: James LaMorgese, Jeff Cohen more
2019 State Scholastic Championship: February 23 - 24

The 2019 Colorado Scholastic Championship is open for registration. For more information please click below

Click here to view details

The 2018 World Chess Championship with commentary by NM Lior Lapid

Colorado Closed State Champion Lior Lapid will be selecting and analyzing the most exciting games from the Carlsen – Caruana match.  Analysis and commentary will be geared for players rated under 1600.  In addition to providing a move-by-move breakdown of some games, Lior will share interesting facts and stories about Carlsen and Caruana, entertaining chess anecdotes and historical World Championship trivia.

Where: Regal Bakery and Chess Cafe, 1141 Syracuse St, Denver, CO 80220.

When: Three Sunday afternoons from 1:30 – 3:00:  November 11, November 18, and December 2.

Cost:  $10 per participant for each lecture. Family discounts apply: $15 for two participants, $20 for three.  Register online from

Lecture: Son of Sorrow: Is the Benoni Sound?

Garry Kasparov seems to think the Benoni (which means "Son of Sorrow" in Hebrew) is not sound and advises young players not to play it. 

A serious examination of a tricky opening used by world champions Alekhine, Tal and Fischer in world championship matches. 

The lecture will do a deep dive into the Benoni and its offshoot the Benko, exploring history, critical lines and inspirational games.

The "Thanksgiving Lecture" for serious chessplayers, aspiring students, novices and chess enthusiasts. 

Where: Denver Chess Club 2400 Ash Street, Denver, CO 80222

When: November 20th, 6 PM to 11 PM

Informant - October 2018

The October edition of the Colorado Informant is up!

In This Issue:

  • Board Meeting Minutes 
  • 2018 Colorado Open
  • 2018 Pikes Peak Open
  • Update to D00: Chigorin 3.Bf4
  • A Chess Engine Perfect Game
  • Tribute to Dave Jellison
  • The Chess Detective
  • Tactics Time!
  • Upcoming Colorado Tournaments

Download the October Edition

Vote to amendment to the CSCA By-Laws

Dear CSCA Members, An amendment to the CSCA By-Laws was posted on the CSCA website on July 29, 2018.

CSCA Pres. Earle P Wikle, will motion to withdraw proposed By-laws amendment.

Article IX: Amendments

These By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members voting at any meeting of the membership, provided that advanced notice of at least 15 days, including the exact wording of the amendment, has been sent to each member or posted on the CSCA Website.

Below is the proposed amendment to be voted on at the CSCA Membership meeting.

Article III: Membership

Current 4. Code of Conduct - Given the educational purpose of the Association, it is essential that a civil and sportsmanlike atmosphere exist at all events. Chess players and observers will treat each other, tournament directors, and event organizers with the utmost respect and will not engage in any form of un-sportsmanlike or uncivil conduct to include any form of behavior disruptive to the chess playing environment. Violation of this code is good cause for suspension or expulsion.

Proposed Change 4. Code of Conduct - Given the educational purpose of the Association, it is essential that a civil and sportsmanlike atmosphere exist at all events, and on any social media for the CSCA. Chess players and observers will treat each other, tournament directors, and event organizers with the utmost respect and will not engage in any form of un-sportsmanlike or uncivil conduct to include any form of behavior disruptive to the chess playing environment. Violation of this code is good cause for suspension or expulsion.


Thank you,

CSCA Board

CO Chess Informant - Robert Fischer Special Edition

As a special treat for everyone, Fred Spell & Todd Bardwick have released a supplement issue of the CO Chess Informant "Bobby Fischer's Visits to Colorado"


Board Meeting Minutes - July 23, 2018

Prelude: We had difficulty with the discord software and switched to a phone conference to communicate. Earle kept watch on the discord and added individuals as they came online. Because of this, I am uncertain who attended the meeting in addition to the Board members.

Meeting called to order about 8:35 PM (delay due to the above mentioned communications problem).

Earle asked me to read the previous meeting's minutes.  You may review them at .  The minutes were approved. more
Online Board Meeting

Update: Minutes will be posted upon electronic approval by the board.

Additionally, since I disagree with the change of direction the new board has taken, after a fitful night, I resigned from the board. It has been my pleasure to serve the chessplayers of Colorado. (Paul Covington)

I did say I would post Earle's motion which will be presented for members' approval at the Membership meeting September 2nd: 

Earle's motion.

Article III: Membership


4. Code of Conduct - Given the educational purpose of the Association, it is essential that a civil and sportsmanlike atmosphere exist at all events. Chess players and observers will treat each other, tournament directors, and event organizers with the utmost respect and will not engage in any form of un-sportsmanlike or uncivil conduct to include any form of behavior disruptive to the chess playing environment. Violation of this code is good cause for suspension or expulsion.

Proposed Change

4. Code of Conduct - Given the educational purpose of the Association, it is essential that a civil and sportsmanlike atmosphere exist at all events, and on any social media for the CSCA. Chess players and observers will treat each other, tournament directors, and event organizers with the utmost respect and will not engage in any form of un-sportsmanlike or uncivil conduct to include any form of behavior disruptive to the chess playing environment. Violation of this code is good cause for suspension or expulsion.

July Edition of Colorado Informant!

The July edition of the Colorado Informant is up!

In This Issue:

  • Board Meeting Minutes 
  • 2018 Colorado Closed
  • 2018 Denver Open
  • Growing Up With Chess in Colorado
  • Amazing Interview
  • More Memories of Robert Wendling
  • Colorado Chess Club Directory
  • Recent Advances in Pawn Theory
  • The Chess Detective
  • Tuesday Night Chess
  • Tactics Time!
  • Upcoming Colorado Tournaments

Download the July Edition

Changes to the CSCA Board

As many people may know, there have been some changes to the CSCA board over the last couple of months. Apologies for the delay in reporting this information, but I am one of the ones affected in this scenario.

James MacNeil has decided to step down as Member at Large to focus on the Denver Chess Club.
Dean Clow has stepped down as President. Earl Wikle will assume the role of President until September.

Dean stepped down for personal reasons that he doesn't want to get into at this point of time, and would like to thank everyone for their support.

Minutes for Board Meeting - May 21st

This was an online meeting. It was open to everyone. Attendance was all Board members, Ann Davies, and Shirley Herman. If others attended I will add your name. more
Colorado Day of Champions this weekend!

This weekend is the Day of Champions event down in Colorado Springs.

This is a one day event, but featuring 3 separate tournaments! There is no need to get a room and all that expensive stuff for this tournament!. Come and join us and enjoy a day of Quick, Blitz, and Bughouse.

See more info!

Board Meeting 21st May, 2018

There will be a CSCA board meeting on May 21st @ 7:30pm MST. This will be a remote meeting, so please join us from the comfort of your home OR join us in person at Club Chess!! in Colorado Springs, or Dean's Apartment (message for address please). - CSCA Channel (on the left side of the screen is where you swap this). Please make sure to have our microphone muted unless you have some relevant input.

What follows is the agenda and connect information for this meeting: more
Colorado Class Championships

Information for the upcoming Class Championships can be found using the button below.
The tournament will be held in Loveland this year!

Save $5 by signing up early!!!

View Details

Colorado Closed 2018 Results

Congrats to Lior Lapid who once again won the Colorado Closed!

Colorado Closed Rounds 2 & 3 Today!

Rounds 2 & 3 of the Colorado Closed will be streamed live today.

Please join us @ Round 2 starts at 10am, Round 3 at 4pm.

NOTE: The players decided to move Round 3 from the advertised 3pm to 4pm to allow more of a break.

Colorado Closed streaming starts tonight @ 7pm!

The Colorado Closed will be streamed live for the first time!

Please join us @ Round 1 starts at 7pm tonight!.

Colorado Round Robin Needs Players

Please help us make the Colorado Round Robin a success by registering today!
This is a new idea from the Board this year; let's try and get it off the ground!

View Details

Colorado Closed 2018 Pairings

With Alana Thomas as a witness, player lots have been randomized:

Player Lots:

1) Gunnar Andersen
2) Richard Shtivelband
3) Lior Lapid
4) Michael Mulyar
5) Nikhilesh Kunche
6) Kevin Seidler

Round 1:

1) Lior (W) vs Kevin (B)
2) Nikhilesh (W) vs Michael (B)
3) Gunnar (W) vs Richard (B)

Round 2:

1) Richard (W) vs Kevin (B)
2) Michael (W) vs Gunnar (B)
3) Lior (W) vs Nikhilesh (B) more
Colorado Scholastic Closed Postponed

The CSCA has postponed the Scholastic Closed until further notice. We expect this to be in Denver later in the year. Sorry for any inconvenience.

The Colorado Closed (non-Scholastic) will go ahead as planned.

Colorado Closed 2018 Updates

Everyone may have seen that the Scholastic Closed has suffered a few setbacks this year. The board has decided that the tournament will continue, so Dean will be sending an email to the next players in the list to try and get a Scholastic Closed together as soon as possible. I know this is late notice, but we will try our best to work this out.

All applications must be received via the online form by April 20th, 2018!

In other news, Ryan Swerdlin has unfortunately had to drop out of the Closed, and has been replaced by Richard Shtivelband.

If you would like to apply for the Scholastic Closed, please do so by clicking the button below. Thank you!

Pairings for both sections will be decided on April 20th, 2018. Players will be added to the computer so they can be randomized.

Apply for the Scholastic Closed

Colorado Informant: April Edition!

The April edition of the Colorado Informant is up!

In This Issue:

  • Board Meeting Minutes 
  • Colorado Chess Club Directory 
  • DCC's Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. J.C. MacNeil 
  • Colorado State Scholastic Chess Championship NM Todd Bardwick 
  • Colorado Springs Open Richard "Buck" Buchanan 
  • Tuesday Night Chess Paul Anderson 
  • DCC February Report J.C. MacNeil 
  • Colorado Senior Championship Dean Clow 
  • DCC Championship Report J.C. MacNeil 
  • The Chess Detective NM Todd Bardwick 
  • Tactics Time! Tim Brennan 
  • Upcoming Colorado Tournaments 

Download the April Edition

Senior Championship 2018 Results

22 players joined us this year for the Senior Championship at Club Chess!! in Colorado Springs. This marks a decent improvement over the previous year; Maybe due to the location change or the slight price reduction.

The prize fund was also significantly increased over last year due to lower TD and venue fees, leaving the tournament with $485 in prizes.

Results can be found here more
Colorado Closed Deadline April 1st

Just a quick update to mention that the Colorado Closed deadline is April 1st. If you are wanted to be considered, make sure your apply using the button below!


Colorado Round Robin Details Updated

The details for the Colorado Round Robin have been updated! Click below to see the updated information.

Details for Colorado Round Robin

Colorado Springs Open, 2018

I know many people have seen this already, but here are the results for the Colorado Springs Open, as well as a small report from Richard (Buck) Buchanon.

Colorado Closed 2018

The application page for the Colorado Closed is now open for business.

NOTE: Registering does not mean you are eligible. Only the top 6 players (or if you qualified last year) will be eligible for the tournament.

This year there will be 2 sections. There is also a side tournament which is a round robin. Details for that tournament can be found here

Click here to apply

Board Meeting Minutes (Jan 29th, 2018)

First electronic board meeting for the CSCA.


Present: Dean Clow P, Earle Wilke VP, Jeff Cohen T, Paul Covington S, Todd Bardwick MAL, JC NacNeil MAL, Jesse Williams JR, Bill Williams, Teah Williams, Cela Williams, and Shirley Herman

Meeting called on order about 7:20 PM by Dean. more
CSCA Scholastic State Championship Results

The tournament is over! A big thank you to all the parents, TD's, players, and oraganizers that did their part to make this tournament a huge success!

To see the final standings including tie breaks, click here (now includes team standings)
To see the USCF crosstables, click here

PLEASE NOTE: The final standings take TIE BREAKS into account. The USCF crosstables do not (they order by score, and then by rating only)

If anyone has pictures that they are willing to have posted on the website, please send them to as we'll start a good montage of chess pictures! more
New Website!

Hello everyone! As you can hopefully see, there is a new website for the CSCA! Please be aware that some content is still being moved over from the old site (mainly History and previous results).

If you see/run into any issues please contact Dean Clow @

Any ORGANIZERS that require access to enter/edit tournaments please contact Dean Clow at the email address above to recieve the log in information

CSCA Scholastic Championship

Day 1 of the CSCA Scholastic Championship is over at the MSU Tivoli Center. Some very good games today with the promise of tomorrow being even better!

Scholastic Championship Rules and Round Times

CSCA Board Meeting, Jan 29th

There will be a CSCA board meeting on Jan 29th @ 7pm MST.
This will be a remote meeting, so please join us from the comfort of your home

What follows is the agenda and connect information for this meeting... more
The Colorado Chess Informant is available online

The January 2018 Issue is now online.

Issues back to January 2003 are available here. more
CSCA Meeting: September 3, 2017


Board: Present: Dean Clow, Earle Wilke, Paul Covington, JC MacNeil, Todd Bardwick and Jesse Williams. Absent: Jeff Cohen (on vacation). Members: Shirley Herman and Brian Wall Guests: Jodie Williams

Meeting called to order at 7:10. Todd hosted the meeting in his home.


Rocky Mountain Team Chess Challenge (NM vs CO match): Discussion on when to schedule the match which needs to be in coordination with NM. Tentatively scheduled for July possibly in Colorado Springs. Paul assigned the task of coordinating with NM. more
CSCA Board Meeting: September 15, 2017

It was a good year for the CSCA with the board functioning like a well oiled machine. It was only necessary to have 3 meeting throughout the year, and also kept online contact to a minimum.

Here are the list of motions that were passed this year: Most were unanimous, the exception-the membership vote to not accept the Board’s recommendation to kill the tour by 2 votes following a very lengthy speech in favor of continuing the tour by Buck. more