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Colorado State Chess Association

CSCA Board Meeting November 4, 2016

Richard Buchanan, CSCA President

The CSCA Board met at Todd Bardwick's home on the evening of Friday, November 4. We had a good, productive meeting.

I reported on a few things. At the last meeting it was suggested we increase the liability coverage on our insurance policy. But I talked with our agent, Bill Gabbard, and he suggested we leave it as it is, at $5000. The way it is now, a claim is basically no-fault with minimal hassle. But it we increase, it will be more likely that we have claims, and they will have to be investigated to determine who is at fault. So I told Bill to leave things as they are, and the Board had no objection.

I also sent in the report to IRS for the last fiscal year. This involved some extra work as the business they had used to do this for them was no longer on board, so we had to do a little re-registering, after which all went well.

We talked a lot about the official CSCA tournaments for the upcoming season. Tentative dates are the Closed for March 31 - April 2; the Senior on May 6-7 with the state Bughouse leading it off on Friday, May 5; the Class on May 20-21; the Quick Chess at the Denver Open site on Friday, June 9, and of course the Colorado Open on Labor Day Weekend, September 1-3.

The Board favored again running the Championship section as a FIDE-rated event, but that may depend on the availability of certified FIDE directors.

I have been in contact with members of the New Mexico state Chess organization about the 2017 match between our states. I got a preliminary reply that their President will be getting back with me.

We talked about the Tour and the proposal we may be making for reinstating it in its original form. I reported on the details of the earlier Tour organization as best I remembered them, and will be researching it further and possibly recommending some changes. More details on this will be forthcoming.

Deanna Alter made the extremely generous offer to produce original oil paintings to use as the Tour prizes for 2016-17. This certainly beats all the earlier suggestions! The CSCA will reimburse her for expenses.

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