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News from the CSCA Board

CSCA Board Meetings, January 10 and February 13

by CSCA President Richard Buchanan

It was pointed out to us that the decision we made about removing the requirement that Scholastics Championship players be CSCA members was in violation of the By-Laws. This motion has therefore been retracted. It will still be a requirement that these players join the CSCA, if only for the tournament. Todd Bardwick has proposed a way to deal with this requirement through the tournament entry fees.

As stated earlier, I made two motions to the Board to be discussed and voted on by e-mail. Question # 1, to no longer give Tour points to tournament directors, passed by a vote of 3-2, with Brian and Randy voting no and Chris and Jackson abstaining. The second, to again require that players in the Closed have played at least 6 rated games in the year prior to the tournament, failed 1-5, with me voting yes and Jackson abstaining.

The CSCA Board had two meetings in January and February of this year. We needed the second one to help resolve issues brought up during and after the first one, and to resolve and reconsider some matters that did not come out as smoothly as we could have wished.

In the first meeting several issues were brought up that took a lot of time and in the end were not approved. But these matters put concerns in our minds and affected later decisions. Some questions were voted on, but on reflection there were people not happy with the decisions, and we had motions to reconsider and a lot of lengthy e-mail discussions. Finally we decided to hold a second meeting during the State Scholastic tournament, and this went a lot better.

The main issues at the second meeting concerned upcoming CSCA tournaments. Other issues were put aside for the moment.

So here is where things stand:

Colorado Class Tournament.

This will be held at UNC in Greeley on May 21-22. Brad Lundstrom is organizing and Randy Reynolds will be the director. We paid $200 to reserve the site but should not have to pay any more for it – a great deal! Thanks to Brad for his good work. The tournament announcement is on the website.

Colorado Open

Our annual state championship tournament will be at the Denver Marriott South on Labor Day Weekend. I am planning to direct it. The date and place are listed on the website. More information will be posted there later.

50/50 Tournament

This new event contains the State Senior Championship (for those 50 and over) and also another section for those 50 and younger. The date is not set – we are looking at late July. We are also working on finding a location. Watch the website for more information.

Colorado – New Mexico annual match

Paul Covington recently talked with New Mexico players and suggested that the match be played in Fountain on June 25. He has access to free sites. We may be able to hold another event along with the match and possibly an open event on Sunday that everyone could participate in. Most players’ eligibility for the match will be determined by the Colorado Closed and Colorado Class tournaments. More information and a confirmation of the date and location will be published soon.

Colorado Closed / Scholastic Closed

This was the event that posed the most questions. Here is the way things stand at the moment:

Location: Zack has arranged for it to be held at the Fort Collins country Club.

Dates: The date was originally set for April 22-24, but not only did that date conflict with the D20 Scholastic Tournament, it also took place on Passover. Zack was able to change the dates to May 27-29 on Memorial Day Weekend. The date and location are posted on the website. I will be sending out invitations – letters of inquiry in early March.

Who Plays? This was a hot topic. In the 2015 tournament Robert Ramirez and Gunnar Andersen tied for first place in the Challenger section. The TDs at that tournament calculated tiebreak points, but they used the wrong systems, the ones that are designed for Swiss tournaments. After the first three systems resulted in ties, the fourth gave a slight edge to Robert, and they declared him the one who would advance to the Championship section this year. But by the usual system designed for round-robin events, Gunnar was the clear winner. The 2015 TDs admitted their mistake, but they left it to our Board to decide what to do about it. After a long discussion at our January meeting, we voted that Gunnar should be the one to be advanced. But the issue still kept coming up, and at the February meeting various suggestions were made as to how to deal with it. But none of them got a majority vote. So the earlier decision stands, and Gunnar will play in the top section.

Expenses: The Board voted that CSCA would pay the the site expenses and add $120 to the prize fund. So far, so good! But a complication arose because the country Club requires us to buy a certain amount of lunches during the weekend. Originaly their price was reported at about $15 each, but now the latest report has them at about $18. There was a lot of debate about how to handle this situation, and many ideas were presented, none of which pleased a majority. Eventually the proposal was made that we double the entry fee to $50 each, but that would include the cost of two lunches and numerous other edibles. This motion passed 4-2. (Buck and Chris No, Jackson absent)


In a few other matters, we accepted Chris’s changes in the CSCA logo. Chris announced his Ironman series of tournaments and wanted CSCA to be the sponsoring affiliate, but we said no because it would conflict with the Tour and his tournaments did not require CSCA membership. A few other matters that had been brought up were left to wait for the next meeting.

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