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Buckspeak News from the CSCA President

by Richard Buchanan

It was pointed out to us that the decision we made about removing the requirement that Scholastics Championship players be CSCA members was in violation of the By-Laws. This motion has therefore been retracted. It will still be a requirement that these players join the CSCA, if only for the tournament. Todd Bardwick has proposed a way to deal with this requirement through the tournament entry fees.

There are several matters I want CSCA members to know about:

First, congratulations to DuWayne Langseth for winning the 2017 Colorado Senior Championship tournament. Thanks very much to those who organized and directed the tournament: Phil Nelson and Paul Anderson with assistance from Jeff Cohen.

The annual match between Colorado and New Mexico players is still not scheduled. It is New Mexico's turn to hold it, and you will recall that last year they did not send a full team. We have made numerous attempts to find out when and where (and if) it will happen, but as of the time of this writing, we just don't know.

The Colorado Open will not have a FIDE rated section this year. We will go back to the schedule we have been using for the last several years with good success. Please note that the location has been changed from the one previously announced. It will now be in the Radisson Denver Central at 4849 Bannock Street on September 2-3. There will be no Friday night event, as the rapid chess event was scheduled to be held with another tournament.

Tour prize winners from 2016-17 will receive drawings by Deanna Alter. See the attached example of her creative work. If you think you will win first prize in your rating section, bring photographs that she can use to make her drawings. Deanna will be going away to college before then, but she has said she will work on the drawings and get them to you.

At last year's Membership Meeting we decided that we would reconsider resuming the Tour with the old rules that were used when we first started it. The Board has not yet had a meeting to discuss this, and they have the authority to alter or reject this idea.

My statement at the meeting (made in some frustration) was that we should do the Tour right or cancel it.

Among the Tour rules at the beginning were:
   (1) The tournament will require CSCA membership of all Colorado residents.
   (2) One dollar from each entry fee will go into the Tour fund.
   (3) Tour events must be advertised as such in advance.
   (4) Entry fees for juniors, seniors, and unrated players will have a 25% discount.

Anything in these can be discussed and amended. There was also an algorithm for calculating Tour points that took into account which section of a tournament a player was in, how many players were in the tournament, and a few other things I still need to look up.

Next year's Board will be elected at the Membership meeting. Brian Wall and Deanna Alter will not be returning to the Board and will have to be replaced. And, of course, you may run for other Board positions as well (including President hint, hint!).

Buck Buchanan

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