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Amazon Smile Program


I have setup a place to donate to CSCA without costing you anything. Here is the explanation. 

I have a request for ALL chess players, friends, and followers: Amazon has a program that allows us to designate a "charity" to receive a small donation from certain purchases. The "Colorado State Chess Association Inc" is now listed as a charity on Amazon. This donation does NOT add any costs to the purchase price!

Select Amazon Smile when making purchases on Amazon. As an example, I haven't purchased very many things, this last two months but the few chess books and other items I have ordered has generated $2.57 .... multiple that by our CSCA membership (approximately 170) could generate over $450!!! Spread this idea to a wider supporting cast and our tournament prize funds would increase....

I trust everyone will see the potential which this program has to add support to the operation of CSCA.

Thanks for considering this request!

Paul Covington

Griffin to represent USA !

Exciting news! Griffin McConnell has been invited to represent the USA in a new FIDE chess tournament called the FIDE Confederation Cup for the Disabled People. There will be 30 competitors from around the world competing on teams of 6. The Americas will have a team of 6 as will 3 other continents. The "sponsor " team will also have a 6 player team, 3 from Russia and 3 from Turkey.

Griffin will leave for Ankara, Turkey on December 7th and be gone for a week. It is a team Round Robin of 5 rounds. The sponsoring organization is covering airfare and hotel stay and we need to cover food and passport (he's never even been out of the U.S. before).Neither Kori or I could leave on such short notice to attend with him so we asked Griffin's chess coach (and friend) Lior Lapid to go with him and he has graciously agreed. We are deeply grateful to Beatriz Marinello and Dora Leticia for nominating Griffin for this honor. 

Several years ago the CSCA setup a special fund to support our young players for these types of events. The fund is supported entirely by donations which are set-a-side just for supporting this type of event (Invitational International Events). We are supporting Griffin with a stipend and look forward to following his successes!  

2019 Colorado Class Championships Report

The 2019 Class Championship Report

42 players registered and 31 fought through the snow storm and bitter cold weather to the finish. Overall, a quality event. Prize winners and prize fund listed below.

Thank you to all who attended.

We collected $1,750 in entries: The prize fund was $1,225 (70% of the entries).

The tournament costs were:
site cost $416 TD fee $0, rating fee $18.50, 2 packs of scoresheets: ~$16.00.

Other related items:
Ent Federal Credit Union donated ink pens.
Ann Davies bought me a hamburger on Saturday.
I donated the usual TD fees and hotel / food costs to the CSCA as a gift in kind.
I think what about wraps it up.

2019 Class Championships were a success. The main distractor was the weather! Snow and cold (Colorado staples) resulted in some withdrawals and unusual pairings.

Congrats to all the winners (all those who played) and the Champions (those who finished in 1st place!)....
Master/Expert: 1st DANIEL HERMAN $130.00
Master/Expert: 2nd RHETT LANGSETH $70.00

Class A/Unrated: 1st BRAD LUNDSTROM & JOSHUA SAMUEL $92.50 each

Class B: 1st WESLEY WOO $170.00
Class B: 2nd LUKE NAMESNIK $85.00

Class C: 1st NICHOLAS S MILLER $130.00
Class C: 2nd NORBERT MARTINEZ $65.00

Class D: 1st CHARLES Q ZHANG $130.00

Class E/Unrated: 1st DANIEL THEO SMITH $130.00
Class E/Unrated: 2nd tie: RANDY RICHTER and SHIRLEY HERMAN $32.50 each

The next CSCA event is the Senior Championship and the under 50 tournament at the same location:-the Ranch in Loveland March 14 & 15, 2020. See you there!

Paul Covington, TD

Colorado Class Championships one week away--sign up now! Please

Class Championships Oct 26/27 in Loveland--details in Tournaments list. 

Sign up online and save! 


Paul Covington

Minutes from Sep 29th, 2019

                                                                                               September 29, 2019

2nd CSCA Board Meeting


We held our meeting in the Castle Rock Food Court.

After “roll call” we established there was a quorum.

At 12:00 noon the meeting was called to order.


Paul Covington (President), Kevin McConnell (Vice President), Dean Brown (Treasurer), Ann Davies (Secretary), Griffin McConnell (Junior Rep.), Lior Lapid (Member at Large/Scholastic Director), Gracie Salazar (Member at Large)

Guests: Shirley Herman arrived shortly after beginning of meeting.

Board approved the following motions (at various times during the meeting):

  • Acceptance of 1st meeting’s minutes.
  • Agreed to post US Chess document, Safe Play Guidelines, at our tournaments and have the members vote on implementing for CSCA.
  • Authorized Kevin McConnell to collect CSCA dues and deposit them at US Bank.
  • Eliminating length of tournament memberships except for Scholastic events (this will greatly simplify bookkeeping).
  • Authorized researching Credit Card acceptance at tournaments.
  • Authorized ordering scoresheets and membership forms as needed.
  • Pledged $2,500 for bringing five Titled Players to DO2020.
  • Dean and Ann will determine if refunds are due for any who should have only paid the family membership rate.
  • Authorized $540.00 to start the Colorado Women’s Chess and Wine Club.
  • Established the selection criteria for the Colorado Closed invitational championships. 


Dean Brown gave a full accounting of all the finances. He plans to produce an actual CSCA budget once the contracts for tournament sites are signed. All CSCA accounts are consolidated at US Bank.  Three accounts: Primary/Main (the general account) $12,273.36; Invitational (set-a-side for invitational events-primarily overseas) $978.19; and the Scholastic (reserved for Scholastic events and expenses) $20,468.41.

STRIPE – There are no standard operating procedures regarding STRIPE. He noted two additions to the account for $14.28 (two $15 memberships). He does not know how STRIPE memberships get inputted.

Routine Expenses are non-tournament related $648 (stamps, secretary of state payment, US Chess affiliation, insurance, Chess Journalists of America entry fees, domain name). He will budget $750 to cover these routine yearly expenses.

Line Item Budget Expenses will vary year by year and administration by administration. These are primarily site costs. Currently, we only have three tournaments that have site costs associated with them unless we have a tournament in another part of the state. (Colorado Open, Class 2019, Senior/Under 50).

There are five checks still outstanding which have not been cashed. Sheridan check for blitz night has not been cashed.

Outstanding debt – The only outstanding debt is the second half of Loveland for 2019 Class and 2020 Senior/Under 50.

Standard Operating Procedures:

Paul wants to develop a book for Standard Operating Procedures so future boards will have guidelines of things that need to be done. These include:

Operating Expenses: insurance, affiliate fees, domain name fees, State of Colorado fees, and variable expenses (printing costs for membership forms, renaissance festival flyers, awards, bank fees, check fees, credit card/STRIPE fees).

Tournament Expenses: TD fees, stipends for travel, meals, reasonable expenses for those working tournaments, TLAs, paper for printing standings and prize fund listings, site costs, rating fees, STRIPES usage fees, score sheets and others I may have missed.

Tournaments: Scheduling and contracts in progress. Follow up and details in next meeting minutes. Hotel prices have increased and will affect future entry fees.

CSCA—DCC Committee report:

Kevin and Ann met with DCC representatives to discuss whether or not the CSCA would have a part in the Denver Open 2020. After discussion, the CSCA decided to support the Denver Open. We pledged $2,500.00 to support bringing titled players (5 x $500) to the DO2020.  Board members will raise funds to support this effort.

(Added note: Shirley Herman has conducted a fund raiser to support this effort: $1,020 to date has been pledged. Thank you Shirley!). 

Ann is volunteer teaching an All Girls program at two Title 1 schools. Griffin is also volunteer teaching at a school which only works children with autism, dyslexia and ADHD. We hope to raise funds to support these schools next semester.

Colorado Women’s Chess and Wine Club:

is an effort to bring women into chess through chess classes with a social flavor. We did allocate funds to support this effort. (Attendees will purchase their own wine.)

DGT equipment: Lior will expand this research and report his finding.

Colorado Closed Championships:

Set the selection criteria as:

  • Top six rated players that apply to play
  • US Chess registration must be listed as CO(Colorado)
  • February Rating Supplement will be used for player’s ratings.

This applies to the Colorado Championship and the Colorado Scholastic Championship.

The entry fees will be $40.00. First place prize is $150. Second place prize is $90.

Other initiatives:

We are looking into forming Scholastic leagues throughout Colorado schools, restarting the school chess teams’ championship program, and developing a way to serve the underserved areas in Colorado.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:00 PM.


Sign up for the Colorado Class Championships 2019--Oct 26/27

About one wees until the 2019 Class Championships Tournament in Loveland. This event offers 4 games against players in your own rating range. Click here to register... I hope to see you there!

Colorado Women's Chess and Wine Club

Regal Bakery and Chess Cafe (1141 Syracuse St, Denver, CO 80220).
October 18, November 1, November 15, December 6, December 20, January 3. Open to all women 21 and over.

This club is funded by the Colorado State Chess Association and is FREE to join! For more information, contact Kevin McConnell at or 303-501-0974.

  • FREE chess classes for women with head coach Gracie Mukayess
  • Sip wine and enjoy free hors d'oeuvres while learning The Royal Game
  • Learn effective strategies, tactics, vizualization and planning skills
  • Make new friends while learning about the fascinating world of chess
  • Be treated like a Queen - the most powerful piece on the board!

Register online here

Informant - October 2019

The October edition of the Colorado Informant is up!

In This Issue:

  • CO Hall of Fame
  • 2019 Colorado Open
  • 2019 Sinquefield Cup Report
  • St. Louis Rapid & Blitz
  • Parker to Paris Grand Chess Tour
  • Memories of 1969
  • Grand Chess Tour in Croatia
  • Gunnar does it again!
  • The Chess Detective

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