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Upcoming Board Meeting

A board meeting is being planned, we are working on a date. It will be via Zoom, the link will be published here and on facebook.

So far the agenda includes:
Chess Sets: The unused chess sets from several events which were canceled are being offered at $5 per set. Ann has suggested that we purchase 20 sets from the Templeton fund. Lior has also expressed that this would be a good time to order extra sets for Scholastic events. We had to bring in some personal sets at the championships this year. I believe it would be good if we had extra sets on hand for future growth.

Chess Leagues in Colorado: Revisiting rebuilding the Denver Chess League under the Non-Profit charter. 
I have been working with Mike Klein, ChessKids, about conducting a program for schools which would allow the schools to compete against other schools. This is in the concept stage right now, but based on Mike's emails and discussion with Lior, it is possible.

Secondly, I want to finalize plans for the CO-2020.... Hoping that we get to conduct it this year. I need to get the announcement to US Chess before April 10th.

Any other items to add?

CSCA members may contact me (Paul Covington, 719-310-7542) to have items added for discussion.

Donations designated for GM & IM support

The Board has voted on how to handle the donations / pledges to support GMs/IMs who were to visit the Denver Open 2020. Those who request a refund, we will mail a check. To those who wish to designate their donation to another project, we will honor their request. For all those who pledged support, they are released from those pledges. 

We regreat that the Denver Open had to be canceled. We are planning to hold the Class Championship in Manitou on May 30/31. Keep an eye on this column and the facebook page for updates.


Tournament Report on Senior/Memorial State Championship

I have worked on getting this rounded up over the last several days. Preparatory steps had to be taken.

16 players @ $40 = $640. Two withdrew before the tournament started. so I refunded them the amount they paid. One was $40, the other $55.
Therefore, 14 players @ $40 = $560. That became our working budget. 30 percent of $560 was our set-a-side for expenses. That amount was: $ 168.
Our expenses broke down as follows:
Prize fund $ 392. (1st 160, 2nd 88, U1900: $50, $22; U1600: $50, $22) This met our 70 per cent goal.

Expensive fund: $ 168
Rating fee:  $ 6.25
Scoresheets: $ 8
Facility rental: $ 416
TD Fee: $0
Total Expenditures ($ 416, 6.25, 8): $430.25
Loss for the tournament: $ 262.25

Donations: 2 nights hotel $128.68: 2 meals ~ 16.40: travel $16.19:== $161.27

1st place: Alaa-Addin Moussa, will represent Colorado in the Senior Tournament of Champions in August.
2nd place: Sam Bridle, first alternate

We used hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes and Kleenex to minimize the risk and had a good tournament.

This event and the scholastic championship support US Chess Tournament of Champions series. The other is our Colorado Open... the Class is optional. I am hoping to conduct the Class (end of May) and the Closed (no date yet) before September.

I hope to get the tournament report into the upcoming CCI.


Colorado Closed 2020 and RR Side Tournaments Announcement

Morning Everyone,
Due to all that is ongoing, we are having to postpone the Closed event until later in the year.

I am working with the hotel to find a date during warmer weather.

I can refund the two who have already paid or hold those funds until we find how the new tournament date fits with your schedules.

I am sorry the event can not go as scheduled...

Questions to me; phone 719-310-7542

Stay Safe,
Paul Covington

2020 Colorado Closed -- Radisson Hotel in Aurora

Official list of invited players. This chart will be updated as players send in entry fees  and other updates. After all players have sent in their entry fees, I will hold the drawing for pairing numbers--in a public setting. I hope every one gets their entries back to me so the drawing can be held so you know who you will be playing in each round and the colors.... Send entry fees to CSCA , Paul Covington, 748 Cardinal St, Colorado Springs, CO 80911. 

Pairing # Fname Lname Rating Feb Sup USChess # US Chess Expiration CSCA Exp. Entry Fee Notes
  Nikhilesh Kunche 2314 14384726 3/31/2021 4/30/2020    
  Lior Lapid 2302 12563733 12/31/2021 4/30/2020    
  Gunnar Andersen 2291 14011512 2/28/2021 8/31/2020    
  Randy Canney 2222 10407443 12/31/2020 12/21/2020    
  Akshat Jain 2218 14540963 2/28/2021 5/31/2021    
  Sullivan McConnell 2213 14696346 1/31/2021 4/30/2020    
  Brian Wall 2200 10923344 Life 4/30/2020   1 Alternate
  Herman Daniel 2152 14345456 4/30/2020 10/26/2020   2 Alternate
Scholastic State Championship Photo's

Thanks as always goes to John Brezina for providing such excellent coverage of the Scholastic event!

Saturday Pics1:

Sunday Pics2:

2020 Colorado Championship and Scholastic Closed Announcement

IF you want to play in the 2020 Closed Championships, You need to apply by email by March 1, 2020. The top six (6) players that meet the selection criteria will be invited. 

Colorado Closed Championships:

The selection criteria is:

  • Top six rated players that apply to play
  • US Chess registration must be listed as CO(Colorado)
  • February Rating Supplement will be used for player’s ratings.
  • Must be current US Chess and CSCA members

This applies to the Colorado Closed (Invitational) Championship (six players) and the Colorado Scholastic Championship (six players).

The entry fees will be $40.00. First place prize is $150. Second place prize is $90.

Additional details are listed in the tournament listings. Check there regularily for updates and also here on the News pages. 


Capital Chess has announced a tournament in Denver

New tournament for Denver area- details are at their website: 

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